Is it True That Girls Fall in Love with Their Hearts and Guys Fall in Love with Their Eyes?

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It’s a tough decision. But these two comments really caught my heart. Winners for the 25th Oct giveaways are Ying Ling and Siaw Yan. Congratulations to both of you!

OMG, I think I’m going to hurl from Kenny’s ego-filling entry about men and their egos.

Not only he did not prove me wrong, he went on with a list of reasons WHY women love arrogant men.

but honey

Talk about the ultimate egoism; applaud for the King of Condescension.


So fine, I admit, girls do occasionally fall for the wrong men. But the way you (Kenny) put it as it’s such a bad thing to fall in love with our hearts. At least we’re still few steps better than SOME species who think with their eh-hem (I’m talking about eyes, what are you thinking?).

When it comes to falling for the better half, it is universal fact that guys are visual creatures (aka they go for the looks).

Guys just can’t stand hot chicks.

Hot chick

It’s undeniable if you were to put a guy in a crowd of sophisticated women, his eyes will lock onto the one with the least amount of clothing.

Where are you looking?

Or with the most impressive assets.


There’s even a joke about man and their choices of women.

If a man is given a choice of three women, the first being sophisticated and brainy, the second being motherly and caring, and the third one just sleeps around.

Who will the guy choose?

Answer: He will choose the girl with the biggest breast.


Don’t say I’m sexist. It’s the truth.

Let’s take a test.

Below are some photos of young energetic ladies. Now what I want you to do, as difficult as it may be, skim through these photos swiftly (not more than 2 seconds for each photo).




sexy 5

sexy 6

sexy 3

sexy 2

How did that get in? :p

sexy 1

sexy 4

sexy 8


sexy 7

sexy 9

Okay finish.

Now do not scroll up.

I am going to ask some questions and you can TRY to answer.

Question 1:
How many girls in the above pictures wore a necklace?
Or you haven’t notice any necklace at all?

Question 2:
Do you remember any of the girls has gloves on?
Or you only remember how short their skirts are?

Question 3:
Is there any girl with short hair (neck-length) in the photos?
Are you very sure?

Have your answer yet?
Okay now scroll up to check if you have answered correctly.


Did you even get ONE correct answer (guessing doesn’t count)?

I rest my case.

hugo xx rest

Guys out there who disagree to what I say, it’s your chance to voice it out now. Girls, tell me what do you think about my statements? Share with me your experience on guy's or girl's lame pursuit towards a hot mama or ego guy, stories that keep me entertained stand better chances of winning. ;)

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  1. i totally agree. Men are "visual animals". If they have a choice, of cos they will chose a woman who pleases his eyes. And because of their ego (sorry, don't mean to offend, but it's a fact :p), they will feel they are walking in the air when they introduce their hot chick to their other friends, with equally huge ego as well, and the comparing game begin (then the friends will go hot chicksss hunting).
    Woman fall in love with their heart. yes, cause we love with our heart, and not other parts of our body :p and this is the only way you can say your love is true. Kenny says woman love with their feel, and not logic. But, there is NO logic in love.Maybe there is, man should be the slave to his woman. Haha
    I think, this is a case of chicken 1st or egg 1st. Hmm..woman to act hot 1st to attract man with huge ego, or it man start to have huge ego cause they think hot chick love man with huge ego??
    Men can feast their eyes and chose woman with the largest breasts, but women cant possibly ask "excuse me, what is the length and thickness of your package huh??" so unfair...
    So, we ,women, close our eyes, and use our heart to find "the one man" :D

  2. I think, that the heart for women and the eyes for men, are only first-impression attractions. Yes I agree sometimes men can go crazy over a girl cuz of her looks, but I've seen some of my female friends go crazy over the most disgusting guy too.

    But (most of the time, unless some daring foolhardy action is taken), it doesn't amount to nothing more than a short-time crush. In the end, a guy finds his true soulmate by being friends with a girl, and getting to know her personaliuty (serious), and girls, well I don't know I'm not one hehe.

    Both points mentioned by Kenny and Nicole are relevant, but I don't believe they lead to love. It's just quirks we each have, attractions and a sort of entertainment maybe?

  3. Sex appeal is a major factor to catch a man's attention. The hormonal reaction is always present inside a male's body and mind. Males just could not help it. But the fact is, everyone tries their best to look better to attract the opposite sex. That is the beauty of it because everyone knows that is the first thing to be noticed when it comes to love and friendship. We could not see someone's inner values just by looking at them. Everyone strive for perfection. Don't cha agree?

    *I did scroll down the pictures and I did not answered any question correctly because I did not pay attention to the pictures at all*

  4. Men are attracted by eye candies, there are no turnaround about that statement. Who can they blame? There are magazines showing women wearing tightly clad lingeries, there are tv series showing nearly perfect looks.

    The fact is, the majority of us don't actually meet up with these hot and good looking women. So, when we do, you can't really blame us for looking at them. But looking at them and doesn't mean that one is attracted to them. It may satisfy our eyes but it may never satisfy our heart.

    If one really love their woman, she will be the only pretty one in his heart. The others will just be pretty in his eyes. Nothing more nothing less.

  5. Oh my God, I don't know all the answers to your questions :s and I am a female. I was too busy looking at the you-know-what... so fail. So it's not just males, females too... seriously the pictures are too irresistible and tempting... I am straight but still tempted :x

  6. I agreed with what you says. Guys are more of visual person. if you let a guy see a picture of a girl dress up, he will imagine the girl in bikini. but if you let a guy see a girl in bikini, he will imagine that the girl in completely naked. even if you put two little stars across the b**b, he won't be satisfied.
    However, that is the first sight feeling. Guys tend to evalute after sometimes, and reality sink in for them.

    called them slow maybe, that's the cause of Y chromosome shorter than the X chromosome!

    for your pics, i don't even have any answer to all, simply, I don't care and just want to get to the bottom of the page to comment ! :)

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  9. I have to agree that men are 'visual animals' but that doesn't mean we find love / partner just that they are 'hot'. I think I speaks for all STRAIGHT men that we like to check out on hot babes (you will run away when we get all excited on a firemen calendar :S ) and to be frank girls like to be check out too! Please don't tell me girls who dress like the photos on the post feels sexy and confident when they do (Sexy ya.. Confident? I don't think so).
    It's just normal to have men check out on girls and girls feel proud to mesmerize a man when she walks by.
    By at the end of the day, men will need a caring partner not someone who make us drool every time she bend down to pick up a pen.

