Supergirl Spotted in Toon Town!!!

Short note: Been really really really really really busy with some work these days. Promise to update soon (a day or two) on the second part of my Disneyland trip. *lots of kisses*

When I was taking a stroll in Toon Town, Tokyo Disneyland, I saw a bunch of little girls playing next to a castle looking structure.

strong girl 1

It was not till I was going through my photos yesterday that I realised something looked unusual here.

strong girl 2

Wow wa!!!! Did that girl just bend the lamp post with her bare hand?

strong girl 3

*Growl* "YOU... DON'T... WANT... to play with me?? ARGHHHH....."


11 kissed Nicole

  1. dat oso can @_@. try better next time nicole.

  2. i'd say wats unusual here is the american-flagged dick sticking out of the window! hehe~

  3. hahaha......that gals must have eaten too much spinach...

  4. OMG, I didn't realise the dick!! Hahaha, you're right! That's so ODD!

  5. Would like to be at Disneyland one day. Remain a fantasy so far though.

  6. hey babe! thanks for the support =) show off more pics at disneyland!

  7. *cough*.. very funny lor.. =.= really very funny........

  8. that sure is one fat american dick!

  9. okay..this article is so lame...
    yeah, it aint funny at all..