5 Things We Love About Men

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It’s not all the time we dislike men, on the contrary, despite our constant complains about our counter parts, there are some things I have to highlight. We LOVE men, there are many things about men we find irresistible.

Let me tell you why, here are 5 good reasons we can’t hate you.

1. How you look so good in uniforms/suits.

Omg, so hot! (not the sun)

I don’t know how to explain this but there’s something impeccably attractive (delicious even) about a man in tuxedos or uniforms. Every single flaw of you simply vanish when you put on that high collar metal buttoned jackets, or that sexy tie with your shiny leather shoes and neatly pressed long sleeves.

Someone please turn off the heater

Admittedly, whenever a guy friend of mine wears black suits, I will fall in love, melt away and start fantasising (on the spot) about him and suddenly he is 10 times better looking. As much as we girls never show signs of drooling disgustingly away in our minds; we simply can’t resists a man in uniforms (or any formal outfit).

What are you doing in my dream? Get out

I repeat, all girls like guys in suits.

2. When you show concerns

It simply takes my breath away when a guy hold a door open for me, or walk slower when you know we are walking in pain (on heels). Small gestures like patting on our heads when we are down will bring any girl’s defences down.

We like the gentleman in you. Never stop to show concerns, we may not say it, but we love being treated like little kittens.


3. When you are being heroic


On occasions, small actions like staying beside us whenever we are alone in a club getting drunk just to make sure we are alright, walking us back to our parking lot to ensure our safety, or lending a hand out for support when we find it difficult to climb down (or up) steep rocks makes us find you the most reliable creatures on earth.

Save me my hero.

4. When you smell good

Nothing beats a fresh male after-shave; or some dabs of tantalising cologne on your neck to set off that love heat. The last time I felt myself turned on by a man was when I got so close I wanted to bite his neck off (because he was smelling soooo good).

timmy wanted
Note: Tim is holding HUGO XY for him

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5. When you carry/lift a girl

Literally sweep us off our feet.

over the shoulder 2
Somehow I kind of imagine it rather differently

When you carry us girls off the ground, you have a sense of control and power over us. We like that. It’s in our natural instinct to be the protected one sometimes.

Suddenly we become helpless in your arms, at the same time; we feel a sense of security being wrapped around those strong sturdy arms of yours.

Even the toughest independent career woman will sizzle down when you lift her off her feet, some say these girls are terrified to be empowered; I’d say they are just too proud to admit they like the submission of control.

This is more like it, but what is with over-the-shoulder method?!

So tell me guys, what do you think is the main trait of a man that the lady can’t resist.

And girls, tell me what attracts you the most about a man?

One guy and one girl with the ‘cutest’ comment will bring back HUGO XY EDT 100ml for him and HUGO XX EDT 100ml for her.

kenny kissing hugo
“I’m so cute I got a bottle~”

act cute tim and skyler
“We are so cute, we got two bottles~”

See Kenny's page for his 5 tips.

Winners are to be announced on 29th October (Monday). Don’t forget to post your comment with your email address (so we can contact you). :)


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  1. 5 things that I love in a woman :-

    1) How she can endure all emotional pain and trauma from a guy when she is totally in love with him

    2) How she pretends to let a guy be in charge when actually she totally has the whole situation under control

    3) How she knows the right words, the right methods and the right way of passage to a guy's heart and mind, especially when he is feeling sick

    4) How she makes an effort to like some of our guy stuff; like watching wrestling, football or even having a beer once in a while to join in the festivities

    5) Finally, how she wants to endure the pain of 9 freaking months of childbearing so that we can have a family

    There's more, but these are the ones that tops my mind at the moment. Cheers!

  2. I would say a guy's man-tastic figure but that's not exactly a trait..

    Can't speak for myself, but I suppose most women would agree with the "5 things you love.." that you pointed out.

    If i had to mention one trait. I would say a woman cannot resist a man who is understanding.

    But that's impossible... I mean who can understand women. Tee hee.

    Next to that i would imagine also that women like a man with a model like behind. So its butt clenches at the office for now.

  3. when he wears a smile :)

  4. the thing that attracts me most bout a man is when he will teman you to chat online till pass midnight despite the fact that he has to wake up early the next day. =)

  5. When your man is driving and suddenly steps on the brake to avoid an accident, he reaches his hand out to stop you from plunging forward.

    You go in a shock but when it wears off, you realise that he cares about your safety more than his own.


  6. On the wedding day when i walked so slowly because of my heavy outfit and the killer heels, he kept whispering and asking me am i doing ok? can i manage?

    Refusing to let go of my hand and watching for each step all the way.

    P/S: Hes a man in uniform. And Yes Men in Uniform are HOT.

  7. For me there is nothing more swoon-making than when my husband cooks. It's a pretty infrequent occurrence, but that only helps me remember them more vividly.

    The most memorable time was the first - I walked in through my front door after a long and exhausting work trip, dreading all the domestic chores that surely would have piled up while I was away. But - the house was clean! And there was the most incredible smell of herbs and spices coming from the kitchen! He had called my mum, found out how to make my most favourite dish ever, and taught himself how to cook to surprise me.

    You just can't beat a guy like that.

