Nicolekiss is One Year Old!!!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to everyone~~~


1st Birthday

Exactly 364 days, 23 hours and 14 minutes ago, I, Nicole Tan, a student a slacker a no-body posted my first ever entry in blogger with a blogsite shamelessly named after herself and her fetish over chocolates – Nicolekiss.

first entry

Yes it’s a disgusting little entry (which I must say contain rather useful tips on weight lose I never did apply on myself) with no official bolded title (because I have not upgraded my blogger and therefore blog title bar is not part of the feature, either that I just don’t know how to blog, shut up) and no photos (I don’t think I even know how to post a photo back then).

Yep, Nicolekiss is one year old!!! (In another 46 minutes.)

So what has Nicolekiss gone through in this one year time? A LOT. It’s a whirlpool of life-changing experiences. Things I never thought possible unfolded one by one in front of me throughout this fantastic journey.

The blogosphere is such a fascinating world, it’s addictive. Once you get in, it is almost impossible to stop, and you keep on going and countless inspirations flow in everyday. It’s like addicted to cigarettes, or chocolates, or sex for some; or even homosexuality. (I had few gays told me before that they’re addicted to the gay world, erm.. I wonder how that works)

Let’s do a recap:

1. My first travel entry.

bus to singapore
On a first class coach to Singapore

As early as the first month, I have dedicated my blogging life to writing travel journals for my blog. Travelling has always been an addiction more than a hobby to me, and since the very first day, I know Nicolekiss will turn out to be a travel blog more than anything else.

And then I have continued to visit Bali, Singapore again, Koh Samui, Kuching (twice), Bangkok, Macao, Krabi, Japan, Vietnam and some other local visits like Taman Negara and Ipoh.


This is only the first year. :D

2. My first vlog.

And following that I experimented with different types of vlogs, like my first pimped MTV vlog, first travel vlog, first music vlog, first music travel vlog. You get my point.

3. I had my lasik surgery (not plastic) and threw away my glasses forever. God knows where it had gone to by now. I also pulled the prank of the century during that surgery.


4. I revealed my deepest secret about my past to someone for the first time (few thousands in this matter).

5. The time when my dad was admitted to the hospital for a major surgery and I went through an excruciating emotional struggle.


6. The first time my blog appeared in Magazine.

harper's bazaar
One line only wtf?

No la… Photo is just for illustration purposes. I left the magazine at home. It was actually Surf! Magazine August issue. Two full pages of ME!!!.

7. My (and my blog) first appearance on National TV – TV3 Wanita Hari Ini. *kembang*

Talking about single female traveler, in Malay!!! OMG! Which reminds me, I should brush up on my BM.

8. My first blog prize, thanks to Nuffnang and Timothy.


9. My first blog pay check, thanks to Nuffnang again. (Sorry was too excited that I forgot to take photo of the cheque before banking in the cash. Lol)

I can’t think of the tenth one so I’ll stop at nine. Or I’m just too lazy to think of something to entertain you.

You know what. This is such a happy, wonderful and especially meaningful day I should get a cake to celebrate. My mom even asked me to buy one birthday candle to put on top (she’s a cheekily cool mom who don’t read my blog but supports my addictive hobby fully, and all the benefits that comes from it).

Maybe I could buy a little chocolate cupcake with chocolate icings on top and set in a cute long thin candle so I can sing Happy Birthday to my computer and make a wish that Nicolekiss will make me a millionaire so I can travel the world by just blogging and eating chocolates. Erm, the Dark Secret cupcake in Bisou in Heritage Row sounds just about the right type of cupcake.

bisou cupcakes
Bisou Cupcakes "Dark Secret" (photo taken from AWhiffOfLemonGrass)

Or I could even get a custom made birthday cake and invite friends over and throw a birthday celebration, then we can get drunk and sing Christmas carol to my imaginary blog character since December is around the corner so might as well. Oh, my babykiss is born just before Halloween, how cute.

birthday baby

But I’m on a diet and my baby is underage, so shut up.


29 kissed Nicole

  1. Hey Nicole! happy birthday to your nicolekiss blog :D
    I enjoy reading your blog before and now, so.. keep up girl!

  2. Super Gentleman6/10/07 8:35 PM

    Hihi... HAPPY B'DAY NICOLEKISS!!! hahahazz.. may the blog last forever... keep up the good work!! ;)

  3. Happy Birthday!!!

    ...and those Bisou Cupcakes look amazing.

  4. happy birthday !

  5. Happy 1 year birthday to your blog...have been wondering who is this other "Nicole Tan" blogger...very nice blog!! keep up the good work!

  6. wow, one year, and you're this famous already.... congratz..

  7. What a coincidence Nicole, your Nicolekiss turns 1 year old on 6th Oct, as well as My Fortress of Life*

    Never on earth i would have thought about this haha...there are huge differences bet our blogs though, yours are way more colourfull and cool .

    So Happy birthday to Nicolekiss!

  8. Happy birthday Nicolekiss!

  9. Yeah yeah, i think I am the most unfortunate one for you... I started to read your blog when you father was having the major surgery. Hahaha....

  10. happy birthday nicolekiss. keep it up!!!!

  11. It has been an enriching one year read for all of us! Happy Birthday!

  12. Hello Nicole jiejie!~

    This is Sayu's first time actually commenting here, so... =]

    Anyways, HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY NICOLEKISS!~ Your blog is really nice and interesting to read. =) Keep on blogging!

  13. happy happy birthday...
    happy birthday to you..
    da di da di da di da di da di da di dummmm~~~

    okay i have nothin intellectual to say.


  14. Happy BIrthday Nicolekiss!

  15. happy birthday nicolekiss! i enjoy reading ur blog just as i enjoy reading kenny's. post some more pics of yourself ok? hahaahahaha
    all ur entries are interesting keep it up!

  16. happy birthday =D

    keep up the great job - enjoyed all your travel entries!

  17. Congratulation Scully.

    Love, Mulder.

    P/S The truth is out there.

  18. happy birthday!
    wish you...happy blogging always :)

  19. happy birthday to ur all de way, babe!

  20. Don't forget about the Akon video...

  21. happy b'day.

    will continue to read ur blog

  22. congratulations!! Though I really envy all your travelling, it's nice to at least travel along with you "on screen". =)

  23. happy birthday 2 u... for u as present??? :P

  24. Happy birthday to your blog!

  25. And then I have continued to visit Bali, Singapore again, Koh Samui, Kuching (twice), Bangkok, Macao, Krabi, Japan, Vietnam and some other local visits like Taman Negara and Ipoh.
    These places you mentioned aint travelling lar. just a walk in the park.....go more exotic places then it would be more impactful..

  26. Happy 1 year anniversary to Nicolekiss and you had let us know more about you again.

  27. congrats on your award/being published! send some comments my way! : )