Friday, September 23, 2016

Train from Jakarta to Bandung

The train from Jakarta to Bandung was an easy affair.

The Argo Parahyangan train cost IDR 120,000 one way (~RM38). Has comfortable reclining seats, separated into first and second class seatings and comes with a kitchen cart selling Indonesian bento sets with drinks.

The whole journey takes 3 hours from Jakarta to Bandung and you get to enjoy the scenic views across West Java. Both cities have Uber services so travelling to and from train stations are not a problem for the intentional travellers, so long you have data on your mobile devices.

waking up in Mercure Sabang, Jakarta after spending a night in the city with 40 bloggers/vloggers/influencers flown in from all over South East Asia.

Train ride with a view

The view while passing by Purwakarta Station

And so began my 12-day Trip of Wonders 2016 journey by Ministry of Tourism Indonesia through four amazing destinations. Bandung - Yogyakarta - Lombok - Labuan Bajo

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Gucci Flora Anniversary Edition Review

Following my review of Gucci Flora Eau Fraiche, which has proven to be one of my favourite go-to casual scent of all time, I am now reviewing the Gucci Flora Anniversary Edition.

Gucci Flora anniversary edition

With the similar floral packaging design iconic to the Gucci Flora scents, the fragrance is specially curated to mark the 50th anniversary of the pattern.

The core of the scent is strong with Osmanthus and Rose essence with a musky end. Suitable for casual/formal occasion or women who dig a hint of masculinity in their fragrances.

In the words of the press release given by this scent:

"The Rose signature meets Osmanthus complex facets, drawing out its apricot-like freshness, exoticism and creaminess...
a leathery accord brings a new sensuality to the floral bouquet, adding richness and depth while underlining its elegance. The leathery nuances blend beautifully with Cedar wood, musk and patchouli. "

Gucci Flora anniversary edition

Gucci Flora anniversary edition

Gucci Flora anniversary edition

Verdict: Light musky scent. Suitable for casual to casual formal occasion.
Price: EDT 50ml    RM307

Available nationwide in major leading departmental stores. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Paleo Raw Diet for Cats: Recipe

I've been feeding my cats real food since the first day they entered my household.

Recently, I've taken up a notch and started on paleo diet because of some health implication Miruku (my white Ragdoll) has faced. Miruku has a sensitive digestive system since he was a kitten, he's not able to consume any kibbles or canned wet food without getting serial diarrhea cases that last for days. On top of that, he's an incredibly finicky eater, which made transitioning him from food to food challenging.

He made up for it by being incredibly cute.

It took two days to transition him from his usual cooked food (chicken, fish, pig's heart, etc) to paleo raw diet, by introducing paleo little by little mixing in with the previous diet.

Below is my recipe for this week's paleo, you can change it with chicken or other meat as you like.

cat food paleo diet

Paleo dirt for cats

Ingredients: (serving size ~ 2 adult cats for 3 days)

2 cups of fresh minced beef
2 cups of fresh minced lamb (I'm using Australian grade for both)
1 handful of organic wheatgrass (you can use organic grass if you can gain access to them), scissored
2 raw egg yolks
1/4 steamed squash, pitted and skinned (for fiber)
1 cup of water
At this point I am avoiding bones because of vet's advise on Miruku's illness recovery. But I will definitely incorporate again in the future because that's how they clean their teeth

Optional ingredients: (omit if you want to go full paleo)

1 tbsp of collagen (human grade or pet grade is fine)
1 tsp of unflavoured gelatine
2 fish oil capsules
Now I do no add taurine because taurine can be found most in muscle meat, and I do feed them pig's heart (heart is a muscle). This is because I much prefer they receive natural taurine than synthetic ones i.e. store-bought taurine. 


Mix squash, minced meat, chopped/scissored wheatgrass in a bowl. In another bowl, mix in water, raw egg yolks, gelatine (mix with warm water prior), collagen, and squeeze out fish oil from capsules. Then combine both mixture. Feed according to your cat's size. For a 4kg cat, feed approximate one cup measurement of the food mix a day. So if you cat eats twice a day, have half a cup in the morning then half a cup in the evening.

The mix can be refrigerated up to 3 days. Which is just nice for 2 x 4kg adult cats. If you have a smaller breed cat, you may reduce the portion according to your cat's need.

You may also increase the recipe and portion them up to freeze for the entire month.
I tend to avoid freezing because the taste of raw meat become bland upon defreezing, and might I remind that I do have a very finicky cat.

Paleo dirt for cats
Creamie enjoying her paleo meal

Paleo dirt for cats
Miruku sleeping off a food coma. Poor baby has gotten so skinny after one week at the hospital.

They have been pooping more healthily (no soft or liquid feces) and their poo don't smell anymore. Miruku has dramatically increase his frequency of peeing which is a major relief.