  10. As a matter of fact, I personally think that both male and female are genuinely attracted to the outer look of a person, that explains the word ATTRACTION.

    However by plainly saying that males falling in love with their eyes is just too abstract, what concrete evidence do you have on this? I believe it goes with a few stages, first the attraction, then the infatuation.

    Both these theories of mine applies to male and female alike, naturally because we are 'made' that way, tell me who are your celebrity crushes for example, for guys it will always be either Jessica Alba or Beyonce Knowles, as for the girls it will always be either Wentworth Miller or Brad Pitt, what do these personalities have in common? they are beautiful people right? so my resolution is OFTEN people (despite their respectful gender) fall for LOOKS. Personality, Charm and etc are often look over due to attraction on LOOKS. Try to observe animals or just simply tune in Discovery Channel and learn how they attract their opposite sex, or just simply sit down and think, What are among the qualities that are often put on priority.

    But still these are my personal opinion. My apologies if I have offended any individuals.

  11. I think both statements are true in some at first sight are rare..but they do occur...but how? By looking at thier appearance of sure gurls and guys do tend to look at the most good looking guy or gurl around...but then it is just looking...falling in love? its another story...=)...looks fade...den what? dump the person and search for your next target? i think this happened among teenagers more often...cause they are not mature enough? watever it is...i am sure people falling in love with their eyes wont last long...i mean their relationship that is! and another thing...if a guy goes for a hot chick because of their ego...i am sure that hot chick has her own ego as well...lets face one sexy mama will go for a sorry looking guy...even if she loves him with her heart...she is not stupid...her brain is not missing because she is in so...lesson of the day...fall in love with someone that you can talk,joke,and have fun with...most can still be yourself in front of him...let him still love you when all that dressing up and make up is gone...that is priceless...

  12. Everybody comment in English. Damn my English worst then primary school gals. Nevermind, i leave my comment in Malay tho. Or in rojak language. Hope u understand. Kita kan orang Malaysia..:)

    Sememangnya majoriti lelaki akan fall in love base on woman look. Tetapi itu hanya tiket untuk berkenalan. Sama juga seperti wanita yang juga akan jatuh cinta dengan lelaki yang smart dah ada duit. Damn true, right? Kalau lelaki selekeh, no money in their pocket, did you accept his date invitation? Sama juga seperi lelaki. Untuk jatuh cinta kami akan cari yang cantik, cute, comel, body macam semut. Tetapi once we fall in love, jika perempuan tu bertukar menjadi seperti tong sampah sekalipun kami akan tetap sayang. Cuma kepada lelaki yang bijak, kami perlu 'ukur baju dibadan sendiri'. Kalau muka macam kotak mancis jangan la berangan nak dapat pasangan macam zippo.

    About that question. I got almost semua betul. We knew its gonna be trick question ma. So, dah prepared.


  13. Guys will always be attracted to women with great attributes, to say otherwise will be a lie. Unless if he's gay, suffers from ED or has extremely low sex drive!

    However, in choosing a life partner or wife, a wise guy chooses carefully. This is where beauty and big boobs take second seat, whereas compassion, personality, intellect and compatiblity become key factors. The priority should be for a soul mate not a sexual outlet.

    Of course, guys will always continue to fantasize and hope ...

  14. Not necessarily so. As frequent as guys like LOOKING at hot, gorgeous babes, the 'relationship' ends at LOOKING aka OGLING.

    There is no doubt that hot and sexy babes attract attentions anytime, anywhere. My senior (a guy) once told me "If there are free shows, of course we will watch and ogle as long as we like."

    My boyfriend even ogles at sexy girls with hot bodies all the time, with and without me around. It doesn't matter if the sexy and hot bodies belonged to maggot-infested faces. Most of the times they do not see the faces. LOL!

    However, when it comes to relationship, guys prefer to look for good average girls instead of hot and sexy girls. Because like us, guys also look for security in a relatonship. As much as they like to ogle, they do not like/want their girlfriends being ogled. A bonus if she is good-looking.

    Same goes to girls. We drooled over tall, gorgeous-looking hunks like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Pierce Brosnan and an example closer to home, Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar. But when it comes to relationship, as in long-term kinda thing, we are realistic enough to look for good guys with great attitude that we'll bring home to meet the parents. It will be a bonus if he is good-looking and all.

    And therefore, the statement "Girls fall in love with their hearts and guys fall in love with their eyes" is a myth. =D

  15. After reading your entry, I feel that I just have to share this story with you.

    I have a friend (let her remain as X) who loves this guy, an egoistic one (let him be Y) so much that she is totally blinded by everything he does and says. Even if he ignores her, she would not get angry and tries to take revenge by not talking to him. No. It would be the other way round. She is always the one making the first move be it apologising when something goes wrong or even starting a conversation. He, as the BOYFRIEND, expects her, A GIRL to be doing everything. Sometimes I wonder if he really loves her. X is madly in love with him to the point that I feel irrational. She puts her whole heart and emotions into this relationship that when they have a quarrel or something else goes wrong, she would think about suicide, fearing of losing her so called dream guy. The newest news is, Y has been two-timing her and X never suspected it until a few days ago. I thought she will let him go and opt for a break up since he hasn't been serious with her. But, no. She said Y is just playing around for the time being and he will return to her when he gets bored. X also stated that she will wait for him and believes naively that she will married him in future.

    It's hard for me to advise her as a third party. X thinks she is doing the right thing pursuing the guy who no longer loves her. The spark is gone, yet she is hoping for the warmth to stay when it's been cold long time ago.

  16. i asked most of my male friends before wat they see 1st in a girl. they was being truly honest when they say the physical appearance.
    one of them even said " no such thing called love in 1st sight. it's on LUST at 1st sight". i am sure they have slight fantasy when they see hot girls.

    i believe most guys tat dates a girl go for good physical appearance girlfriends and "trophy girlfriend". they find their gf proud to be show off i guess

    but i believe guys tat go in steady long relationship will needs more than just good physical appearance in a girl lor. i believe not all good looking girl make a good long steady guys tat are mature enuf will go for inner beauty then i think.

  17. oh my god i cant even get one right..>_>

  18. why do i feel that no one seems to be answering on the topic set?


    well anyway first of all THANKS NICOLE I LOVE YOU OMG I DO DO I DO

    not in the lesbian way you know, but in the non lesbian normal way ummmmmmmmmmm ok nevermind. im digressing over here.

