Krabi, is not a type of crab.

Let’s take a break from my crazy Japan trip and rewind back to 21st August.

As of all you who have been following up on my entries know that I went on a group trip to Krabi, Thailand two weeks back.

krabi rock

To be very honest, I didn’t really expect much out of this trip, I thought it was going to be a boring-visit-to-a-place-I-have-never-been-to trip. Well, frankly, I hardly ever traveled in groups, and from my experience, it’s always more fun and spontaneous to travel solo, everything at your own pace. I dislike going on tours, visiting lousy monuments that meant nothing to me. I want some actions, I’m an activity girl! Not a bloody tourist.

And second of all, this is a so called media trip. I have never been on a media trip, and it is huge step for us bloggers get the opportunities to travel alongside media and enjoy benefits media usually shares. At first I thought, oh great, what now, I am going to be a typical tourist that visits most of most common places tourists would visit in Krabi so the media gets to write good things and produce quality contents. Where’s the fun in that?

Bloggers, in my opinion, are ethical. When I hate the trip, we say it, or, we don’t blog about it; if we hate it so much, we write a whole colossal shit of bad things about it. This is my definition of blogger’s ethics. Yet according to ShaolinTiger, who is the other blogger who also went on the trip, “bloggers have no ethics”. In which has become my favourite line, lol. He writes good shit, unlike me, so if you want to be all boring, dull and backstabbing see really nice photography, go to his site and read his day to day trip on Krabi.

Tiger On Board

Don’t blame me for being a sore eye. One can only expect that much from a planned trip.

But I stood corrected. If there is one time I cannot be more wrong about traveling (knowledge), is it this one time.

I was so wrong not only I had a great time in Krabi, so wrong I HAD a STUPENDOUS TIME and so wrong I want to go back to Krabi again just to visit Uncle See Tho and maybe enjoy a good chat over a bowl of pork balls.

KRABI, my friends, fellow readers and family, is a MUST MUST MUST MUST visit place THIS YEAR!! NO, DO NOT GO NEXT YEAR. THIS YEAR!!!

Think Phuket, think Koh Samui, think Bangkok, just when I thought I have been to most of the famous destinations in Thailand, KRABI is the new found jewel of southern Thailand. UNTOUCHED, VIRGIN beach and islands!

wild mushroom

One word, paradise.

We were lucky to be one of the first 300 or so visitors to board Malaysia’s very first flight to Krabi, now available on AirAsia flight route for as low as RM49.90.

me in krabi airport
Me sitting in Krabi Airport

This is the most comfortable trip I have ever gone on for a looonnggg time, thanks to Mr See Tho of See Tho Holidays who arranged the trip for us. For once I am going to stay in a hotel, and for once I am not bunking in a room shared with several other anonymous travelers, for once I need not endure an opera of snores at night, for once I can walk around the room naked and no one knows, LOL.

If you think Krabi is a rural place with nothing much to offer. Feast your eyes on these.

We dine at places like these,

beautiful restaurant
Ban Ton Kao Restaurant

lunch at krabi
dining table

sheraton krabi dining
Sheraton Hotel

With view like this,

restaurant garden
Ban Ton Kao Garden

Stay in places like this,

hotel room
Whole freaking room to myself!!!

With view like this,

view from krabi la playa

Then spend our days in places like these,

krabi sea
Crystal clear water

me and krabi
Beautiful sandy beach

rock climbing in krabi
Nice view, the rock I mean.

Eating food like these,

cashew fish



fruits platter

sheraton coconut desserts
Sheraton dessert - coconut ice cream

In Krabi, even plain water looks tasty,


Luxury! I can get used to this. And considering the exchange rate, I don’t see why I shouldn’t put Thailand on my top travel destination. Budget airlines like AirAsia just made it possible for poor minions like us to travel with minimal budget.

Furthermore, Thai people in Krabi are so friendly, they will do anything to please you.

For RM49.90, you’ll get people treading through water to serve you.

waiter in the sea
photo courtesy of Matthew Ong.


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  1. k e n d r a4/9/07 11:41 AM

    u visit a lot of place huh..
    i like the the way u re living~

    if i wan to travel, can i ask u on some info or anything?

  2. wow. one day i might want to do that. travel all by myself. *cant wait* and dat would be my first place of vacation. btw, roughly how much did u spend on everything?? including the airticket. i would like to know so dat i can start saving. hehe. :D

  3. To add to your title, not only is Krabi not a type of crab...a "Krabi" mood is also not the best way to spend a holiday... in Krabi!

    hahaha, sometimes I just kill myself...

    The tukang kebun of Cyberjaya

  4. :) makes me wonder why am i still sitting in my office at my desk contemplating about the purchase of N76, when i should spend that money on everything SIAM..........

  5. sheon: right on...

    btw, is Krabi a place we can go all year round? ie: no bad weather season??

  6. kendra: just considerable, not many places. sure, ask me anytime :)

    gracesupang: define everything? krabi + japan?

    zul: i bet u have killed us all

    sheon: which is why i am still using a crappy phone

    gerald cheong: in a way yes and no, by next year, there will be a lot of development done and soon it will become as commercialised as phuket and koh samui. it's not easy nowadays to find places that are isolated.

  7. Krabi is a nice place. AuNang beach is pretty coolin Krabi, did you go there nicole? There is a nice little motel call 'Blue Bayou' and they have the tune playing all the time, facing the beach. Life is good in Krabi.

