Fu-Yoh! It’s FFF!

No, FFF does not stand for F#@$ F@#$ F@#%!

It actually stands more Fu-Yoh Funky Fashion. (haha, I just made that up)

cheaky bag on head

I always love fashion. Though I can’t say that I’m a fashionista, in fact, I’m far from being one. But it’s always cool to watch fashion shows where seemingly perfect models strut the runway.

Photo from leonneal.com

It’s amazing how people can make a living from owning a beautiful body and being able to walk (like a cat?). Time to hit the gym.

But what’s most interesting is the clothing they wear.


Fashion shows are like declaration of ‘the’ new trend to the world. It tells us what’s in this season or what is the new ‘black’.

But most of all, we get to see girls in their underwear.

The New York State Armory
Oh Tyra I love you!

And nothing can be more of aspiring than to say: “THAT two-piece fabric Tyra’s wearing IS my WORK!” (or you can say: “he he he, I made Tyra wear my underwear in public.”)

It’s not a dream anymore, and you’re only one step away from realising that.

Apart from dressing girls in bikinis (since we’re living in a Muslim country), you can get hot looking models to wear really *cough*uglyandstupid*cough* funky outfits!

Digi is organizing a Fu-Yoh! Fashion Designer Contest, last day ends on 31st October.

Click for larger image

It’s very easy to achieve your twisted sick perverted dream, just design some really funky designs (say four),


set it in JPEG/PDF format and send it to digistreetblast@gmail.com entitled “Fashion”.

The winner wins RM2000 cash + Nokia 7900 Prism and a chance to work with a renowned fashion designer! Even if you get into the finalists, you will still bring home a brand new Nokia 7900.

Catch the final event is at 24th of November at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, 12pm onwards.

In fact, it sounds so easy, I’m going to participate in this contest myself.

Funky design, erm~~~ funky… how does one design a funky fashion?

I think this is funky. What about you?

Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas

I love sally, who doesn’t. She’s so funky, she has the best fashion sense. I mean, it’s so funky, I don’t even know what some of the fabrics on her dress are made of?


What about this?


Now that’s funky. Look at the funky hair, the plated disk around her neck, the grandma old fabric design. It’s perfect! So funky it spooks the daylight out of me.

Whatya think?

No? Too spooky?

Okay okay, fine fine. You will definitely LOVE the next one. The next one is going to sweep you off your feet. They’re so funky!! Everyone else will just look black and white.


The funky love couple!!


Come one guys!! This is the best there is!! What can be better?!! The colour combination, the Minnie Mouse skirt, the teddy bear bag, the rainbow stockings, the rabbit hair clips!! It’s priceless!!!

If this doesn’t win the show, I don’t know what will?

What? What did you say?

I must be joking?? No no, I’m not. I’m serious, awe come on!! Jesus! You guys are hard to please.


This is when my secret weapon comes in handy!

Yes Nicolekiss always has a secret weapon, just in case all else fail. MWAHAHAHA~~

This outfit is so perfect, so out of this world, a breakthrough beyond imagination, a masterpiece, Heidi Klum will bow down to me, it will make Versace weep and Karl Lagerfeld gain weight.

BEHOLD!!!!! A piece so great, some say it’s made only by the devil himself!! Angels will descend and human tremble upon it’s appearance. The millennium work of art!!!



Funky Bee


20 kissed Nicole

  1. I think funky is fun and kinky in one word. Nicole, the kid is cute and adorable. She's better choice than the rest. Thanks for ur secret weaapon...

  2. whoa !

    i cant imagine your wearing that kinds costume leh

  3. Hi, love to join, if only i could draw. What do u think of my blog?

  4. Funky love couple? Looks more like street peddlers cum models..haha

  5. hey...sally's not bad...really

  6. anon: cute isn't it? adorable. But i can't make out if it's a he or she.

    megadisc: imagine tyra wearing it LOL

    stargazer: ooo.. the cat is so cute

    whisperer: haha.. ya lo

    sheon: I love her too!

  7. Not really into fashion thingy. The more funky the fashion, the scarier it looks to me!

  8. I must say some japanese people are really creative until they can create that UFO_Umbrella_Cap.
    hmm..... I wonder whether it's effective....

  9. i like sally too!

  10. hey nicole, if uve got nothing better to blog about,i reckon u stop after u advertise for d competition thing rather than going on blabing bout stupid n idiotic nonsense which makes no sense n instead make urself look like a dumb fool! serious,get a life, don b do lame as if ure tryin to attract more readers to ur blog. seriously,i'd rather read kennysia or mike chong's blog n not urs. cuz ure way too lame and wad an attention seeker!
    i wonder if ure so thick face to even comment on my comment.
    get a life

  11. hey anon, if you've got nothing interesting to comment, i reckon you stop acting like an idiot after finish reading rather than spouting nonsense and make yourself look like a complete dumb fool. I wonder if you;re so thick face to even take out the challenge to write a better blog. after your stupid comment being challenged. dumbass!

  12. asskicker is a kan ni na chow chi bai...i dare you post your blog site address and we'll see if you are a bigger dumb dumb..

  13. anon, you don't even dare to give yourself a proper nick. I'm not even sure what kinda ass i am kicking, how to give you my blog? You think I like to kick dumb dumb ass izzit? Give me a better ass man :D

  14. Hmm.. the last picture.. the custom design is specially 4 our islam frnz..?

  15. u write pretty well and do consider to get yourself as a freelance fashion column writer with some local magazine...there is some openings in town and perhaps u can try...since u mentioned u r looking up for something free and easy...n yet able to make some decent living. All the best.

  16. Yeah sometimes i;m so jelous with a girl who are models. They are so glamorous with their gown and walk in a run way.
    But sometimes not all dress good enough for me.
    Sometime so freakky and ... oh i don't like it to wear that in a normal life.

  17. O_O

    that was my reaction for the pic of the kid. Apa itu?

  18. Anon - since you rather read kennysia , then go and read lar. Why are you reading nicole's blog then? And then keep coming back again. U make no sense.

    Sheesh, it's Nicole's blog, she can do what she likes.

    I enjoy Nicole's blog, it's interesting, weird sometimes. Gives me an insight to someone else's life (sound like peeping tom like that) which is very much different from my own.