    But ummm anyway not expecting to get anything this time since the benevolent, altruistic nicole has already been kind enough to award me with something that should with any luck, make a guy go for me as long as he closes his eyes and uses his nose instead. Coz you see, i dont have 34Cs. Anyway, im just here to give my 2 cents.


    Ok story time

    Once upon a time in Malaysia, there was a pretty girl. Lets call her Betty. Now Betty was single, though she had a crush on a sexy guy called Peter. And Sexy Peter also had a crush on Betty coz Betty had very big boobs for someone her age.

    (sigh even at 15 years old guys look at boobs)

    so yea.

    Now somewhere along the story, when Peter and Betty were falling in love, a creepy stalker guy who also likes big boobs comes in. Lets call this creepy stalker guy Andrew. Now Andrew, like all hormonal teenage boys likes Betty for all he obvious reasons (yes her boobs were damn bloody obvious.)

    Andrew and Betty have never met, but Andrew had been stalking Betty through Friendster. And paying abt 20 visits to her blog everyday. So from all this, Andrew knew that Betty was a damn freaking hot chick. With big boobs of coz.

    Andrew aka Creepy Stalker Guy and Sexy Peter were classmates in an all boys school and Betty was from some other school but had quite alot fo friends in Andrew n Peters school.

    So now, Andrew aka Creepy Stalker Guy decides that he better make a claim on Betty before any other guys realize how big her boobs really are, so Andrew goes around telling everyone that he and Betty were a couple.

    Andrew went off in pursuit of Sexy Peter and told him to "leave Betty alone coz she's my girl" Then Andrew goes off and spreads rumours throughout his school that he and Betty were a couple.

    So now, Sexy Peter is staying away from Betty and everyone thinks Betty and Andrew are a couple. which leads everyone to think that Betty is rather crazy to choose Andrew over Peter, coz frankly.......Andrew is kinda like a fat slob and Peter may not be the football captain, but he had muscles and a great smile. Or maybe being in an all boys school, everyone knew that Andrew had a small.....................nevermind.


    Betty got mad, Betty castrated Andrew and made him eat his own testicles MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

    ok maybe not.

    Basically it ended the way most 15 year old romances end, with everyone going their separate ways, Betty bitching abt what a loser Andrew was to all the other girls and Sexy Peter finding another Chick With Big Boobs.

    And Andrew? he hasnt gotten a date since then.

    Moral of the story: Guys, dont claim what is not yours. it may get you castrated.

    Hey you never know, if Betty had anger management issues, Andrew may have lost the chance to ever celebrate Fathers Day.

    the end :P

  19. oh, and names have been changed :)

  20. Agree with what u said!!

    But for me i do believe in inner beauty cause after all when guys get to stage of looking for life partner they will hunt for girl tat are caring,maternal instinct and understanding rather than outer appearance.(for most of them as i know)

    Besides true love is mostly referred to married couple instead of couple tat is not sure of what is the future of their relationship.rite?

  21. Physical appearance yes, unequivocally catches man's attention. Nevertheless, several intriguing things that are worth considering actually.

    First and foremost, aren't the girls who are trying to capture men's attention? It's not like a guy pointing a pistol or knife towards a girl and go on like : "hey, wear less cox I'm starring at you!" Girls are hot because they WANT to be HOT! No! In fact, guy shouldn't be blame for *erhem* preferring girls with very attractive physical appearance because men are just doing what they are supposed to do-- by giving responses (that girls want) after the hot girls have had enough of showing off! Isn't it? Wouldn't a girl be disappointed if she has a boday figure say 35,22 and 30 yet NO men ever stare at her and give praises to her or even flirt with her? =)

    Secondly, not that I am part of it, but I am just trying to highlight the MINORITY in our beloved society--the homosexuals. It's wrong actually to pin-point that all men in general are of the "same species" because for gays, they only try to get close to girls who has motherly love, a sense of caring for them and with good understanding of them (of which I think); on the other side of the coin, Lesbians who perhaps join the group of hot chicks who love to show off their body figure, maybe they are just trying to capture the girls' attention and not the guys', isn't it? All in all, the point is different people have different perspective and different responses towards phenomena happening in our society, until and unless you really study everybody's purpose and opinion, no general conclusion should be drawn.

    As for me, i love girls who are older than me, no matter how small her breast is, how flabby her flash is, I just carry on with my so called "criteria" when it comes to finding a partner. So far, nobody ,have,yet, mentioned that I went out with my mum or aunt when I go out dating with my girlfriend. True anecdote, blatant, but true=) (except for once a salesgirl actually mentioned that :"wah auntie, your son looks like you hor"), anyway, that's rare.

    And that's it. People are just, defferent!=)

    e-mail address :

  22. I have this guy friend *Justin who immediately fell for another girl friend of mine,* Sara, right after he broke up with another girl! Sara was a above-average looking girl and she was one of his close friends.

    To me,that sounds pretty awful but the fact that he has dedicated his heart to be in love with her for 3 whole years in highschool changed my mind, eventhough Sara wasn't into him at all.

    Justin always try getting her attention by asking her other friends what she likes and what she doesnt. Apparently, she likes "cool" guys. There was once, Justin asked her out for lunch and tried acting cool by cursing all the way in a mamak stall. " EH PUNDI MANA NASI PATTAYA SAYA". "PUKI LAH YOU"

    In the end, he didn't get the rice cause the cook was pissed off. And Sara was turned off immediately. Since then, he stopped cursing, tried serenading her with his singing (which wasn't too good) and sends Valentines' gift with over-the-top messages " I'm here without you".." The difference between a rose and you is that you're always in my heart"... corny stuff.

    Sadly, that didn't work out quite well as she found out that Justin sends out the same messages to other girls. And he has been hanging out with a junior 24/7, Obviously Sara was pissed off and she refused to talk/smile to Justin and didn't even acknowledge his presence.

    Recently, Justin instant messaged Sara and told her that he's moving on and that she should move on too. Which was pretty ridiculous, cause Sara has never been caught up by his "playboy" act. In fact, she's been dating other guys.

    Justin was boasting it to all his friends.. " Oh Sara begged me to like her back again".... " She's trying to play hard to get"... "She's using that guy to make me jealous only lah".. You get the drift ;)

    Again, Sara found out about it. And told him off. Now they're not talking to each other and neither are they friends.


  24. Some guys who cannot find the courage to commit after confessing and when he finds out that another guy is going after the girl, he asks if he were to go after her now, would she accept him..