    I guess men and women do have things in common - the way to both our hearts is through our stomachs.

  8. sandra.wee@gmail.com25/10/07 11:55 AM

    When they accompany you during your insane retail therapy! Deep down they grumble and try to understand the joy women find in shopping but they hide it all and smile and say "both looks good on you" when you ask him which dress you should get.

  9. 5 things I love about men:
    1. Hot-looking
    Who doesn't love hot and good-looking guys? Brad Pitt is a good example.

    2. A beautiful smile
    Guys should show their pearly white teeth. A smile costs nothing, but it gives much.

    3. Mysterious
    Guys who are being a bit mysterious or secretive attracts me, I dunno why. Or in other word, 'cool'. It makes me eager to know the guy more.

    4. Confident
    Guys who are confident in all ways, he stands by what he believes.

    5. Shy
    Only a few guys are shy I think, but they are simply cute. When they don't know what to say and they were like "uh... uh... I..." That's really cute!


  10. 1) You find your favourite foods in his refridgerator when you go over to visit.

    2) His eyes crinkles up into a smile when you stare at him from across the table.

    3) when he loosens his tie and folds up his sleeves and heads for the kitchen. nothing like a man straight out of the office and into the kitchen.

  11. i thought i knew....i thought i had it.....but not anymore.. :( sob sob

  12. things that will make me attract to a man is when he's ready to accept us and everything about us would not change his love for us..see example my hubby lor:P dats why i am married to him.

  13. i adore the way they mess up like arriving late and have that stupid innocent smile plastered on their face like, "oh nothing's wrong, i'm just an hour late heh heh. please don't scold me". sheesh. i melt at that.

  14. haha.. this is an interesting post. i would like to contribute my own list as well.

    1. Surprises us women with things that we don't expect him to do (namely unmachofying stuff :P). For example, accompany us to sit swing in a park full of kids because we are too embarass to do it alone ~tee hee hee~

    2. Knows how to treat a women right. Well, he don't have to be 24-7 gentleman but knows how to be one when the time is right.. like when we are carrying 10kg worth of groceries (or ermm.. shopping bags?)

    3. Have similar interest. I guess if a guy enjoys doing the same thing that I do, that would be a plus point. Otherwise he will be talking about things I wouldn't even understand. "Wow! We totally own the game! Their XXXX hero was so slack. With our XXXX skills and XXXX weapon, we perform XXXX on them so many times that they also bengang!" O_O?

    4. Look presentable. Well.. since there is only one Brad Pitt in the whole world, we women can't expect for a Brad Pitt everyday right? As long as he dresses and behave decently (no korek hidung please T_T). Of course I wouldn't mind if a Brad Pitt lookalike come along (^3^)

    5. Last but most important, must not be stingy and calculative with money! "Ok, just now's meal is RM10.50 so that will be RM5.25 each"... Wahlauu! 5 cents oso want to count! I will take RM10.50 worth of 5 cent coin and dump it to his face if he is my date! Its not like we women are so shameless and will pretend don't know when the bill comes. If the guy belanja this time, I'm sure we girls will belanja you the next round (although possibly at a cheaper place... because we are broke. But its the thought and company that counts rites? *hee hee hee*)

  15. Guys oh guys. Let's see.

    1) An intellectual. Well, to me, a guy who not only performs well in academics, but also in humanities attracts and impresses me heaps! oooh *melts*

    2) Musically-talented guys. I don't know why, maybe it's just me, I find guys who play the piano, guitar, violin and even drums VERY VERY attractive. hehe it gives me the feeling of romance and affection! imagine a guy composing a song JUST for me! *double melts*

    3) Guys who are decisive. Oh the macho-ness! Imagine we're on a date, and we're deciding on where to go for dinner.
    Me: "So what're we having for dinner?"
    Guy:"Urgh.. I don't know.. *scratches head and long pause* Why not you decide?"
    Probably you'll think that asking us to decide on what we desire to have is respecting us, but too much of that can be annoying at times. You see, we girls sometimes like guys to make the decision for us! We probably have too much things going on our head or probably undergoing that emo period where we'd prefer to let the guys decide and see what they like too! It's sweet!! *winks*

    4) Guys who are romantic and caring. They don't necessarily have to be AS good-looking and hot AS Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise (though they have to look AVERAGEly good haha). To me, the inner side of a guy is the most important, just as how guys value girls (most of my guy friends told me that the inner beauty of a girl is vital). No, a guy being too flirtatious can be detrimental, as no girls, I repeat, NO GIRLS, like their boyfriends being surrounded by a bunch of hot,sexy girls. Given that girls are GENERALLY jealous creatures (or put it in a different sense, green-eyed monsters! hahas) Oops, I digressed! Yes yes, guys who are romantic and caring are most attractive. Once in a while, we need affection and care, not only from our girl friends, but also from guys. It just makes you feel tingly wingly cringly (there's probably no such word ;P) when a guy tells you "are you all right? you look sad" or offers you his broad shoulder to lean or cry on (despite having to wash his clothes on the very same day since it's all wet). ;)

    5) Guys who have a great sense of humor, and yet, knowing what to say best at appropriate times. It'll definitely make a chat more interesting with laughters, rather than a boring one. Though, when you're sad, he could probably give you several nice, sweet advices and words of consolation, and better still, crack some light jokes to brighten your day up! It gives us a sense of comfort to know that at least someone cares for us when we're going through times of disappointment. He can be sarcastic; it'd be funny teasing each other.

