Back to Kuching, food, bla bla bla and more

After my last visit to Kuching earlier this year between March and April, I never thought I would be back in this little, yet not so little, town so soon.

But there I was, standing in front of a newly opened Starbucks Coffee, eyeing for a morning coffee so Kenny and I could share our last morning tea together before my boarding time. It was time to leave the cat city (or pussy land as how my friend Andy called it) again; and again, disappointedly, I was leaving Kuching without tasting the legendary sago worms. (Damn it, is it my luck or just every god damn time I’m here the natives just dun come to town to sell worms, be warned, I will never rest)

I’m hungry, feed me

It was an overwhelming weekend, tired nonetheless, but totally worthwhile. Kenny being his usual self tried to feed me endlessly, none to my surprise.

There’s nothing better than to have a local bringing you around town to hunt for the best food or best restaurant available, especially for someone who knows how to enjoy luxuries as he, I put my whole trust in Kenny, not to mention, my stomach’s (not so much for his parking skill though).

One of his first recommendations is madam TANG’S cafĂ©, situated at Wisma Nation Horizon along Jalan Petanak (Petanak Street), which serves a kick ass beef noodle.


Despite being beefy, the meat looks way softer than it appear to be, the tendons almost can melt just as you put them in your mouth. I don’t know about most of the people out there, but I somehow LOVE the ‘dry noodles’ they tend to serve in East Malaysia compare to West Malaysia. The noodles they usually served in kolo-mee, the chewy elastic effect and simply knocks me out each time I take a bite.

Do me a favour, if you ever fly to Kuching, or a Kuching-nians but never been to this shop before, visit this shop and order this dish. If you find it yummy, hurray, one more thing common between you and me and please…… ta bao one for me when you return. *smug* My flight was at 6:25am, the shop wasn’t opened when I departed Kuching. :(

The other dish you can try is the Sarawak Laksa here, which is really nice too. The difference between East and West Malaysia, in the Peninsula, they always tend to serve laksa (a soupy dish that looks really spicy and has too many ingredients in it to know what you’re eating) with prawns to taste like one, but here in Kuching, everything is big. The prawns are big, the noodles are big in portion, the beef tendons are very generous.


Fast forwarding to my final night in Kuching, skipping the World Music Festival for a while, since being a busy host to many, Kenny decided to take me to a romantic nice candlelight dinner,


at “bla bla bla”.

Drown in romance (with the candle, lol)

If you want to impress, this is the restaurant to bring your lady or friends to. It’s just next to Ting & Ting's at the Jalan Tabuan Roundabout. The ambience, decorations and lightings are just all perfect, and you don’t even need to wear suits to go in. It’s like fine dining among the common folks; the price is what I considered to be reasonable for such a restaurant, point of view from a girl who is adapting to a high-end KL lifestyle. Each main course meal would properly set you back around RM22 – RM35.

Cashew Nut Prawns – One of their chef’s recommendations

Man, this dish is so pretty I don’t even know where to start eating.


It is also wickedly fattening and tasteful too. SOOO DELICIOUS!!


The plate is so big, two main dishes later and a small table for two is packed!

Ostrich Rolls on the left, no, ignore me at the background, I know it’s an ugly photo, shut up

Pandan Drink – taste just like er… pandan….-.-

If the owner of the “bla bla bla” ever, somehow, if possible, landed on this entry to read about my good ass kissing on their dishes, do (as I shamelessly ask to) invite me over again whenever I’m in town to dine at your restaurant; free on all food ordered maybe? :p This is crucial especially for greedy customer like me who wanted to order everything on the menu. Muahaha…

Orrrrrrrrrrr, could you plssss consider open a branch in KL!! I love your food too much!


Just my 2 cents.

Not feeling satisfied, I wanted some desserts after my meal but was too full to order another more after bla bla bla so we decided to head out to another location, take a breather and continue with my final food hunt.