    Hmmm..sounds like the guy only wants the girl cos there's a challenger about. Can't he value her for who she is? She's not a trophy.

    Well, in the end, the girl didn't choose him. She's happily attached to the latter.

    They are still good friends. But that's about it.

  25. I bet all girls & guys are the same but you can't just say tat girls will be the one falling in luv with heart, some guys does the same as well. Just in a way that everyone around us have their own unique way to express their love. Most of the girls are falling in love with their heart but there's also some of them doesn't... Most guys fall in love with their eyes... Who doesn't? Ain't you agree? You need someone to be your other half/soulmate for the rest of your life & you'll be looking at the person most of the time, do you want someone look like monster or some beast? If this were to be given a chance of course someone presentable :)

  26. Well, firstly i would say, yes loving with your heart is the best..but no one can deny that visual plays a wouldn't fall in love with a 300kg dude or woman... if u are really that big, do not despair as its just harder for your other half to see through you to see what a beautiful soul u have inside

    In the real world, thats what we are living in...

    fact #1
    a great looking guy/girl catches attention quickly and if she has a great personality, instantly he/she sweeps someone off their

    fact #2
    if u ain't so good looking (no insults i aint good myself either), it takes a while for people to see through you like "eh that guy/girl ar, not pretty one.." but if u are really sincere in winning a person's heart, your utmost sincerity will definately be felt by the other party..that's a given i can guarantee anyone of you out there... it just takes longer for you to sweep someone off their feet..but mind you, once you do, i bet it will last forever because these type of discovery of love, and feelings are those of hardship and sincerity where u really appreciate what the other person have...

    Good looks are a bonus, but can be the downfall of a relationship too..but if u ask me, looks or heart, i'd say heart for the latter reason i just said..i'd rather have an eternity of love and joy than something that was satisfied through the first hand of lust..

  27. *nodding* couldn't agree more :D

  28. Guys fall with their eyes...good enough excuse for guys to buy better spectacles?

    Girls fall with their hearts...reason why girls have 'spectacles' on their heart position? :P

    Either way need spectacles! lol

  29. In my opinion, both gender do feel and have the same things on what you mentioned.Neither do I agree with but telling out hard facts when listening to people stories from being married and 'pak toh'.

    It is better for both genders to have the same trust,love, committment and communication to make things work out not only by physical attraction. That is way too shallow of a guy with such low IQ and EQ except for LUSTOLOGY in his fickle brain. This is what I think of certain percentage of guys whom I had met. However, Kenny Sia do not seem to be like the type but more of the 'AVERAGE AH PEK' case. Not to defame him but put in a compliment we prefer guys like that at least they would not stray away.

    We hear from others, but have not experienced them yet. When we experienced them; then it is a different hypothesis altogether. Both genders seek security, someone to lean to when they are at the weakest and the worst state of mind. Just speaking out from experience; but everything still comes from both genders DO FALL IN LOVE with their HEARTS.

    u can drop by at or email me at

  30. agree... i stop at ur pic though... scantly clad gurls... is kinda boring... but hot nontheless... true wut... cant deny it...

  31. hey nicole.

    well, it isnt just men who are starring at their boobies. i think girls will too. and trust me. they dont just look at them for 2 secs..! who does..!

    even i, as a girl, envies those women with big boobs.

    but what draws me to the pictures are the colour of the outfit. i like pink and the polka dot one. so i tend to spend more time looking at their outfit, rather than their body.

    guys looking at these women are basically the same as how women will look at hot guys if you were to post guys as well.

    guys will probably fantasize bout the boobs, and we girls will just see how buff they are, six packs, no?

    yeapp so thats my opinion.

  32. This post cracked me up! So true so so true. I can't stop laughing at the questions.

    How many girls in the above pictures wore a necklace?
    Uh..uh.. I probably counted 20 pairs of boobs.

    Do you remember any of the girls has gloves on?
    Uh..uh.. if u gave me another 10 seconds for each picture I'd notice it. But 2s is enough only to notice the boobs missy.

    Seriously funny hahaha thanks nicole!

  33. Here's My opinion:
    Women's attractiveness to kenny's definition of Male "Ego" should be translated to confidence. I suppose this goes for both men and women. For a girl, someone who is confident in what they do, gives a sense of security to the girl. How? well, if we were to get lost and the person your with can assure you that they know their way around instead of pissing in their pants and make you more fusterated. That's what.
    One critic I must give to you though is, your picture experiment might be a little unreliable. This is not testing areas of interest, in fact some guys may be able to answer this better than the girls. At the same time, women haircuts and accesories are probably more accurately answered by people who are interested in them. Women may even pay closer attention to body parts in order to become like that. Oh well...just my opinion:)
    As for Kenny's example of guys: I'm pretty sure a high majority of girls would have chosen Kenny over the rocker guy. Why? even though the rocker guy may be confident...yet, kenny would definently give a girl a better sense of security...knowin that he may be giving us more attention than the guy with thousands of chics around. Sometimes, girls like to know they are in good use to. A little insecurity shown by a man can actually be a good thing. In turn, it always feels good to be able to comfort someone, and know just how important we can be to them:)

  34. I think it works both ways lah. Girls fall in love with their eyes and/or heart and so do guys with their eyes and/or heart. Otherwise it's hard to explain why there are so many people, both men & women, who are not so appealing in looks who are so loved by their partner out there?

  35. A very entertaining post :) It is always great to see people of both gender arguing about this kind of things.

    However I want to say I totally disagree the fact that man are just visual animals.

    The test wasn't really the honest reflection of guys are just species gazing at boobs.

    Obviously nobody in the world can remember 12 photos in (let's say, 2 seconds per picture) 24 seconds. I can put 12 pictures of diamonds of different colour and sizes and ask a lot of specfic questions. Nobody in the world would get that correct. Similarly I also can prove my point using the same psychological technique by using
    12 pictures of male supermodels and and ask you, how many of them are bald, or how many of them wearing boxers. Is it reasonable to deduce that "Girls only look at hunky supermodels?" It is the same thing.

    The reason why people would answer that question with "I cannot remember, i only saw picture of girls" or " I only see big breasts girls" It is because the pictures are chosen are in the same context- Girls wearing skimpy outfits. ( except for the girl in black with red tie :P) So it is not not justified.

    And oh, i would attracted to kind hearted not so hot girl rather then big surgically installed breast hot but brainless girl. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder :) Men doesn't only like hot chicks.