    Haha I'd probably stop here, or I'll be listing more and more qualities. It's a very interesting topic. My friends and I can talk about it on and on, and will never get tired. Hahahaha Couldn't agree more with Nicole's five listed qualities!


  16. What?! You make your dad walking around babes-laden town in good fragrance? You're creating unnecessary worries for your mum, girl :P

  17. I think not onli girls want the 5 things wht girls want about man.. even guy want th 5 things wht man wants about girls..

    but is impossible for a guy to wear a suit or a girl wear a dinner dress very time u comes out for date?

    for me when he love u... i will give best he can to u... try his best to protect u... maybe u can't feel it if u don love him...

  18. whisperer said...
    What?! You make your dad walking around babes-laden town in good fragrance? You're creating unnecessary worries for your mum, girl :P

    25/10/07 1:12 PM

    WTF, u beh song ah. puki mak lu!

  19. Lol. Kenny looks like Fei Mau in the second last pic. :P

  20. A girl is most gorgeous when she is lying on the bed, falling asleep in her pajamas !! The look before she falls asleep is a killer strike !! Simply gorgeous and sexy ..

  21. When he do something that other guys think it's disgusting or not macho like buying sanitary pads for us.

    Or when he smile shyly and gives a surprise hug just to cheer you up.

    And be there for us when we are in pain e.g. menstrual pain :P and try to understand the pain by trying to pinch themselves real hard in the stomach area. Lol!

  22. anoneh of 1.25pm
    hahaha. Why you keep on cursing your mum? Maybe she didn't give birth to a clown. You learned it elsewhere :D

  23. Samuel Dang25/10/07 2:35 PM

    I love it when my girlfriend gives me all these cute names and justifies how she derived it.

    hunny bunny, to bun bun, to baa baa (sheep sound) to the current one.. bang bang -_-

    Oh, and I love it when she creeps behind of me and gives me a hug while I'm busy doing my hair or something or rather =D

  24. i wud most definately agree with wat u had pointed out.

    buthen i like guys:

    1#when they are totally tired but yet make effort to listen to the girl's about their work or day or problems

    2#when they trust the girl when she is out with her guy friends. no calling to check. no over jealous and possesive acts.

    3#when they kiss the girl on her forehead at her bedside.

    4#when he come over to take care of the girlfriend/female fren when he knows she is sick detected over on a fon call by her voice itself. so sweet kan~ *melts*

    5#i have my soft spot for guys tat drive. when he speeds a lil, tat makes me feel save around him at the same time it's exciting n fun. the way he focus in front. ahhh~ how macho!


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  26. Samuel Dang25/10/07 2:51 PM

    I love it when my girlfriend gives me all these cute names and justifies how she derived it.

    hunny bunny, to bun bun, to baa baa (sheep sound) to the current one.. bang bang -_-

    Oh, and I love it when she creeps behind of me and gives me a hug while I'm busy doing my hair or something or rather =D


  27. I knew that my boyfriend then was for keeps was when I was without a car and needed a ride to go to work. He would fetch me from my home, drive across the infamously jammed Penang bridge to drop me off, and do the same to fetch me home... for a week. I married him, 6 years ago, and the memory of his chivalry still brings a warm feeling to my heart until today.

  28. when he says 'good morning beautiful, how are you today?' not sounding cheesy but with such sincerity and respect every time you hear it. you just melt. =)


  29. 5 things that attracts me most in a men..

    1. A guy who holds my hand tight.. Won't leave me walking alone or faster than me..

    2. A guy who will protect me, make me feel being with him, I'm all save..

    3. A guy who will cheer me up when I'm down.. Make funny monkey faces just to see me laugh..

    4. A guy who will turn up with warm porridge when I'm sick and watched me finish it..

    5. A guy who will buy me flowers no matter what day it is..


  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. niquole.chia@gmail.com25/10/07 4:49 PM

    What attracts me the most in a man is :
    1) When he put on his best smiles at every kid who pass by him.
    2) When he talk to stray cats who cross his path.
    3) When he pats every dog (stray or pure breed) like his own.
    4) When he kisses me on the forehead before saying good nite.
    5) When he knows the answer to all my questions no matter how absurd they are.

  32. Escudo@lycos.com25/10/07 4:53 PM

    When he tried to woo me blow my hair dry after shower late at night, by telling me "What would I do if you depart before me, dun leave me alone okay"

    When he carries his baby nephew, I just love a man who shows his father instinct.

  33. Things my boyfriend do which attracts me:
    1) He is always very caring and considerate, always taking care of me i.e. he went to buy kotex for me when I was suffering from heavy flow and menstrual pain, not many guys are willing to do that.

    2) I love seeing him cook, being a chef he concentrates when he is cooking and so serious which makes him the man and his timtam oreo cheesecake is superb delicious.