  8. jeijei nic

    krabi is a nice place .. dad previous staff now working in one of the resort there :)

    nice place indeed!

  9. Nicol: ooo ok ok, Krabi is now certainly on my list of places to go!

  10. Wow! Beautiful place. Beautiful pix...but that chick in the sandy beach picture spoiled the whole shot. LOL!

    I don't think there will be any isolated places left in the near future, having read that even the poles are going to be developed. The moon has been earmarked for tourism as well. Maybe this is actually an ingenius plan by our government to isolate Malaysia and solve the traffic jam problem in our cities. Malaysia Boleh!

  11. Nice pics. The place looks good.

    "Nice view, the rock I mean."
    ...Sure or not? :P joking joking.

    The view looks really good. Looks so...calming.

    Food looks yummy too.

    WAHHH so syok lah u!!

  12. one of the best paradise...i've ever been there in 2005...

  13. I WANT to go KRABI!4/9/07 5:40 PM

    nicole, to enjoy those luxuries,can u be more specific on how much we need in hand for the trip?..certainly the air tickets are cheap..but,it's Sheraton you're staying in.surely a night will cost a bomb..and how bout the food n etc?...THANX NICOLE!..

  14. 21st Aug you mean? :)

  15. K.S.Lye: I stayed at Ao Nang beach, beautiful.

    Misha: dear misha, u must have a come from a really really well off family

    Gerald Cheong: yea.. u shud.. it's so nice

    Destickles: hoi! how insulting, lol.

    Wimal: yea..i consider myself really lucky on this

    Gothnol: isn't it? :D

    I WANT to go KRABI: u can actually check with see tho holidays, they arrange any trip that fits ur budget. and mr see tho make really really good arrangement. one night in krabi ranges from 50 to less than 200 per night.

    Anon: oh yea.. thanks. :p

  16. those food are making me really really hungry...

  17. nope . misha does not come from XX family ... misha comes from a family where dad has to work real hard and mum has to work extra hard to take care of me :)

  18. No way i am going to forget the name of this island...crab better way to remember this. thks nicole :D

  19. Oh, I'd love to visit there! So nice!

  20. Krabi here I come! I saw AirAsia's promo on Krabi and I was contemplating, go or don't go, go or don't go...that's it! I'm going.

    No, I'm not in Japan, but I do go there quite often. Which girl doesn't like Hello Kitty right?

  21. i love thailand too... if i got the money, i will migrate there do a small resort or something, die & rot there...

  22. this entry is so well written *double thumbs up*..... and not to mention bout the superb pics taken and edited (in my opinion)... great job :D

  23. I WANT to go KRABI5/9/07 3:19 AM

    haha...their website ain't providing any help at all!!..guess i need to mail them..if they don't reply me,i guess Nicole is always ready to give a helping hand to her fans right?..wonder my mail goes straight to mr see tho or to their agents...

  24. The place really appears to offer more than a name! Thanks for sharing such pretty pics... Btw, I have emailed you recently regarding some blogging techniques.. Hope to get a reply from you soon. Thanks!

  25. You look fat in the sandy beach picture. Gosh, you definitely need a diet, BIG TIME.

  26. Aiyah, why no pics of you in bikini or swimsuit? :(

  27. Genova: yea, I miss thai food too.

    Misha: haha, u are so cute

    whisperer: crappy island, lol

    Your Humble Servant: yea.. u should, it's really nice.

    Lil' Ms Pinky: go go .... lol, hello kitty is very cute in person

    Michael Song: hoho.. when u move there, tell me. i come visit you.

    domhon: thanks babe

    I WANT to go KRABI: I already told Mr see tho about it already. I'm sure he will get back to me or you soon. :)

    iamthewitch: err.. what name did you put under in the email? let me go check again.

    Anon: diet diet

    Anon: too flabby la

  28. aiya..anon of 10:07 AM
    Like that fat kah? You are looking for human skeleton. Krabi beach where got. You searched the wrong place lah, try hospital :D

  29. love country, thailand. i'd love to go there one day.

  30. nice, creative and .....
    frm oldman/

  31. no la... say krabi only??

  32. I sure will be there in the future!

  33. I am going Krabi this November in the same hotel as well!! Woohooo!!!

  34. hi...wonder will u still reply ...well..just want to krabi suitable for family?? husband ask me to look for a place where we can spend holiday after deepavali n ur travel blog to krabi seems interesting..whihc is not too expensive i suppose??can we rely 100% to the Mr.SEE tho whihc u recommend?? might be going with single sis -in law n 10 month baby...pls advice...

  35. lolz I hear my stomach rumbling!!! the food looks the delicious!!! lolz I just scrolled passed everything and stopped at the food. Whatever I've read previously have went out the window!!! ahhhhhhh these looks so yummy. Even the watermelon looks delicious, and I've been eating that all summer long.

    Can I repost this picture somewhere else to show off, of course, with credit :D lolz I'm going to make my friend suffer as well!!!!

  36. Nicole... you said you stayed at Ao nang beach... may i know which hotel u stayed in? isit Pakasai Resort?


  37. Woww!!! nice trip. If you can’t decide for your next trip…Phuket is the best choice for you!!
    I love here Hotel Surin Beach This hotel is very nice clean and the people are friendly. VERY nice hotel with helpful staff.
    And I really love white sand, crystal clear waters at Surin Beach too.
    Thank again.