  36. Hey Nicole, I guess you are really attractive. Why? Cuz I actually pause and look at your photos for like almost 10 secs, while the rest of the photos was like.. ok, yeah, seen before, whatever. ;) I'm serious!

  37. one more thing, since I'm here and I'm a little lazy to go back to Kenny's blog to comment:P A majority of guys definently allow their eyes to make decisions for them. One of my ex once told me, men have 2 brains...the upper one..and the lower one..and sometimes, the lower one makes all the decisions.LOL..I dont know how true this is but I think it's funny. So head will choose a girl who can care, love and has intellect, and bottom brain will choose that sexxy ass, good-to-hold-onto boobs, long hairless legs..LOL..
    If it's true that there is a bottom brain controlling such acts. Nevermind, but at least use ur head to make decisons at the end of the day. Same for girls, use ur head to judge.
    One word for these kind of guys though...for not using their brain at all.....

  38. Man are naturally attracted visually to gorgeous woman, if he is not, probably he is pretentious thats all. or maybe he is a PLU. However, though Man might first be attracted by visual, does not mean that they will choose the most gorgeous woman if given a choice. Why? Man has ego, they cant "loose", if he kana turn off by the woman he wanted most, he may loose face. Thus, man with HUGE Ego normally is not good at flirting. if man wants to flirt, first accept to loosing face is no big deal. a.k.a damn thick skin.

  39. Well, in my opinion, it’s actually partially true that guys fall in love with their eyes and girls fall in love with their hearts.

    That’s why sometimes u see that there’re gorgeous girls hanging out with guys-who-r-not-so-good-looking. Either they fall in love with their hearts OR cos of money. >.<

    Guys who fall in love with their HEARTS are the ones u can find in the movies or Korean drama series. Lol. In real life, it’s really rather quite rare to find such a guy. Sigh. How sad is that. But that’s reality.

    I DO have a story to share with you on a guy’s lame pursuit to win over a girl’s heart. it’s really a long story and it’s a bit out of topic cos it’s actually about a guy’s lame pursuit to win the girl’s heart AFTER their break-up. So I decided that I’ll just drop my opinion here instead. Hehe.. I’ll try winning that perfume again in your next entry instead. :)

  40. Uncle says...

    I'm not a fan of hugo xyz whateva... but anyway i'd say guys "fall in love" for different reasons... as a flashy car accessory and ego-booster at zouk and similar happening venue, a flaming hot chick is perfect compliment for the guy with an already over-inflated ego and image... however as a long term soul-mate, most guys would actually use their heart to find the perfect harmony of looks and heart+character+soul. In other words, a brainless hot chick with big assets isn't a priority for a guy who's looking for a serious long term date and companion.

    If a guy ask you out on a first date, most of the time it's because you look good and he's checking you out. If he asks you out again, either you are a dumb chick or an interesting girl. If he does something out of his way just for you, he's using his heart because there's something special and worthwhile about you...

    By the way, the pictures are boring, except the one with the "visually attractive" red tie, which is obviously out of place among them.

  41. Alright, alright, I will admit it. I drooled at the girl pictures you have in this post and I will admit that I failed all the tests you mentioned above. Yes, guys do drool at what they see visually. Undeniably, that is how men are.

    However, when it comes to really loving someone, it really depends on what men are after. There is really only 2 ways to go about. When you love, looks and body are not important. Of course, looks are something that the man would at least appreciate and be able to live with for the rest of his life. If the initial stage of physical attraction does not exist, I don't see how a relationship can even blossom UNLESS a male and a female have been together as friends for a sufficient duration to discover the inner beauty of each other that they can appreciate.

    When you are after girls just for lust, then feelings doesn't matter. All that matters is that the girl is hot and beautiful, if you know what I mean. Then again, we are talking about love aren't we? So this is out. LOL.

    By the same token, women do look at the physical attractiveness of men. If that isn't the case, I don't see why men like me have a hard time finding just about any girls. At the end of the day, it all boils down to both physical and emotional attractiveness, regardless of gender. Agreed? Now, where is my HUGO XY? :P

  42. when it comes to love, does all those superficial aspects matter?

    well it is true that men judge a lady by their looks, regardless of how she may behave herself in public. sure, if there is a lady bare some skin in front of guys, we're all eyes on her. but then, if we are talking about serious relationships, your partner is the best thing that could happen for a guy. this is no hapless romantic commenting but rather of how guys nowadays should act.

    enough of this fancy talking already. i wanted to comment about those pictures on your post. you were talking about boobs. of course that when we skim through the pictures, all we had in mind was to avoid those boobs just so as to prove you wrong. in the end, you are right. we were thinking about those boobs anyway :P

  43. Well.. u appear to have equally as sufficient assets to be pictured together with the rest....

    I wonder if all women fake their breasts, just for men?

  44. i saw breast... many many many many. question on breast. I was trickeD! I was thinking of choosing the one with the smallest just to prove you wrong but now I can't answer a single question. Darn it! You clever girl

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  46. LIES! : P It is all natural! : P

    obviously rite if i gave ANY girl a choice between urh matt damon or brad pitt and like urh... kenny sia (ROFLMAOOL) they'd choose matt/brad rite?

    its the same thing, its human nature. If i were given the choice between nicole or Jessica Alba, i'd pick nicole anyday!

    Humans just evolved that way. In order to attract mates, we naturally select partners that have better assets i.e. bigger boobs/longer penises/nicer faces because we're pretty much spoilt for choice in our partners (6 billion of us to choose from), so everyone needs something special to attract the opposite sex.

    This is in contrast to baboons and monkeys, who'd rather have HUGE balls to show fertility, (nearly as big as coconuts) or maybe really red asses, because they don't really care how pretty their partner looks (except for maybe peacocks, which earns them the "Most vain creature" award.) Female gorillas always pick the alpha male which beat up all the other male gorillas because his kids have a higher probability of beating up than being beaten up, meaning the species will survive!

    Which is why men are naturally attracted to girls with bigger boobs. They don't ask "Hey, do you have ur period regularly? We need to you noe, perserve the human race!" They take bigger boobs as a sign of fertility.

    However, keep in mind that all this is initial attraction.

    After awhile, you can choose between going in for the long haul or just leaving it after the infatuation with boobs has gone.

    If you go in for the long haul looks pretty much don't matter anymore.

    If you got into a car accident, and u had to cut off your boobs, and if ur long term boifriend left you, he's pretty much a shit guy that deserves to be shot. But most guys at this stage shouldn't/wouldn't care abt how you look. I know i wouldn't.

