Don’t go to Koh Samui without experiencing these

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Oh ya, I cut my hair, again. Now it’s super short, but never been easier to maintain. Don’t worry, I’m still me, only maybe….less attractive, still me nonetheless. :p

There’s no point traveling if you were to go to an island in some foreign country, only to listen to what the tour guide/travel agent tells you to do, pay them high commissioned trips of what suppose to be a low budget tour adventure and have them giggled at your stupidity behind your back (or in front of you if you don’t speak Thai).

My island escape was rather an amusing one. I always see my life in a way that god love me so much to let me go through it without a hint of mint and honey every now and then.

Let me assume, boldly, that if a tourist were to go to Koh Samui, he would probably do some or all of the following: scour around the island on either Chaweng or Lamai beach, take tuk-tuk or rent a motorbike to get their way around town, sign up on expensive tours to visit all the tourist hotspots on the island or go out to sea to snorkel in marine parks in some neighbouring islands, dine at pricey so-called Thai restaurant around the islands and probably pay 700 bhat for a 30 mins ride on an elephant or perv on topless ang mo sun-bathing by the beach (I saw one, but only A cup).

I beg to differ.

Instead of taking the usual direct flight / train to Koh Samui, I took an overnight bus, which cost only RM50 to reach Hatyai,

me on night bus

And landed myself in Hatyai bus station

backpack in Thailand
public transport to Koh Samui

Found out I was the only foreign passenger on the bus.

Discovered some dirt cheap full body massage services,

at the hotel

And paid RM20 for an hour massage,


By the beach,

fantastic view
I’m in heaven

Got my first ticket in Thailand,

me and police

While riding on an ATV (all terrain vehicle)

rent an ATV

And still don’t understand what I got fined for

Thai ticket
I can’t read Thai -.-;;

Traveled the distance,

samui map

To see some rocks,

grandfather rock

And more rocks...

grandmother rock
got juice one somemore

Thai people must really love rocks.

Went shopping,


For food,

so fresh it’s alive

To prepare a candlelight dinner,

dinner by the beach

With side dish,

fried grubs

insect: “I’ve just been Nicolekiss-ed ^^”

Grub anyone?


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  1. I've never seen anyone look so happy to get fined. Nice pics.

  2. 1st kiss! Live update somemore

  3. (I saw one, but only A cup)==>> maybe because she was laying down? haha

  4. so cool. I wish my holiday comes soon..

  5. you left alotta questions unanswered in the policeman's mind! you so bad....hahahaha

    welcome back !!!

  6. the rock rocks!!n the food erm...looks "yummy"

  7. Here's your kiss

    So demanding >.>

  8. damn girl, you look so different since the last time i saw you. Now i regretted not going back to Malaysia this summer :P Been traveling so much, didn't see you travel to my place pun :(


  9. the 'rocks' looks delusional... or was it just me :p.

    u looked realli 'optimistic' getting a ticket... wat an attitude (i would be bitching if it's me)

  10. kena saman also look so happy...can snap photo with policeman lagi...wat happened to ur hair messy...hahaha...somehow u look more cina here...especially when riding the atv...u did something to your eye izit?so sepet now...maybe u can act in the sepet movie sequel as well?i'll talk to the director for u.anyway congrats that u are not a mop lantai hair somemore...ok la i wrote u a comment already...u owe me a french kiss(a real one)not french fries ok...and also a photo of you...adioz... ;)


  11. wah rao, the last 2 pictures... GROSS!!! Yucks!!! hahaha... sorry, I just can't seem to enjoy these kinda "food".. LOL!

  12. YAY!!! The last two pictures! I took those too when I went to Thailand last time! Yuummmmm!!!

    Well, at least we've been there, done that unlike some people who doesn't even touch pig's internal organs *looking at Alvin* tsk tsk tsk!

    YAY!!! Nicolize the insects!

  13. How does it feel to eat those ?

  14. Kuchingite276/5/07 10:36 PM

    Heys...i dunno if i commented on this last time but i thought you'd looked really good if ur hair was shorter...and now u cut it to the length i was thinking about! :) Awesome haircut! :D

  15. Like the label - Travel and Living. Keep up the good work.

  16. Summon becoz you're just too sexy for Thai~~ :P

  17. iwanna be the bug ...haha

  18. iwanna be the bug ...haha


  20. you are amazingly beautiful

  21. Out of the 6 boxes, he doesnt check 5 of them, so I guess he checked what your finger's blocking.

    The first check box in your ticked reads :

    "Driving without permited license".

    However, I dont know what got you into the situation, so I might assume corrupt officer if there's no "reason" for you to be fined.

    Oh and the date checked was :
    1st April 07 (2pm)

    I wish I knew that you'll came over to Had Yai, maybe we can have a dinner in Lee Garden or something. xD

  22. That rock looks familiar.... hmmm Did you purposely take it from that angle?

  23. Hi,

    I really liked ur page, photos and d way u hv narrated your whole experience. I hope people will find it interesting and will be motivated to take up the tour.


  24. wow u so brave go alone makan angin