Monday, September 29, 2014

Signature by the Hill @ The Roof

Months ago I have set my mind to visit The Roof but work and busy schedule have gotten the better of me that I kept putting it off. Then came this month, an invitation came from Deep and coincidentally I saw an opening, immediately I rounded my girls and arranged a girly night out at Signature by the Hill - a gastro-lounge that's part of The Roof.

Sharing the same cocktail menu as The Pool (same founder), Signature serves up some pretty unique signature cocktails of theirs such as Milo Ais (with rum, baileys and kahlua), the famous Watermelon Slush (whole watermelon shell as a jug? bowl?)and Chocolate Martini.

Since yours truly has sworn off alcohol and has been sober for two years, I decided to order the Milo Ais, had a sip and then passed it along to my girlfriends to finish the deed.

Among the food I've tried, few stood out. Despite being the least enthusiastic fan to aglio olio, Signature did theirs pretty well. Al dente, well and thoroughly seasoned and the sauce that came in a pot on the side was divine. Not the healthiest dish but certainly a popular one. They managed their meatball pasta pretty well too, which has come to my attention that the chef knew his pasta and knew it well. Though oddly and surprisingly, my favourite dish had to be the Char Kuey Tiao. Perhaps the best Char Kuey Tiao I've ever tasted. It did come at a price of RM38 for what was supposed to be a street food dish, albeit served in a higher altitude area. On my more generous days, I would consider returning just for this dish alone.

We then adjourned to helipad (Stratosphere) at The Roof to enjoy the night view, some selfies (as girls often do) before retiring for the night.

the not so innocent Milo Ais (cocktail)

Best Char Kuey Tiao, ever!

Molten lava cake, it was the first dessert to get wiped out

creme brulee trio

only photo of Deep and I before he scurried off to another after party, leaving the girls and our cameras to our own devises. Hehe. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Making Godiva Chocolate

Chocolates have been the kryptonite for women throughout the centuries that songs and poetries have been sang for them, movies made, games crated and war raged.Heck, this blog was first named after chocolate due to my obsession with chocolates back in the days.

Thankfully I've grown out of that obsession, else I would be the size of my house by now. But it's still a delightful indulgence every now and then. So when I was asked to attend the workshop of Godiva, I jumped right onto it. Knowing I would be bringing home a whole lot of Godiva chocolates I would be making was enough to get me RSVP-ing.

Long before attending this workshop I was already making homemade chocolates of my own, I would have fit right into the Valentine culture of a high school Japanese students. It was great to learn about chocolate tempering, difference between a quality chocolate and a mediocre one. Though the best part was walking away with my very own box of handmade chocolate as well as a box of Godiva Truffes (with all divinity, it was sweeping my tongue to heaven and back).

Godiva chef flown in from Hong Kong

perhaps my favourite kind of chocolate, especially when it's topped with all sorts of dried fruits. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Divana Massage & Spa, Bangkok

No where offers better massages than Bangkok does, You can't step foot onto Thailand and not receive a massage, it's blasphemy, in fact, you can't even if you try. They're everywhere; on the beach, in the small alley, in your hotel, next to your hostel, in the malls, on an island, in your room (personal masseuse service), and they come in all price range, from the ultra budget to the extremely luxurious.

Divana is one of the most awarded spa centres and franchise in Bangkok and the whole of Thailand. You can check their long list of awards and coverage on media on their website.

I had the fortunate opportunity to receive pampering 2.5 hours session of massage and scrub at the Divana Massage & Spa outlet on 7, Sukhumvit 25 in Bangkok. Their scrubs are made in-house from fresh ingredients and you can select the oil you like for your massage, on top of that you get to decide where you would like the masseuse to focus on or to avoid without needing to converse with the locals, all can be done and understood with a mere fill-in of a form prior to your massage.

Divana also produces their own range of skincare and beauty products, most of which were utterly divine. I left the spa centre with bags of lotions and collagen gels (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED), ranging from 750 - 4000 baht. Worth every baht.