Monday, October 20, 2014

Guess Most Wanted

Been attending a few events lately, not something I would do usually but it has come to my attention lately that I should go out and socialise more.
It was getting too comfortable living the life of a hermit.
Besides, what better ways to meet some new and old friends and to check out the latest fashion line all in one.

I had a voucher to claim a pair of jeans from Guess some time back but never got the chance to visit a guess outlet, so since I was going to do it, I might as well attend an event hosted by Guess in the Pavilion Guess Jeans outlet.
So many birds with one stone.

They were throwing a selfie contest at the event too, three winners will receive up to RM1300 worth of prizes that consisted of Guess watch, Guess jeans and Dior products.
That's my kind of contest, no effort needed, it's what I do on most days anyways.

And yes, I won. Winning photo at the end of the post.

I arrived early so I decided to try out some clothes from the Guess new line. The spread was adorable but I didn't really try any of the food (hello, more important things to do, like trying out new clothes), I just wished they served water at the event instead of just beer and cola.

Seldom I see a female drummer, she was pretty awesome to me

my winning haul

It's quite a manly watch, I was quite worried it wasn't going to match but matched surprisingly well it did. I was going for this hipster look the other day and the watch completed the look so well. I have to do an ootd post soon. It's been too long.

Oh yea. My winning selfie pose. Enjoy.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

SK-II Pitera House

A SK-II Pitera House was set up until the 14th of October this month in Publika where people can walk in to learn more about their skin and the skincare line's famous facial treatment essence. I am an avid user of the SK-II famous FTE (Facial Treatment Essence), mainly a ritual passed down by my mom.

Visitors were able to get a complimentary skin-check with SK-II's Magic Ring skin analysis device, which I've done it before about a year ago. Let me find the photo.

so many spots!

But if you missed the checking out the Pitera House, you can walk into a local SK-II counter to get your Magic Ring test too.

Here are some photos of the SK-II Pitera House.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

LeBunny Bleu @ The Gardens Mall

This year is about work, work, work and very little play. Boo.

It was a choice I made so I'm not really complaining, but I do miss travelling, so bad.
Though I honestly should think of ways to make it work. 

I did go on a media trip to Thailand which was nice. And another coming up to Macau. 

But I probably have to cancel my three weeks Japan trip year end. Due. To. Work. 
This sucks.
If only I could change the name of my flight but I bought it on a whim and they were promo tickets. So.. yea... burn, baby, burn!

Went to LeBunny Bleu last month in The Gardens. I've seen it several times but never got around to go inside. Turned out the shoes they offered were surprisingly affordable and generally very cute. Most feature their logo of a cheeky bunny peaking at you. If you're not a heel fan, this might be the place as they boast mostly flats. But they do suffer from insufficient sizes for feet like mine. Tall girl. Big feet. 

Do you know I share the same feet size as JLo? *smug* And she's shorter. (yes I still refer her as JLo, it's easier)

Here's my visit. 

Crop Top: Miss Selfridge
Jacket: Zara
Midi Skirt: designer boutique in Terminal 21, Bangkok
Platform shoes: Aldo

I have a lot of shoes but this is my first pair of funky sneakers.