    Boobs are all about initial attraction. It's an instinctive natural preference. they're being natural and assuming that big boobs = high fertility = our inbuilt survival instinct.


    Not EVERY guy prioritizes boob size, i learned all this before and i found it to be quite untrue. I don't choose a girl based on her boob size, there's funnier things involved like if she has a sense of humour, if she's same race as i, if she has nice eyes, (by eyes i mean OPTICAL EYES not the other one la) and heaps of other things.

    Yeh, well bigger boobs attract you for a one night stand.

    But its not like you're gonna have a relationship with the boobs for the rest of your life rite?

    I'm rambling, but the bottom line is The majority of Guys are attracted to boobs because it's our natural instinct. However, by personal preference, other guys may prioritize other things like the skin colour before all else. (I actually noticed the mix of races in the pictures rather than just ogle at their boobs, they weren't all typical white blondes, and i think eva longoria was in it as well)

    But all hope is not lost because after attracting the other sex, the tools of attraction are not needed anymore as they both have the capability to love. Sounds too idealistic? Then get a better boyfriend. (:

    leong.andrew @

  47. If a man is given a choice of three women, the first being sophisticated and brainy, the second being motherly and caring, and the third one just sleeps around.

    Who will the guy choose?

    Answer: He will choose the girl with the biggest breast.

    There's no rule saying that the sophisticated & brainy girl can't have the biggest pair of boobs now is there?


  48. OMG i have to say this, KENNY SIAS ARE NAILED by this entry... TOTALLY... got the questions all wrong, but hey, the first two question was about the accessories, we guys don't really care about the 100 carats diamond you wearing, and definitely not how short your skirt is if your legs are as gorgeous as the girls above, see my point? and no... i will not choose the biggest pair of boobs!!!

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  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. hey nicole.

    first and foremost, not all men look for hotter women. but most of them do.

    and i don't know whether you've realized or not, these men, with their hot girlfriends, tend to get overprotective over them after being an item. like once upon a time ago, what attracted the guy was how hot and sexy the girl dressed. but now that theyre an item, the boyf restricts the girlf from wearing revealing clothes.

    for the minority of men who actually don't go for looks, they're being addressed as lame, or a loser. hah! no taste. no?

    and this is from experience.

    i was with this guy for 6 months, which obviously is short lah. but i loved him very much and i kept holding on to that love for 3 years. just a few months ago, we started dating again. we were happy. i was happy.

    then he started ignoring me. which was weird because we seemed to be having the time of our lives. he wasn't answering my calls, nor replying my texts. still, i was in denial about the fact that maybe he's bored and he has found someone new in college. (he just started college)

    he called me a few days later. saying we should just be friends. i wasn't sad or anything, i was just curious. so i asked whats the reason. he never gave me a proper reason and kept telling me things like "i will always love you", "you'll be happier without me" and "this is for your own good".

    i still didn't understand. and i made him understand that i don't understand. and he told me its me that doesn't want to understand.


    3 months later, he has a new girlf. which is so obvious now because i've seen her name on his nickname on MSN even before we called it quits.

    the reason for that story is to let you know that in the end of the day, no matter how good/humble a guy is, he'll still go for a hotter girl.

    i'm fat.

  52. Dear Choco Nico,

    My take is simple, its all about which phase in life you are. If its all about lust at the moment, no matter how a wonderfully charismatic girl falls on your lap, you wont even bat an eyelid. Its what you are out looking out for. If its all about love and hours of intelligent conversation that a guy wants, no matter how a wonderfully crafted body of a girl falls on his lap, he wont be interested (well, most of the time anyway).

    There are no hard and fast rules on judging a guy on his phases, like early 20's its all sex etc. Its different for all guys. So girls out there, take your time to find out about the guy that is interested in you. Is he out to satisfy his carnal needs? Or does he really want to know you, learn from you, encourage you and grow with you.

    This holds the same for girls these days as well. Unbelievably, there are girls who are out to just look for sex, and also those likewise. Therefore, since both genders are playing the same game, I personally dont think that there are much to separate the two in terms of lust or loving intentions.

  53. Actually guys don't fall in love with their hearts or eyes. They fall in love with their head. And I'm not talking about the one on the shoulder. :)

  54. Sry, I cant entirely agree with you there. Its true in nature both guys and girls go for first impression. First dates, first meetings, first outings all have an impact on the guy/girl on how they will potray themselves because ultimately they want to create an attraction. While majority of guys go for looks, it may not always be the criteria if he has an intention to go long term. Finding the 'right' one doesn't depend on looks alone. As for ladies yea, they aim for security and reliability of their man because it determines their future, but having said that, don't tell me that looks doesn't affect their decision one bit. As for your test, the way you put it wasn't fair, we weren't allowed to look for more than 2 seconds, and u asked minor details. If kenny were to put up 6-7 pictures of guys in suits and asked the same minor details with the condition of not looking for more than 2 seconds, I don't believe any girl would have got that right either..^^

  55. There is not much difference between guys and gals. They all are visual animal, means they go for the looks. After getting know more about the other half, then only we love with our hearts. In short, for everyone of us (whether guys or gals), eyes come first before heart.

  56. well. i do have to agree that some(pretty much) so still fall in love with their eyes. in the first sight. but can anyone deny that as time goes by.. they fall in love with their hearts and the looks no longer matter? this is what i personally think.

  57. Phwoar. My heart skips a beats.

  58. sigh... not fair !! i have photographic memory...

  59. Hey Nicole,
    You look really nice with your hair flowing and that red tie. Shouldn't wear that too often as you might encourage guys like me to love with my eyes. From your blog that i have been reading;you obviously are an intelligent, beautiful and independent young lady, who so happens to be endowed with beauty. So for us not to get the wrong idea, please refrain from wearing that seductive red tie. :-)

  60. you ask the men to see the pics in 2 second and then answer it? I can bet, if you ask them to look at the picture for 1 minutes they still can't answer your questions? hahhahahaha!!!