    3) Despite long-distance relationship, he flew in from Australia just for my birthday and prepares everything personally for my birthday bbq from mushroom soup to steaks to bread & butter pudding and my birthday cake, not the food that counts but the effort that he put in to cook everything himself.

    4) He respects my parents, my mum love cooking which makes the both of them talking non-stop about food and he also plays golf with my dad and watch golf channel together.

    5)When I was still studying in Australia, I always go over to his place as he stays with my friends for dinner, he will always walk me to his place from my apartment and walk me home, making sure that I reach home safely.

    6) When I was unhappy, he told me jokes and made me laugh, consoled me the whole night that everything will be alright.

    7) Remembering the 1st time I have to use contact lens, I was so scared to put my finger into my eye, despite the impatient salesgirl pushing me to put the contact lens in my eye, he was there supporting me, telling me 'I can do it'.

    8) He is my boyfriend as well as my shopping partner, he shops with me for hours, giving me opinion on which clothes suits me better and which design looks nice on me.

    9) Very organized with everything and settle things for me when I have difficulty.

    10) Plaster my finger when I had a cut

    I'm deeply attracted with my boyfriend for what he did for me.


  34. I love the way my boyfriend literally kisses away my tears when I am sad, and gives me the biggest bear hug in the world, that seems to tell me everything is going to be OK and that he'll be by me.

    I love the way he is willing to take geeky photos with me when I cam-whore and is never afraid to make himself look silly to make me laugh! ^_^

    And I love it when ALL MEN wear their formal working shirts...especially on my boyfriend. (it makes me want to smooch him and tell him he dosen't have to be such a 'good working boy') hahaha!

    and for the many other things he will do for me in the future, I will continue to love him more..~

  35. whisperer said his mum gave birth to a clown :D

  36. When a guy understands my joke. nothing beats that..


  37. I melt...

    1. when he reaches under the blanket to find my fingers, and we fall asleep with fingers intertwined.

    2. when he vacuums the floor in nothing but a pair of boxers.

    3. when he says "girl, next time our house will have (insert gadget or furniture of desire) ok?!"

    4. when i see him coming out of the shower with a towel low on his waist, smelling ultra fresh.

    5. when he is in the driver's seat- the look on his face as he concentrates on the road.


  38. "The main trait of a man that the lady can't resist?"

    nicole, thats a kinda weird question, but here goes anyway. lol.

    I reckon girls like how much he makes her smile.

    When a guy makes a girl smile, be it holding her when she is scared, making sure she doesn't get wet under the rain by holding an umbrella, maybe when he's read nicolekiss's blog and bought her flowers to make her smile (of course without telling her he actually read her blog in the first place just in case she gets angry and says "SO NEED TO READ PEOPLE'S BLOG FIRST BEFORE GIVE ME FLOWERS LA!?"), when he doesn't forget their anniversary, when he holds the door open for her, when he gives up watching 300 for watching A Walk to Remember, when he would gladly give up watching Manchester United play against pretty much any other team because she wants to 'talk' about something but was just testing to see how far he would go (OMGOT THAT WAS LIKE THE HARDEST THING TO DO EVER), the confidence he has whenever he does anything, the way he'll come over right when she needs him to kill this REALLY BIG spider which isn't really REALLY big after all, when he asks her to cheer up after she failed a driving/job/scholarship interview/test, basically anything at all.

    I mean girls can do everything else themselves, but when a guy does something that makes them smile like REALLY smile on the INSIDE, i reckon that's why they get into relationships in the first place and THAT is the main trait of a man that a lady can't resist.

    On a totally unrelated note, when a girl smiles, it makes the guy feel like he did something right, and that is possible nearly orgasmic.



    leong.andrew [at] hotmail [dot] com

  39. I think the main trait of a man that a lady can't resist is his "HOTNESS" factor. For example, a bunch of ladies sitting at a bar pointing out all the "HOT" guys in sight. That obviously gives the man some sense of confidence to approach the lady that he admires because he is wearing HUGO XY which enhances his "HOTNESS" factor. As for those who are NOT HOT *points at self*, have to work double as hard due to our lack of hotness which we have to try to enhance by putting on double the amount of HUGO XY at every outing. ~fin~


  40. what i like most about men (my boyfriend)? can i just say what i like most about him is what he likes most about me? =)

    he likes it when i trip "accidentally" and he reaches out to catch my waist and instantly pull me to him. and i love it when he does that (explains the "accidentally")

    he likes it when i talk in circles, cuz then he will play along and give me a surprise kiss when i'm not looking. and even though i know i make perfectly no sense, he will actually try and think about what i said, just in case it did make sense and i wasn't aware of it. =p

    he likes it when i dab a little perfume on my neck (and i bet he will love it even more if i'm using the new HUGO fragrance =p) just so he has an excuse to come very near me to smell it. and which girl doesn't love that?

    he likes it that i am light enough for him to carry, and loves dipping me down and carrying me up again in one swoop. although it is quite shocking (feels like he's gonna let me go and fall!) i secretly love it.

    and yes i agree with all your opinions as i think they are true & tested.

    lastly, don't you love it when he makes you feel so very sexy, even though you're feeling far from it?

    don't you?



