Nicole Special Diet Tips - Version 1

First, I would like to clarify that, I am not supermodel skinny nor am I some nutritional experts that're qualified enough to post suggestions on effective and fool-proof dieting plan, there is no such thing anyway. But, like any normal girl that are suffering under the SFS (Skinny Fashion Syndrome), I have, as you may put it, tried every possible diet in the book, online, friend's suggestions, talk shows, magazines, some supermodels' advices...etc.

I was, as I might as well admit, a diet freak back when I was 18. Those of you who knew me back then (in college) understand just how well I am as a walking Calories + Glycerin Index Calculator. Just show me some food, whether it's fruits, junk food, vegetables or drinks, I can almost immediately deduce just how much that amount of food weigh in calories by grams, G.I. points, sugar and fat content. Yea, I was pretty serious.. and crazy. I tried fasting for 3 days with nothing but water, and tried going on chocolates diet (simply because I love chocolates and couldn't live without it).

The story's like this, I went for two weeks purely on chocolates: breakfast, lunch, dinner and sometimes supper, have chocolate drinks and again chocolates for snacks. I tried all sorts of chocolates, choc bars, white, dark, milk, caramel, powdered, nutty... you name it. In the end, I got so sick of chocolates that I swear to never have another piece of chocolate for as long as I live (which only lasted for two months :p). But... by the end of two weeks, I lost 2 kgs. Which is amazing, haha.. who would have thought eating so much can lose weight.

It's not until sometime later that I realised the one nutri diet concept. Means by choosing to eat a fix food categories, you'll lose weight, but only temporary. That's how Atkins - focus on meat and protein, cabbage soup diet, carb-free diet, fruit juice diet came about.

I wasn't anything like obese back then, but what I went through, I prefer the term "puberty", very late puberty~ :p. So having gone through all that, I might as well share some comments about my thinking of effective dietings:

1) Go on a detox , it really works. Go on as many days as you want (or able to withstand), usually 1-3 days for normal people, people with more weight to lose can try up to 1-2 weeks. During detox, you’re only allowed to have water, fresh extracted fruit juice, and if you can’t take it, have some fruits if you must. But better effect if you only have liquid intake during these times. DO NOT binge right after your detox period, you will gain back three times as much as before. Start with small light food such as fruits and raw/boiled vege; 2-3 days later move on to light cook food – lightly fry vege, hard boil eggs, more fruits; 3-5 days later you can move on to lean meat like fish, plenty of them and vege. Try this for few days to a week before going back to your normal diet (but keep it healthy, always). You will, at least, lose up to 14-21 lbs (if you have that much to lose) by now.

2) Water, water and water!! This is usually taken lightly by many but very very very important procedure. Especially when you’re on a detox, drink up to at least 10 glasses of water each day, you need to keep you body hydrated and help your body get rid of the toxins in your body for effective diet. One full glass once you wake up in the morning is a must. And one before bed time, but drink the glass at night cautiously, don’t drink it all in one gulp, you’ll be bloated not just tomorrow, but many days to come. Take sip by sip and finish one glass before you sleep.

3) Never ever eat supper, it’s a sin. In fact, don’t eat anything after 8pm. Let your body digest and rest for the night, don’t stress it out by putting more food in before bedtime, it won’t digest properly and you will get fat! So your dinner should be around 6-7pm. Model and actress Keira Knightly don’t eat after 6pm, and look how skinny she is.

4) Working out is always the best way to keep fit, don’t be lazy, you want that bikini bod, you better work it. But girls, don’t do extreme workout like 5 hours of extensive running or hardcore gym-ing just because you wanna lose weight fast, it will backfire. You will harden your muscles before losing the fat, which will end up having thick arms or calves. Try light cardio workout, like slow jog or walking, cycling, yoga, Pilates etc. Disco dancing does not count.

That's about it, for now. Why am I writing this? Because Nicole is bored and has nothing better to write~ :p


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  1. Yo... amazingly you and my ps2 cause me to miss out on some of the craziest happening in town this year. Hopefully end of this year would be different. As you know there is more than just Christmas on Dec...
    So back to the event,like what you did to the flower... and the end result looks very nice even know that the process might be not so hard after i got to know about it :P. And you look stunningly captivating, luckily it's just a theme. The next time something like this happen... i'll try to make it with my little cam.

  2. hahaha.... i actually post the wrong comment in the wrong post :P but about the detox and diet. have you tried water with seaweed only? i tried that for a week... drop about 10kg back in the days. Well i gain that 10 back after i started working :P

  3. Your dieting tips sound interesting, especially the detox diet ;) Gonna try that out.

  4. I'm going to try the detox sometime, say when I need a quick fix for a meeting up in 1 week. You are gorgeous girl!

  5. that totally helped!