  61. i have 2 admit guys do look at girl's breast most of the times...but when it comes to a relationship most guy look beyond the girl's assets...i hav a friend who always talk bout how huge some gir's breast are n 1 2 hav them as his gf but in the end he got hooked up wif a girl wif flat breast

  62. Guys like boobs. Simple fact. To make it worst, they are so blatantly obvious about it.

    There was once a girl who was blessed and unfortunate in many ways. Blessed because she was endowed with E cup boobs, unfortunate because she was asian. Ever heard of a slim asian girl with E cup boobs? not too common right?
    well, imagine how she grew up in high school. With those *ahem* assets. Was she popular? o yes she was, of course! guys from every high school knew her, guys from her school will wait purposefully from their classroom balcony every morning to get a glimpse of her 'rare' assets.
    In gossip circles, her name=boobs=hotgirl.
    did she like it? all the attention she garnered and the social status she achieved in high school?
    She had tons of boys after her(both juniors and seniors), they would speak to her with their eyes on her chest, the cheekier ones would make comments and nicknames that would be echoed by others in school.
    Teachers were even uncomfortable around her, the female ones would gossip on her attire saying how she purposely wore low cut clothes to show off her cleavage.
    In the end, she grew up conciously wary of her own body. She rejected every guy who tried to pursue her, thinking they were after her purely for lust (and not for her *ahem* dazzling personality), dreaded entering school every morning and ignored every guy who tried to woo her (nice guys or bad boys regardless)
    O the woes of growing up with big boobs!~
    And yes, that girl was me~:P
    Teenage boys should really keep their testosterone urges in check.
    In the end, I shifted to a society which is more acceptable of my body. See what extremes it has made me do? *pout*
    heheh, hopefully a bottle of HUGO XX will make up for it *hint*:D.

  63. I am a girl and I looked at those pictures with girls in bikini for more than 2 seconds. Also honestly I can't answer any of the 3 questions correctly because I have been spending most of the time admiring how big is their boobs or butt. So, if a girl does that, I believe the guys must have stick their butt on the chai watching a lot more longer. I agree with Nicole that guys pay more attention on pretty girls but.. many super beautiful girls stay single because the guys only look at them and not approaching the girls. I have a guy friend who told me, a beautiful girl is like branded clothes being display before the glass. People only admire the clothes but dare not go forward and ask for the price of it, and don't talk about bargaining for the price or testing it.

    My conclusion is still that most guys like to "fall in love with their eyes" but at the end they will still "fall in love with their hearts" after discovering the best in a girl. If not, all ugly girls will be single for the rest of their life. The same goes to the girls community.


  65. One thing I know for sure is that I’ve a fatal attraction when it comes to male’s animal lust.

    I’m not that of a hot chick and I myself can attest to that statement after being myself for, oh let’s say, all my life?

    Ever since I can remember, I’ve been pursued by men in a rather provocative kind of ways.

    Instead of lame pick-up lines or a serenade under the balcony, I got something else. Something rather creepy and most of time, bloody annoying.

    You see, I got the “flashers”.
    Meaning, men flashes their “doo doo” at me to get some sort of a perverted thrill. Yes, in my own twisted mind it’s their ways of pursuing me.

    I’ve been “flashes” like so many times that I couldn’t be bothered to count anymore and as you well know, it’s not something a girl would like to jot down in her diary as a memory to remember by.

    Hell, I’d sell my grandmother’s kidneys (yes, both!) if I can swap that sick act with a more romantic, lame or not, attempt to get my attention.

    Ego or not, male can be extremely sick when they wanted something… especially from a woman.

    The worst of all experience was when I was sitting by the window of McDonald in Kuching and a man came by. He looked at me from the outside of the window, smiled and winked at me.

    I was about to warm up to him as he was pretty good looking.

    Then he knocked on the window and showed me his open pants and his “willy” winked back at me!


    I tell you, the burger I ate just burst out of my nose!

    Contrary to popular belief, I’m not arrogant. Nor am I picky. And no, I am definitely not sexy. Nor do I wear provocative outfits to lure these animals’s interest. And no, I’m not busty either.

    I come to term that men do this coz they are desperate and stupid at the same time. And I agree with Nicole that they DO not think with their brain but with their “doo doo”.

    It’s a traumatic experience and it scarred my life! So, don’t you think at least I deserve to be woe properly without being flash by you-know-who?

    If you agree with me, then you also agree that I deserve a bottle of HUGO XX for her coz as you well know… Harmony IS overrated *wink* wink* and I need a consolation after all those nightmares from men’s desperate pursuits.

  66. niccole i am so dam i cant spell the dam word ok i have a gf ok and yes there are hotter girls in my school but i dont care ok my girl may not be the hottest to the other guys but she burning to me i rest my case

  67. First about the trick question that Nic are trying deperately hard to nail
    down your erred conception about guys or...girls. To ask an average guy about the minute details of a girl is a definite bomb for him. For one, he looks at the total package, and only the outstanding parts of an object will register into his field of vision. If her eyes are angellic, he will notice it. If her hair is of a glorious mane, he will notice it. If she is leggy and well proportioned, he will notice it. And...if she dressed provocatively, lets not elaborate here. After all, it's all beauty. Human beings are taken in by beauty - be it in whatever form, it is still beauty. No one, gender or age, is exempted by this lure. We all live for beauty - even if your religious heart scorned about the flaunting of skin, you might not be aware of
    your subtle inclination towards beauty - in a more dignified form and even more divine beauty. All beauty, my dear, and in their own eyes too.

    Are you not, Nicole? Give yourself a test. Now writing this blog, pick your choice of words given the wide arrays availabe for your use, do you have a preference for a certain nuances because it rhymes beautifully with the overall construct? Your choice of possessions, not lured by what you see? It's the same if it's the other four senses that affect you, or for that matter your heart. They are all sense mechanism in human beings, and they all work in
    concert to influence our decisions.

    Men and women aren't that different when it comes to the matters of heart or what we see, only different shades. And falling in love?
    Would a guy fall in love with a girl he merely sees, if she has not the chemistry to lock him in?
    Would a girl fall in love with a guy, if he has not fulfilled a certain percentage of her expectations, that would deem a pass for her?
    So, would you say a girl loves with her heart and a guy with his eyes? Perhaps a tad true for the less conscious, but is there anyone out there less conscious that he or she subscribes to these stereotyping? Truth is nobody knows anyone.

    And your effort to nail down your hypothesis, is culled from western types of education which have proven to be effective for objects inanimate, but have largely fallen short for all things human, which in fact have inflicted untold miseries on human beings with their dogmatic approach to push ahead their experiments in various guises. For all our hunger for
    their knowledge (they know it, and because they do), they could sell you dead horses and you wouldn't know it. This realm of western ideas is the greatest threat to humanity, but this is another subject altogether.