  41. The way a girl's head ducks down a bit, her shoulders come up, her eyes glance askew, and she puts her hand to her mouth in a gesture of "oops"

    That literally puts a sweet taste in my mouth.


  42. To me, what caught my attention of a guy is :-

    1. The way he cares about you.
    How he is concern when you are not feeling well. How he spends more time with you when you are at a party and you don't know much people over there. How he makes you feel belonged.

    2. His humor.
    I like guys who can make me smile or laugh. Even if he is a shy one, at least when he is with me, he can at least make me smile.

    3. Their voice.
    I may be weird but I can't resist guys with real nice voice. At times, I find myself falling in love with their voice instead of their face. And of course how they seem to sound very concern. =P

    4. The way they seem less ego when they are with you.
    How they able to do things for you especially the things that you doubt they will even do it in reality. How they talk so loudly to their friends and then so softly and gently to you.

    5. How they seem to make everything in this world seems right.
    The way they stand up for you, assuring you that everything will be alright. And making you feel so protected.

    *fairy tales don't come true huh?*



  43. his smile. a guy with his gorgeous smile is very cute! smile represent happy! when you see him with the sunny, macho, cute and sincere smile, it would make you go woo la la !~~


    btw, i m yvonne.
    heres my email add, yvonne_ymhappy@hotmail.com

  44. is this open for singaporeans?

  45. 1) when men r concerntrated at his work/somethg - it is so nice to see when they he concerntrate or focus on somethg.

    2) when they can hug u when u need it - sometime when u complain or share to them actually js need a hug from them and not the long solution. if they can js hug us its really fantastics.

    3)when they share a knowledge with us - there are so great to share their knowledge with us in watever area and its means that they actually wanna to growth with u and.

    4)when they willing to give the full support on ur work and everythg - not only in financial but also mental support. their support is the main motivation.

    5) when they being "manja" infront of us - Is so cute when u see they act like a kitten infront of u only.


  46. I love it when he says he like to see my frighten face when he tickles me. When I shouted or screamed, he would laugh and I love the way he laughs, because that is when I know he is really happy being with me :) Also, the way he ensures that our relationship will last forever. The way he talks will be totally different from how other guy friends of mine talk to me. His gentle voice melts my heart :)


  47. Everything is SO TRUE!
    Well, except for the uniform part. I'm a student in school and I see guys in uniforms 5 out of 7 days in a week. They don't turn me on (lol, if they do, it will be scary. i'll be turned on the whole 6 hours I'm in school.)
    My friends who are prefects even have suits (well blazers, but something like that.) to give them the 'macho' feeling to intimidate the students, I guess. I even have a blazer myself. And no, they do not turn me on.

    My heart will be melting when a guy shows concern towards me, be it a complete stranger, a friend or a crush. Small things like puts the plates back or throw both your rubbish away after a meal even though you're totally capable of doing it, holding open the door for you, extending their hand to take something for you when you're overloaded with things, insisting that you use an umbrella when it's raining and insisting on holding the umbrella, make you let them walk to a place with you, even though you insisted it's safe and forbidden them too (tagging along secretly or following anyway.)

    Even though you are the most powerful business woman/feminist out there,you'll usually still go 'awww' over stuff like that, be it friend or love interest.

    My two cents =]

  48. 1. a guy who can listen to your woes complaining or when you're feeling down and not complaining that you're such a whinny. we hate that.

    2. a guy whom we girls can talk and communicate and joke. who wants to be like just two stupid statues sitting beside one another without talking anything? or what's the point talking to a wall?

    3. someone who make surprises for us every little while (when we least expected it!) that's sweet. it doesn't need to be expensive stuffs... even those stick-on notes that you could leave it anywhere to let us know how much we meant to you.

    4. offer to help around sometimes. be bossy about giving a hand. we won't complain. and yes, you're the everyday hero by doing so!

    5. when girls are mad... say nothing. let her express herself. and after that, a firm hug and whispering that you love her is the best.

  49. OMG! UNIFORMS!!!!

    fell for my guy when i saw him in his RC uniform in form4. it was like, BONG!BONG! and the world stopped~~~~



  50. I used to read romantic books, but things never turn out as romantic for me. Then slowly i started to realise on some things and started appreciating them. They aren't obvious, but when they're seen, they're the sweetest things ever.

    Like how this guy who hadn't had enough sleep the night before,decided to take me to the airport to send my friend, and he agreed when i called. It wasn't planned and i said we leave in 5 minutes? and he just agreed. Just like that. And i know how busy he was at that time, hence the insufficient sleep.

    And then there's this guy who was in this dance class, and i said i wanted to join. But the class was really full, because the price was at a low rate. Everyone wanted to join at that time. And he pestered the insructor just to let one more person in, and i don't know how he did it but i managed to attend the dance classes.

    So i think, it is the sincerity that attracts me.

  51. s4122441@student.uq.edu.au25/10/07 10:03 PM

    This is going to be a long story, but to make my point, i need to tell the story.