We met up with Andy, the pro photographer with a camera so expensive you can buy a car (Kancil la - cheapest, smallest car in Malaysia), at Hilton.

Why Hilton? Because of this!


Call me chocoholic, a dessert hunter, choco-freak, whichever rocks your boat, I do do do lurrvvveee chocolates, and everything that is chocolatey.

Stirring chocolate in warm milk

I don’t have to say much, just look at how the soft chocolate stick drip…

Almost too beautiful to eat.




39 kissed Nicole

  1. yes . Mish first . jiejie nic update blog during office hours ..

  2. Walau, so free in office ah.....or u on leave??
    Anyway, bla bla bla is 1 of a my fav plc to dine - ambience & gd & reasonably-priced food. With all the food, u gained weight or not?...hahahaha...

  3. Misha: Oh no.. of course not. That would be wrong. It was during lunch time ;)

    David: I did... T_T

  4. pandan drink is just pandan? hmmm... i always tot pandan must go along with something else.
    looking at the portion size alone, i am in love with this bla bla bla place already!

    my fav fine dining restaurant used to be Bon Ton (the bestest tiramisu ever...alexis pls stand aside)..and the olive. but, these two outlets have seen their better days....sad.

    nicole, if you like dimsum, and dun mind paying the premium, you must goto the chinese restaurant (forgot the name) in JW Marriott bkt bintang. no other outlets can even come close to the quality and taste. open 1030am. beef noodle i reckon the best is at jalan alor. go down jln bkt bintang, right before the end of the road at the traffic lights, take a right, go straight and stall's at the corner. "ngau kee beef noodle".

  5. hi nicole:

    i been to RWMF'07 2...
    still remember me?
    i am d chubby gal tat approached u when u r buying roti canai?or d crispy spring roll?
    haha...sound so lame...
    anyway,so sad i didn hav chance to walk around kuching tat time...
    i so crazily crave 4 laksa sarawak, mee kolo, belacan beehun...but all end up *zero*.
    so sad...
    hope to c u there again next year...defenitely i wil b going there again...will u?
    hav a nice day n i love reading ur blog...

  6. *high five* cocoa-freak here too!!

  7. Hey, I thought THOSE were my two cents!

  8. Should not had read your blog on an empty stomach. So very hungry now.

  9. hahahaha kenny....somebody just ripped you off your 2c!!!

  10. Hi Nicole, if you want to eat Sago worm, you should go to Mukah or Dalat instead. Or one day you follow me go back my granma's kampung, then you'll get to eat sago worms. Actually there are two more worms that the kampung people love to eat -- but both are seasonal i think :D My mom can cook nice sago worm, but too bad i'm allergic to those worms!!

  11. WHAT?!! you come back from penang and you blog much less about food than when in kuching?

    That's outrageous!

  12. Mish always first <_>

    Mayb kuching got more foods to blog lolz...

    I came back to kuching for sometimes already...but haven go to all the shops u posted. Bla bla bla has been there for so long time already, but i nv been there...haiz....must go soon.

  13. Loved Kuching!! The food is awesome - S'wak laksa is the best! I will die for a bowl anytime when i'm there, especially the one in the coffee shop opposite EON Bank (further down Holiday Inn).

  14. *korkor clement* hehehe .. I have not been to Kuching ... hehehe

  15. You went to Bla Bla Bla! Awesome place isn't it?

    Heartily recommended to any visitors. Hope to have you in our town again soon.

  16. hi. Finally, another person who appreciates Madam Tang's delicious beef noodles!! Way better than the one at the open air market(if you've tried it). :)

  17. uau! Such a delicious food!
    Your blog is always full of pictures of you eating delicious food, how come you still look so cool!? ahhah

  18. erm..nicole i used to love reading your blogs, but lately, you've been quite bimbotic, and dare i say, slutty looking.

    It's grossing me out. Anyway, i'm taking you out of my favorites folder. Anyway, don't think you gonna post this anyway. Just my 2 cents.

