Wiser by An Inch

It’s not cool to pull pranks on others.

Ever had a friend who like to hide in a blind spot, waiting quietly and stationary; the moment you turned the corner, just his/her existence freaks the soul out of you? Or someone who sends fake alerting text that states they were in danger and get you to call a certain XxX number, only to be greeted with recorded porno moans?

photo courtesy of Hung (in the middle), who has his room stuffed with balls of newspapers

interior of the room, wonder how long they used to crunch those papers

Or what about a reverse prank. You tried to pull a prank only to be fooled into your victim's pranks. Now that sucks. But he deserves it anyway for pulling the prank in the first place.

Some pranks are more annoying than others. Like faking heart attack, or a stroke; victims with a weak heart could really end up with a real heart problem.

It’s also not cool to pull practical jokes on your parents. So maybe it’s funny when you throw fake snakes or lizards at them to scare the daylights out of them.


Despite their age, they tend to believe everything you said (after all, you are their kids), hence twice the fright and you don’t want those bloods flushing through their heads and weak hearts. If these were not the case, you still won’t want to do that to them, cause they will be the only light you’ll see when the fear surpasses.

devil mom
enraged mom

You either believe what I said and be one step wiser now, or… do what I do, learned my lesson the hard way.


It was the day of my lasik surgery. I was growing extremely impatient and restless after the long hours of waiting. I was yearning for some excitement, butt itching and maybe a fair bit of annoyance. How would you feel if I were to put you waiting in front of the surgery room for hours, knowing you would be next? I need something to keep me entertained, if not, it’s only minutes before I lose it and budge into the doctor’s office and f#@$ him upside down.

So I chose the first person that came in mind – my mom, who was happily shopping in 1 Utama Shopping Complex with my aunt (~>_<~ so not fair!) and oblivious of the long delay I have to endure.

I took my phone, selected “Mom” in contact list and called.... it got through.

In my most weak and mumble-y voice, the conversation goes like this,

Me: Hello… Mom…
Mom: Hello? Qi a? (she calls me ‘Qi’) Surgery finish already a?
Me: Mom… my left eye is blind… (very soft and weak)
Mom: Hello? What you say? Louder.
Me: Mom…. My left eye is blind… (louder a tad bit)
Mom: Hello? I can’t hear you? You have to speak louder, it’s very noisy here.
Me: … the surgery went wrong, my left eye is blind now…
Mom: WHAT!! (trembling voice) OK!! OK!! WAIT FOR ME!! I COMING NOW!!
*Hang Up*

Oh O~~~ *gulps*

Call back…

Me: Mom..
Me: Haha! Mom! I was just joking!!
Mom: ….. (silence at first)
Me: (waiting anxiously for response)
Mom: XXXXXXXX !!!!!!! (conversation content will be censored from here onwards)

Imagine a volcano erupted with smoke and ashes everywhere, thunder storms above my head and an F1 race car charged at me at 300km/hr.

Suddenly I wished the surgery did really go wrong and blood is streaming from my eyes.


Lesson of the year: Don’t f@#$ with your mom.


9 kissed Nicole

  1. You deserve to feel every bit as bad about it as you do! That's horrible!

  2. I love humour
    even if it is at the scale of absolute extreme...

    The Goddess of love and war... how could I forget her?

    u gonna get a good make up artist to scare people ahhh
    cosplay of alucard.


    happy horror-valentines day

  3. ah Nicole,
    you look like Ulqi in the last picture

    remember the Bleach character i told u (with sexy voice)


  4. Kesian your mom lar, aiyoh...... Daughter goes blind.....how would a mother feel......tsk tsk tsk...

    I love your last pic tho....cant tell whether the paint is real or photoshop-ed onto your face....

  5. i tot ulqi's shades are green?

  6. adrian,

    of course lah but the resemblence is so strong

    I think Ulqi's shades are black lah.... the tears lines
    look properly

    I really think the animators did a good job on his voice

    this guy is cold and powerful as Byakuya, he and grimmjaw can be everyones favourite characters, the arrancar verson of Byakuya and Kenpachi.

  7. To geraint,

    *Blink* *blink* *batter eyelids*

  8. LMAO

    okay got the lesson here. never to play play with mums.

  9. agent judgement18/2/07 12:41 AM

    thats just cruel. and so not funny.