  68. Heard that phrase before. Men see things with their eyes and it connect down to their *ehem*.

    Not to stereotype but generally, which guys doesn't check out chicks, especially hot-looking chicks?

    Not all arrogant or ego guy passes off to be liken by girls. Sometimes I would rolled my eyes over arrogant, ego guy who think highly of themselves like ASIF every girls are checking them out.

    Men always will falls for the hot chicks first then if cannot get them, they would probably go for the next best thing they could get?

    They will do all the crazy things to get the hottest chick they spot. Like acting cool when they are SOOOOOooooOOO not. Haha, that is very funny to watch. Do anything that pleasant the girl, spend hundreds and hundreds of ringgit to buy things for her, get himself a makeover etc etc etc.

    Well, fundamentally guy and girl checked out different things when they see a girl. I left out guy because guys will never checkout their own species most of the time, thanks to their arrogant and egoistic in them. Men basically one scan will checkout 2 things? The chest area and the back area :P. Girls? All areas! 'Cos we are a detailed being.

  69. The truth about men is, we first fall in LUST. The thing that we see first is her smile, how she carries herself.

    Then of course her assets. To me, assets dont matter. But if she has good ones, its a plus point. =P

    Then only after that, falling in love takes place.

    Of course, the appearance counts. Its the first thing we see.

    Think Brad Pitt is who he is today just because of his acting skills? Think Jessica Alba is who she is today just because she can act?

    I dont think so.

    For me, big boobs or personality? I'll go for personality anytime.

  70. you said not more than 2 seconds for each photo. honestly... how can we answer all the questions if we look not more than 2 seconds ? hehe 5 secs should be sufficient though. =p

  71. Nicole I totally agree with you.KENNY SIA is such an MCP (male Chauvinist Pig). He is just one of "those" men. And its very unfair as he is giving his opinion away to millions of people!!What if more decent,good guys actually listen to his advice??We'll have streets of egoistic men flaunting their stuff.MALES ARE HANDS DOWN VISUALLY PLEASED.I mean talk about how television and ads are mostly structured to the "male-gaze".Yes I might sound like a bitter,pathetic,unpretty woman but so what if I am?This is how it feels like getting treated like a cow (I mean figuratively).Going out with a bunch of beautiful girls and end up feeling sorry for myself. It would help if men weren't so particular about hot babes. I feel so sick and tired of it. Unpretty ladies need to have a break here. We need back our decent,good-natured gentlemen and throw out those hungry,perverted,lustful wolves!Now seriously, who's going to listen to me when I'm not one of those hot babes having her lingerie on saying "Watch This"?

  72. kudos for conning me...

    btw, you have nice hips.

  73. Hi Nicole, yes my email is Does this mean I'm one of the winner? *crossfingers* Heh' Cheers!

  74. Hi Nicole, yes my email is Does this mean I'm one of the winner? *crossfingers* Heh' Cheers!

  75. Hi Nicole, yes my email is Does this mean I'm one of the winner? *crossfingers* Heh' Cheers!

  76. omg,those gals r just smokin hot.especially the 1 who is holding a surf board. hehe.

  77. Oh come on, women are visual creatures too.

    There's got to be a reason why my ex-gf put me on a fashion rehab program.

    If there are women out there who actually see the kind and gentle soul that Quasimodo is, and fall in love with that, step forward and say it now.

    If Brad Pitt in a suit walks in through the door, it'll take a strong, strong woman NOT to stare and drool.

    Let's be fair though. There's a LOT less eye candy for women than for men. And my heart goes out to all of you (while secretly rejoicing inside.)

    Now on other hand, for those women who did not inherit as much from yo mama, confidence is a HUGE turn-on.

    Whether or not the men can handle it, is another question altogether.

  78. LOL Nicole...

    i din get ANY answers right too...


  79. i stare at their faces, bodies like that are so common... then i take a long look at that girl with black clothes and red tie. then i didnt bother to read the question, so does that mean i pass? or fail? dont know

    from the pictures of bikini girls, i ask myself one question, does that mean that i will drool over someone like that? or will i consider that she could be my girlfriend? hot girls are eye candy to men, but your girlfriend ( a real one, no fling, must be at least one month together) is someone that you connect with.
    theres this verse in this song, the prove that love is not only blind but deaf

  80. what you said is true, only to a certain extent. Guys do go after hot mamas, or girls with big boobs, but then again that's who we are. It's sad whichever way you look at it, but what Kenny said on his part is true, albeit to a certain extent.

    Having said that, it is like what you put in the next entry - to provide a balance into the ecosystem. Guys fall for looks (or boobs =p) while girls fall in love with their heart. This explains alot of those seemingly mismatched pairs/couples in the world. You have a jerk with an angel, you have a handsome dude with a devil.

    Because ultimately guys whacketh all breasts down. They are not choosy.

  81. little kay one2/11/07 11:35 PM

    why don't you show yourself in bikini?

    Oh well, cut the crap. Who will actually notice err the necklace, the gloves they wore or anything else since the ladies are wearing bikini?

    I don't think so. It's the same like.. A guy is fuck1ngg a girl, and would that girl count how many dick hair that guy has got?


  82. btw plz bear in mind that guys obviously like to look at girls with big boobs budden,Imo not all guys would like his girl to have big bwebs? coz it gains attention from other males...guys hate other males STARING at his babe all the time not coz she have a face of an angel but coz her bwebs..

    unless the only reason the guy goes after a girl is for sex purposes, then..the boobsize affects his decision..

    lol, why in the world am i talking bout this..WTF

  83. email:

    Why do men and women need each other? The answer would be, 'it's in our nature'. And the thing that made us need and attract to each other naturally is our scent. scientifically known as pheromones.
    It triggers sexual attraction between the XX and XY counterpart without us knowing why it happened.

    The men's scent, when detected by women, is quite possibly the most powerful attractant that a man can present in his quest to attract or seduce a woman.

    Once men detect the female's scent, they subconsciously become more attracted, more receptive, and more willing to give you attention.

    I believe that the HUGO BOSS XXXY collection will definitely brings out and enhance our scent.

    P/s: Wow, that definately sound like Im desperate to win the perfume. Yes, I wanna have it to enhance myself to be generally more attentive and responsive to the person who is the source of that sexual attraction. Still single by the way :P.

  84. Very interesting perspectives on the challenges men (and women) are confronted with!

    Brian Siegel

  85. If you can BE yourself in a relationship without fear of being judged or criticised, and you can do the same in return, that's love fulfilled.