  19. I walked behind dog's poo in 2 consecutive postings! What a luck. Anoneh of 12.00AM, you'll be my cat

  20. Drown in romance with... CANDLE?!?!? Why not with Mr Kenny Sia? Haha...

  21. chocolate buffet in hilton!!!

  22. wem...i am wondering how kenny took the photos in bla bla is quite dark in there, he used flash???

  23. ah20, I didn't use flash. I use camera to take the photos.

  24. always enjoy looking at ur pixs, all else become more pixs....muacks:)

  25. btw, kenny does look like a flasher....

  26. sheon: me like dim sum.... shall we go for dim sum at JW Marriott anytime soon? :D

    ling ooi: yes!! i remember you! Hi!! sorry for the awkwardness, i dun usually know how to react when people approach me like that.. >_<

    Heather: HI 10 and LOW 20 (hands and feet)!!

    kennysia: meow~~~ *blink blink*

    kokwai: me too, just read my blog again on an empty stomach, shite~

    veronicle: i want!! bring me!!!

    Boss Stewie: cos cos cos... u didn't bring me to eat around ma~~~ (except for cha keuy tiao, lol)

    clement: u shud go, it's so nice!

    Max: me too! why kuching so far away from KL!

    mac: hope to see you when I am in town :)

    m@nDa: oh yea.. i wanted to ta bao 5 packets when i was there, decided otherwise, better to eat fresh!

    anon: (10:49pm) i got gain weight leeee

    anon: (12:00am) but but, why~~~ stay~~~ i give you kenny's 2 cents larr

    whisperer: poo poo? soo wanna poom airport? whisperer who are u? wanted to know you since long time ago

    Kenny: HIM? WHO? LOL

    Michael Song: hey sorry I couldn't make it for dinner the other day, let's arrange it soon. hilton! :p

    AH20: he... has a very big expensive camera

    kennysia: time to change to andy's cam :p

    anon: (1:26pm) thanks.... i wished more people think that way~ oh well.. at least i know the time i spent on uploading photos is not wasted /:)

  27. bapok badawi20/7/07 4:57 PM


  28. Its ok Nicole, u look good n responded well on tat day...
    may b I am d 1 tat too excited.luckily didn scare u away haha...
    u know wat, my fren said my reaction was so *over* like meeting a pop star like tat..haha..>.<
    anyway, nice meeting U n were u there wiv kennysia? i hope to bump into him oso...but may b next year la...

  29. bapok badawi is very rude. can u delete such comments. it makes reading very unpleasant.......

    its always a pleasure reading ur blog.

  30. It looked like u had an expression of fumbling into ecstasy while tasting good food!!

  31. bapak may b wan to end up like MR. lim gua.. hehe.. kuching prawns not all are big lah.. kenny bring u to the bigger 1.. mostly kecik kecik 1..hehe

  32. WAH! True or not you dare to eat Sago Worms? Come to KK, Sabah, I can get you this exotic food.

  33. There is another sago that I like, which they put into a fruit flavoured milk tea. Its the same innit?

  34. bapok badawi site....FETISH PORN site. there's a huge difference.

  35. Damm!! Those are sure some kick-ass freaking huge prawns in that Sarawak Laksa!! Am sure one will never find so big prawns in Laksa from KL or JB. Missing it so much...but too lazy to make it myself lol

  36. nicole is so pretty ^^

    the food looks so yummy,
    and this phrase

    'the meat looks way softer than it appear to be, the tendons almost can melt just as you put them in your mouth'... sounded like heaven ... haha

  37. Food and Drinks are Sweet,

    Its just not AS SWEET AS YOU!:)

  38. KeL said:

    darn it...reading your blog makes me miss home more than ever (been staying in west m'sia for 9 years and rarely goes back!) and also embarrassing coz being a kuchingnite I've never been to those places b4..well thanks to you, I'll have a proper agenda the next time I go back!!

  39. hey nicole! cute blog!
    are u and kenny together?