    My bf and i were studying at the library this afternoon, at least *I* was the one studying. Because he was not paying attention to his books at all. Twirling his pen, staring into space, doodling, anything but reading his book. I couldn't stand it any longer, because you know how when you're at a library with a friend and that friend doesn't study? Yeah, I couldn't pay attention as well as i was so distracted by him. Ahh, I'm digressing. Anyways, I told him that he was distracting me but he took it wrongly and stalked off. But dinner time has arrived, and we left for dinner (which was a five mins walk away) together. Dinner was a frigid one, with neither of us saying much.

    Then after dinner, it suddenly began to rain. Neither of us had an umbrella and it was a good 15 minutes walk back home. Bf offered to bike home (he had his bike with him) in the rain to get me an umbrella. I, being the very selfish gf :P, said ok. And so 15 minutes later, he came back with an umbrella and in different clothes... because apparently he was soaked when he got home. Then we started walking, with only me under the umbrella because he was wheeling his bike and it's too bulky for both of us to walk together on the pavement. Not too long after that, i slipped on a patch of wet ground and almost fell on my butt. Keyword was 'almost', but i let out a loud and high-pitched shriek anyways. Bf immediately came and put his arms around me and talked to me so gently that I almost melted on the spot! =) Then after that, he kept his arm around me for the walk home just in case i slip again. And he was completely soaked again when we got back. While i was mostly dry. =')

    My point: I LOVE guys who show their concern and that they care, even though we were just in a fight. It's that feeling of being protected and loved, and that feeling that he would do anything for you because he cared about you.

  52. Loves it when...

    1) He spends the day planning and cooking you a sumptuous meal. He calls you and ask how would you like your clams cooked? Making sure that it would not be a meal you would ever forget.

    2) He wants to talk about the relationship. Wanting to know about your thoughts, your wants and needs. Sincerely wishing to know what satisfies you.

    3) When he gives you flowers not just on silly commercialised holidays like Valentine, but just as and when he feels like it.

    4) How his body looks so rippling hot with sweat beading down his forehead right after a run.

    5) When he tells you that his life is almost complete. Just waiting for the right time to start a family with you.

    Point to make: Men in uniform are just so freaking hot.


  53. i love it when:-
    1.) the sad look she gave (kinda like the puppy dog eye) when i kissed her and have to leave her.
    2.)the smell of her wet her after a shower
    3.) the little pinches she gave everytime i teased her
    4.) she says my name with a lil bit of 'manjan-ess'
    5.) those 'tattoos' done on my hand with a pen, thanks to her.
    from: Bert (bertramtuah@gmail.com)

  54. totally agree to wat u hav mentioned..would love to giv few more suggestion.
    1#guy that trust me
    would call n check every now n then on me when he noes i'm going out wid guy frens

    2#sensitive guy really melts my heart
    notice a wound on my knee is really very sweet or just simply remember my fav food n drinks

    3#guys tat noe how to bake
    some ppl might call them sissy but i really hav a soft spot for guys tat noe how to bake

    4#surprises once a while
    not onli on special occasion but once a while bring me a short note/card o even roses especially during my PMS period

    5#a guy tat stay just by my side
    whenever somethign bad happen o i just need to complain and a guy tat offer his ears n attention to all my complains and finally giv me a warm hug saying everything will be just fine really melts my heart


  55. For me, I love it

    a) when she thinks she's in trouble, and the only person she would run to would be me. Makes me feel more macho.

    b) when she laughs at my lame jokes, even when I know they are lame, and she thinks they are lame, she made it sound like I was the funniest guy around.

    c) when I stare at her, she looked back and give a gentle smile, signaling a "hello" gesture and its okay to stare because she likes it too.

    d) When I have no money to pay the bill in a restaurant and she would slip some cash in my hand, to make sure everyone notice that I am the one taking care of the bill

    e) no matter what flaws I have, I always know that she will always love me for who I am and I would have the same feelings for her. Its just beautiful.


  56. i love guys tat..
    *will just giv a warm smile when u glanced o look at them even tho they dont know u
    *drive wif their left hand placing their right hand beside the window


  57. Haha sweety, your five points is So true, can't agree more without it.

    Muahahaha Ladies here are few more sweet little moves that make we, men irresistable to u.

    1. When he share his first bite of his hot delicious meal with u.

    2. When he occasionally lift your little hand and give it a soft Kiss on it while holding it.

    3. When you're all mad, frustrated , dissapointed, or crying, he walk to u, pull you to his chest and wrap his arm over you and say just one little sentence depending situation. (Ex: it's okay honey, don't worry and etc)

    4. When he let you walk inside of the road.

    5. When he looks deep into your eye and give a wink.

    Haha there are so many more sweet little behavior that we gentlemen unconsiously do that will melt u ladies hehe.

    Omg there are so many gentlemen tips on this blogs haha. Hope there will be lots of gentlemen born from it.

  58. More importantly is the care, the concern, and the drive to protect you; to take a bullet for you that a man can give you from his LOVE! :)

  59. Girls really attract my attention when they are doing something seriously. Focusing on the things they are working on so hard that she can just don't care about the surrounding. I guess some girls also like guys like this... isn't it?? =D


  60. Okay, now, the main trait of a man that the lady can’t resist?

    He must be able to listen with all his heart, and speak if necessary, only to soothe the soul of his lady love.

    Either that, or that he makes his lady love feels that she has made him a better man (oh, too cliche?)

