The Emerald Krabi – Kayaking

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One of the highlights in my Krabi trip was to visit the marine national park, or Crocodile Canyon they call it.


Price for two on a canoe will usually set you back 900 baht (RM90 or US 25) with a guide. Remember to get bring your sun block, cause it’s going to be HOT! (The next day I had sunburns, which is unbelievable because I never had sunburn since elementary school)

kayak 1

Unlike other kayaking trips I’ve been on (one in Vietnam, few in several Peninsular islands and one at Port Dickson beach), this has to top my chart of fun and extraordinary ride (and to think kayaking’s supposed to be a very boring and tiring ride).

I have to admit, this trip to the Crocs Canyon plays a vital role in my declamation of having a fan-tabulous time in Krabi to everyone I met.

It’s not just about the experience of paddling under hot sun out on the vast ocean; kayaking in the natural marine parks in Krabi gives you the best of both the ride sensation and sights.

kayak 4
So hot

My kayaking partner was Matthew from the ntv7 breakfast show.

As we paddle, the guide led us around the corner and we found ourselves surrounded by sky-scraping cliffs, swamp trees, odd rocks and plants of different sorts.

It’s like entering into a realm of fairy land. I was surrounded by imposing craftsmanship of nature on water. Everywhere I turn, there’s a sight.


view above

rocks on water


kayak 3


kayak 2

Even in between.

kayak scenery

The experience bears an uncanny resemblance to cruising on the Amazonian river in the Indiana Jones movie; or singing “Just Around The Riverbend” with Pocahontas while watching otters swim. Okay, the otters were just in my mind, but it’s a similar experience.

I chose the narrow path.

kayak leader

Words can only describe so much how spectacular which place is.

And what is Nicolekiss without a bit of video eh? ;)

Oh stop complaining Matthew. I’ll paddle I’ll paddle~ ish

pull string

Or I could hold on to the guide’s canoe rear rope and let him paddle for me.


17 kissed Nicole

  1. is there any crocodiles..?

  2. erm... the guide said used to have. Not anymore though

  3. Haha, looks like i was right! that was u on the breakfast show few weeks ago, i posted a comment on one of the last few comments surprised no one else knew or realise

  4. The place looks very deserted...a bit like jurassic park. Did you all see dinosaurs? :P

  5. i wish to go there...i like hiking and travel so much. u din mention bout d duration u've spend there... :)
    btw...wat had u post jb?

  6. jb: oh man. i didn't even get to see myself on that. I should ask a cd copy of the video from NTV7.

    whisperer: it's rather deserted, that's the beauty of it. :D

    h@ppyboy: oh u have to. It's too beautiful not to.

  7. Is this matthew from FGA church KL?

  8. hey nicole. I'm not sure if you remember me.. But I wanna thank you for droppin by a comment in my blog although you didn't really need to. It was sweet. thank you. really appreciated it.

  9. wow! who took the pictures of you kayaking? they are very very pretty and natural. :)

  10. Eh, Ah Nicole, your guide veli the cool wor, acutally how many canoe he can pull ar?...He veli good value for da money lar...(^_^)"

  11. ahh..the great outdoors~
    wish i was there too lol

  12. I like the 2nd last pic.. It's just so nice :P

  13. Hey Nicole. I've been an avid follower of ur blog.. your new blogskin makes ur webbie look so confusingly ugly.. the colors don't match n the concept is all over.. I like the ole plain sweet nicolekiss better..

  14. anon: er... that's matthew from ntv7 breakfast show

    kiyun: hey, you really had a nice comment. keep them posting k? :)

    vvens: some helped by a friend, mostly taken by me :)

    jacky chin: oh yes he is, krabi has some of the most friendly and fun people

    ms: If I may, shall bring you there with my photos :D

    ahlost: yes that is my fav too!

    anon: erm... may i sincerely ask for you to bear with it for another month? /:)

  15. hi nicole....
    i dropped u some comment on the first post on Krabi but is not answer... was trying to ask u about the See Tho holiday.... planning to have a holiday there with my hubby n < 1 year old baby... n sis in law maybe.. can we rely 90% on the holiday agent?? but it he seems to be not replying our mail..only get a auto reply mail from the website....

  16. Hey Nicole,

    I bet you get a lot of these comments from your readers, but I do want to let it out again. You are pretty, probably really intelligent, pretty, funny, pretty and adventurous...did i meantion pretty? :)

    Love your travels write-ups, especially the piece you did on Hanoi. I've been there, but not the way that you have. Gosh, Kenny must have been such a lucky bloke to have your company. Let me know where girls like yourself hang out, and if my stars above are aligned correctly, I might just get to know one. I want to travel ala your style too, freestyle instead of rigid tours. So might need a mate soon.

    Lastly, your piece on guy's opinions of girls. Well, to a certain extent it is true that we look first before we love. Cant help it, we were created this way. But I appreciate girls in all sizes, shapes and looks though. I think they all have their own beauty and radiance inside, and unless you have tried looking further than looks alone, you wont know what you are missing. True stroy, was in a club once, and there were pleny of really good looking girls. My mind was racing on all the corny pick up lines that I can use. While lining up to get a beer, a girl who was behind me started a conversation with me on the beers that she has tried all over the world. Totally caught my attention and spent most of the night just talking with her on almost everything. You know what? She aint a knockout beauty in terms of looks, but sure was charming and interesting! My biggest regret was not getting her number. Then I realised,if I did not get a pretty girls number, no big deal, there will be more tomorrow, next week etc. But someone with substance, sigh!!

    Hope I shed some light into this topic. Not all guys are hung on physical beauty alone, there's more. So apart from topping up on the make up, top up too on personality. :)