The Most Boring Job On Earth

Was spotted in Tokyo Disneyland, in front of Mickey’s house.

Photo Holder
New definition of Photo Holder

Job scope:

Stand still
Hold photo
Repeat the sentence “Take photo with Mickey and pay me money” (I think) every passing 3 minutes.

Stay tune for Tokyo Disneyland, coming next.


21 kissed Nicole

  1. Popular Science have their own idea of the 10 Worst Jobs on the planet:

  2. so pityful la the worker,they should use machinese ma.

  3. i mean machine hehe wrong typo

  4. Saw your photos from kenny. You're really hardworking! Blog at 5am? Lol..
    Anyway.. gambate oh.. I know the feeling of being addicted... ;)
    Cos I am too..

  5. i think kenny have blog about "human statue" job in macao, that's worst.

  6. She certainly looks...bored.

  7. employee of the month!!!

  8. It is not very nice to poke fun of this person. At least she is working and she's trying to earn some money.

    So, a person that does not have a job decides to poke fun of someone trying to earn some money. Hmmm.....

  9. Shame on you guys who laugh at this post!

  10. Wah...we losing sense of humuor at a record speed already. Someone start a manufacturing company pls.

    Is she jap? She did not bow! That is amazing...hehe

  11. Nicole, why do you have to blog like kenny just bcos kenny is famous? You copied his style of blogging, but you'd made yours so lame. Please la, be yourself and be more sensitive when you blog.

    Poking fun of other people is truely soooo bad. Unlike you, you maybe rich and never feel how difficult it's in need and lacking even a meal was hard at a time for the poor, you don't even need to work but to follow kenny around.

    Please be sensitive if you really want to blog and be famous.

    Stop copy kenny. Kenny's natural gift but yours are merely copy him only... obviously people can see that.

  12. There was once a bigger kid accused me of copying him pee standing. Blardy am I suppose to pee then? Lying down?

  13. thats not bad, consider you can still see the sun, breathing fresh air, dress proper. In Kuching, there is one multi-level car park with lift going up and down. In that lift, sit a lady operator looking sleepy, expression less, goth looking, tired face, with a tiny overblasted radio hung onto her seat. Inside the lift, the space enough for 9-10 people including the operator, the air inside was bad, no sun light, no scenery, sometime hostile treatment from some jerk of the street, and thats 5-6 hours for some 250 plus days work. thats her world. beat that.

  14. yea agreed with emily. she is just tryin to survive in tokyo where the living cost is in top 3 highest in the world.

  15. Wtf is with the 'holier than thou' comments??

    Holy crap.

    I mean, the post title is "Most boring job on earth" followed by a job scope.

    If that job scope is real, then how is it even offensive or insulting?

    Did anyone see / read a "hahahahaha that's such a sad job to have etc etc" ala 'xiaxue'

    Come on. Be friggin honest man. If that really is her job scope, it sure sounds boring.

    Pretty sure someone will post a reply to this saying;

    "Aiya don be such an asshole, read between the lines la, Nicole is insulting the girl la etc etc etc"

    Your momma la.

    Need to read between the lines ah? It's just a filler post.

    The only rightful person who could complain is the girl in the pic. None of you self appointed blog police.

    I don't know Nicole personally but some of the comments here are absolutely sickening. The cheek.

    If Nicole is mean for making such a post then those who attacked her are far worse.

    Just leave her alone la.

  16. if she was just wearing a bikini..

    that would have been perfect leh

  17. Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass,
    it's about learning to dance in the rain.

  18. More like the easiest job rather than the most boring :)

  19. That's Pluto not Goofy!

  20. Wah...Nicole deleted a LOT of the previous negative comments here.


    Go save your angelic image!

  21. hello, those who critics..... well, seems like human just love to compare. what's the use? u dun even dare to let ur name appears on the net... wat....what's more to let the person u are trying to offend, in hope to stop doing the stuff she likes, know who u are. Unless u know all the nasty insider.. o else... do face the wall n think again. dun think by pulling others down would make u look/ sound better. u just made urself look even worst. n dun u even think u can hide behind the 'anonymous' yo.... or just maybe she gets to travel around the world make ur 'red-eye' now i know why the critics seems to hate her so much.... duh... GET A LIFE yo!!!!!