Monday, January 29, 2007

I can see the ceiling from my bed!!

The day I have been dreaming for the past 10 years finally came to realize. I couldn’t be more grateful.

The surgery didn’t go as bad as I thought as it would be, in fact it was pretty painless, not a slight discomfort (except for the part whereby you know the doctor is slicing up your eyes). Instead, the waiting part is more excruciating than anything else.

The Curve

Scheduled at 2pm that Saturday afternoon, I received a call at 1pm that my surgery will be delayed half an hour, which I translated to “I am not sure how long it will be delayed, but you have to wait really long”

Vista counter

My lasik surgery was done under the infamous Vista, though the price can come at quite a pain in the a@#, I have to say they sure have lots of ways to make you feel comfortable throughout the whole procedure. Vista takes up half a floor of the shopping complex The Curve on the second floor housing staff of over 30 people (too many I say), with equipments enough to make you think you’re in NASA.

I did a very stupid thing though, which I highly recommend that none of you out there who ever had the idea to do lasik surgery in the next 10 years to watch this video below. Like I did, and regretted it.

Told you not to watch it.

Let me explain anyway. First, they will put anesthetic drops into my eyes to numb them, then apply suctions to my eye, which is said to fix the eyes and ease the surgery. You see the blood around the eyes? Yup, due to suctions.

Then, they would allow me to rest for 15 minutes to let the anesthetic take full effect. Following that, I would be put to the laser bed to have my cornea sliced open by laser to create a corneal flap, which the doctor would use a flipper to flip it open, thus revealing the inner cornea for the laser to do surface correction. Flip the flap back and done!

So what happened, and I am shy to admit, the moment that the doctor asked me to lie down on the bed to put suctions into my eyes, I was trembling so much he had to force feed me what he called “the happy pill” (I think it was a tranquilizing pill) to calm me down. It didn’t have much effect. I was still shivering, so they gave me ‘Mr Penguin’ to hug – an ugly green cute little penguin doll. Haha, I was hugging Mr Penguin throughout the entire procedure.

Mr Choong
My friendly and lovely surgeon

Like expected, I smelt my eye balls burning when the laser hit my eyes. Now that I think back, I was pretty much in a daze after my happy pill, it’s as though I was looking at the flap cutting and the rest of the operation in a third person view; which was pretty cool, and I will repeat, the surgery was painless.

The next day I went back for check up, had a bit of blood clot in both my eyes, which Mr Choong reminded that it was perfectly normal and alright to have them. (He claimed the reason I had those was due to my non-stop shivering when applying suctions to my eyes -.-;;)

the curve centre

pretty flowers

Ain’t it wonderful? The beauty of clear sight~


  1. have fun with your 'new' pair of eyes!

  2. I wonder whether I should do lasik surgery as well, but then, many people told me that I look better with glasses, I think I look like Bae Yong Jun too. So yeah, I'll stick with glasses.

  3. nice experience.
    I wont do it :)

  4. No pix of Mr. Penguin?

    Congrats on clear sight. Fortunately, I've got that already so I won't have to watch the videos...!


  5. swifty yeoh
    are you still stalking nicole and dawn yang as if they are in love with you? :P

    your fantasy of being mousy is really creative.

  6. wow..must be vr happy right now nicole.
    Glad to hear that everything goes fine.. congrats to u.

    Hopefully with your new pair of sights, u can see this more beautiful world~~~

  7. Its great news that everything went well without a hitch and hope you enjoy your newfound sight...

  8. good news it is then...

  9. beautiful eyesight for a beautiful girl. :). Congratulations!!!

  10. congrats nicole :) you're really brave!
    i watched the video... feel a bit queasy lol.

  11. now tat u have clear vision, u will be able to see goodlooking hunks even clearer...did u ask the doctor to install xray eyes for u so tat u can see through their clothes =P

    Aldrin Tan

  12. Hey Nicole,

    Great to know your surgery went well! Didnt know you were at the office is just across Vista! Could have brought you out for lunch :)

    Anyw,cherish your new found vision...and those lovely eyes of yours ya? Take care :)

  13. oh my god. i've just experienced 8 minutes and 51 seconds of horrifying scene >.>

    even though i have clear sight, i never seem to appreciate it :/

  14. Congratulations and welcome back with a better vision!....

    How much does the procedure cost? And they perform the eye-chop on both eyes in one session? Earlier procedures only allows only one eyeball at a time, reason is, if you screw one eyeball up, you still another good one left (not as in blinded lar, but if the eyesight doesnt improve as expected). Honestly, that was what i was told.

  15. Nicole, what was your degree of short-sightedness prior to the Lasik?
    I think unless it goes beyond 1000 each eye, the necessity comes in. Otherwise, I don't see any good at risking your very eyes and $$ for that stuff. Cheers to you anyways for your brilliant sight now. Take good care of 'em! :D

  16. wow..must be vr happy right now nicole.
    Glad to hear that everything goes fine.. congrats to u.

    Hopefully with your new pair of sights, u can see this more beautiful world~~~

  17. why did you choose vista instead of optimax? :p

  18. Because optimax is a brand of petrol?

  19. Haha, i use 2 live near Da Curve for most of my life n i didn't noe dat theres lasik surgery provided there. Anyway, theres onli 1 word for ur lasik surgery video, " gruesome "
    Phew, luckily i have perfect 20/20 vision.
    Nice 2 meet u, i'm nicholas, 22 years of age, still a student.

  20. u mean they used intralase on your eyes? from the video i saw.. they used a microkeratome/hansatome to create the corneal flap. anyways, you're one brave gal. =P

  21. i had the lasik surgery 5 years ago.. i was wearing specs since primary school and had been waiting patiently to do the lasik surgery til i was 21 years old.. so now after 5 years, my eyes are still in good shape! hehe.. it's not 100% perfect but it's still good :)

    so i have to say that lasik rocks! lol..

  22. hello nicole, just a quick question, how long did you take to recover from the red eyes? Also, do you have dry eyes issue before and what about after the treatment? Because I will be doing it this week and I came across your blog so thought of asking your view on this.

    Chee Wei