  61. hi nicole.

    your points about 5 things girls love about men is just so true to me!

    i couldn't agree more with you when you mentioned about the suits and smell!

    i just love to smell my boyfriend [ex boyfriend now] when we hug. and we would just hug each other for minutes long without a single word. it feels like our hearts, minds, and eyes are doing all the talking.

    he mixes his cologne so well that he smells different each time we go out on dates and i must praise his talent in mixing it. =)

    then he would just brush my long hair and suddenly all my worries, fears and all those negative thoughts will just disappear. i felt so safe and comfortable in his arms. as if i was in cloud 9.

    though this happened close to 2 years ago, he will always have a place in me.

    and suits! i love seeing guys in suits. it makes the not so handsome ones more handsome and the handsome ones even more handsome. it brings out the best in every men that no one has ever seen before in them.

    but it is not necessarily to be suits. guys just have to pair of a formal button up shirt with a good pair of jeans to make me drool. extra points if it is a pink top.

    pink is not THE colour for females. guys who wears pink gives me a very manly impression on them because they have the guts to wear pink! [which is always known as a girly colour].

    besides that, a guy should know the basics of ballroom dances because i love guys to take me out on dates and end it with a beautiful, romantic and sweet dance in the park late at night perhaps? surely makes the night a very memorable one.

    and guys, try not to be so much of a mummy's lil boy because this is a major turn off for me and im pretty sure it is for most girls. we do not like our guy who always say phrases like "but my mummy said blablabla". it gives us girls the feeling that you are not mature enough for them. maturity is very very very important! but guys must know when to act alil childish and when to act like a real man.

    last but not least. money does not buy love, money is not everything.

    -the end-

    nicole, sorry if this "comment" is rather long. i missed out on the previous entry!


  62. Hahaha Ladies am I Irresistable with HUGO XY?

    I'm sure I'm :) !


  63. nicole stated tht "tell me what attracts you the most about a man?"
    here im goin to sd wat attracts me the most about mua man" :)

    1. d way he secretly admiring n watching me wher he tot dat i wasnt noticing. but whn my eyes met his, he tried not focusing on me.his mixed silly&pretending facial expression really mk me felt in love wif him again n again wher his love actually conveyed thru his eye-sight

    2. get to noe in self finding n from frens dat his only concern and love is me..how silly he can be ie. spending his half a day queing for d limited edition hello kitty n later saying dat gt it by coincident..haaha..such a lousy liar..and yet wanna act macho and protectes his ego..*cute

    3. get to find out his love poems on me which is not being revealed in his secondary text book wher he was jz first fell for me.See how he blushed when i read it to him..dude really love u tho.

    hmm..every ladies gt attracted and has defferent expectation in a man..d passion of love makes everything wonderfuL as how it can b..~cheers


  64. 1. When a guy knows his own standards. I know this sounds superficial and shallow, but SERIOUSLY, say if you were to be a fairly good looking female, and a guy who looks like a toad with pus warps all over his pus infected face comes on to you, SERIOUSLY lor?!?!?! If I were her, I'd run like there's no tomorrow.(okay, I realize none of this is CUTE, but its the truth)

    2. When guys know when to zip it. (Their mouths, not whatever it is your dirty mind is thinking about). Its amazing when a girl is frustrated, sad or feeling harried, and this amazing guy just seems to GET you. He wont pester you, annoy you, or bombard you with questions.. instead he will be by you, patiently waiting to see if the girl is ready to open up to him. If she isnt, he moves on and supports her. (seriously lor, if a guy PESTERS you 24/7, asking 'You okay or not? Whats wrong with you? Tell la tell la', will any female even feel touched?! Ew. Women need patient, understanding men, not pestering annoying retarded control freaks who keeps trying to get into their minds all the time)

    3. An UNSELFISH guy! Every woman LOVES it when guys put their egos aside at times (But not all the time, because if its all the time, the guy would appear to be SPINELESS). A guy that knows when to go the extra mile and do the extra for the girl, this gesture is always amazing. (again, NOT ALL THE TIME! We want guys who know how to improvise, not guys who tag along behind us like dogs and do whatever we want.)

    4. BALLS, GUTS, and BRAINS. Nothing beats that. When a guy stands up for his girl, its the classic fairytale dream/dejavu all over again. Always. NO matter how strong a female would like to portray herself as, truth is, its a males responsibility to make sure that being a female, MOREOVER, being HIS woman, is always respected and gets the right courteous treatment. Nothing melts girls more than the gesture of a guy rushing to their defense. (But care to make this defense a SMART one. No women would like their guy being beaten to pulp trying to defend them. This is where BRAINS come in.)

    5. Wits and Humor. The REAL deal, not guys who uses secondhand jokes and tries to make it funnier. Brains has a part to play here as well. If a guy can make a girl truly laugh, (laugh: eyes brimming with tears, true real laughter, NOT fake smiles, hes halfway there already. Wit and humor is an important trait in any guy. Who would want a morose, glum, depressed kind of guy as a companion? A guy HAS to know how to REALLY cheer a girl up, then make her realize how much she means to him(without freaking her out and making her feel like he's being a possessive freak), and make her see how amazing he is, and how good they are together.

    Scene 1:Girl is going away to study and has to part with guy.

    Scene 2: Girl and guy talk it all out and girl feels really sad.


    guy says:Its okay, put me in your heart, and go see everything. Go see the world. Then come back to me.

    SERIOUSLY lor! If a guy says that to me, I'd be a huge puddle of goo on the floor. WON'T ANYY WOMAN?!


  65. TWO things that i love and will never forget.

    1. When my shoelaces are loose and in the middle of a crowd, my man just kneels down to tie it for me. I'm not a kid, and i know how to tie my own shoelaces of course. But the fact that he would do that in public with lots of people watching gives me a wonderful feeling that "his ego" to be seen tying shoelaces is not as important as me falling flat on my face if i trip myself. Also, if he's already able to go down on his knees now, it shouldn't be too hard for him to pop the question now is it?

    2. How guys don't like their women to go hungry. I don't mean feeding me like a pig..but how a subtle hint at 2am about being hungry and being too busy at work therefore skipped your dinner would make him drive out instantly to buy anything u want the way u like it. Helps when they accompany to eat as well ;)

  66. forgot to leave my email! sorry!
    aliciacls@gmail.com :)

  67. What attracts me about my man:

    1. After a hard days work, he'll cook dinner all ready for when I get home (I finish work later and he cooks better than me anyway)

    2. When I can't sleep at night, no matter how tired he is, he'll get up and give me a foot massage so I can sleep

    3. He goes shopping with me, even for lingerie and never complains. I don't shop without him actually...

    4. When I have exam/workshop, he'll take time off his work to pick me up from my work and drop me off at the venue, and then pick me up again, eventhough it's so mahuan

    5. He takes care of me when I'm sick, massage, lots of honey drink, tucks me in bed, listens to me complain how I hate being sick etc etc

    6. When he plays with our 2 cats and 2 dogs, he's so adorable, although I don't think the animals are very impressed. Also cute that he let me get them all (was supposed to be only 1 puppy...)

    7. When he hugs me and everything is ok

    8. He buys snacks for me that he knows I love, and leaves it in the pantry as a surpise

    9. He calls me at work everyday just to say hi (for the last 3 years)

    I could go on, but those are the things that spring to mind at the moment

  68. I find it really funny and cute when guys 'try' to act macho, ya' know, like playing Mr. Cool around the girl that he likes/trying to impress. The thing is, girls KNOW what you're up to, sometimes we just pretend to be ignorant or just dumb so to not bruise your ego. I find it interestingly funny and attractive, cuz it shows that they're out to impress you (but don't be TOO egoistic lah, that'll be a turn-off!)


  69. my personal opinion, let me split it into two categories of ladies to attract..

    for materialistic women, they could not resist the generous offers of the men..

    for women who do not make a big fuss over financial status, they have difficulties in turning down sincere requests/offers from men..

  70. i'll just melt to no defence when.. he play me a song on piano or guitar or some sort of romantic musical instrument, just like how jay chou did in the movie! ewww.. of coz he must be at least as cute as kennysia lar.. if he looks like a 猪哥亮 (pighead), very hard to hv chemical reaction lar (for me lar, maybe some others think 'little pighead' is cute though... so no offence hor..)

    there was once, when i was in bad emotional condition.. someone called me from across the sea, and played me a special piece on his piano, live! just hoping to cheer me up.. that is the sweetest memory, even till today... :) though we never work out due to some very complicated situation.. but he still remain dearly somehow as a very special friend in my heart...


  71. Cocky but Funny
    (im not saying egoistic)

    and zero WUSSY attribute!

    p/s : wussy = Wimp + *USSY


  72. hi,
    first and foremost i wish state that my comment will be my dad. it sounds werid right but since we are talking about "5 Things We Love About Men" i think it's better to describe guy as my dad.

    3 things why i admire my dad:MAN!

    no matter how hurt it is he'll respect others very will but there's limit for sure.

    for eg:
    problem often occur in family business. he has being being patient for 20+ years and i just knew it why. the reason is he's trying to protect his family by considering how much secure in living he could give us. there's choices to leave the company but he decided to remain silent because it's not the right moment to leave.

    (A)ction in deciding anything.
    for eg:
    he would consider several factor which influence mojority of people and reduce the hurt which it'll cause. nevertheless, there's NO COMPLAIN from his trouble because he's trying to protect us :)

    for eg:
    when he says NO....there's no YES! wonder why? he's neither fierce nor rude but he has the power :)

    in conclusion, my dad is the hero + MAN in my life. i LOVE u dad :)

  73. opulent potato26/10/07 9:24 AM

    Just to add a few:
    - When a man is concentrating, be it reading, doing DIYs (better if he is in uniform, not school uniform of course), or listening while you are talking.

    - When he is willing to put down his ego.

    == opulence.potato@gmail.com

  74. hmm something for the girls to answer:

    Does all of the above applies even after you have been together for a long time like 5 years?

    I recently had a break up with a gf of 5 years and i reflect upon myself asking why.

    Looking at the previous post, i think i do do alot of the above.

    such as cooking, listening, holding my hands out when i hit the brakes hard, i carry her to bed when she falls asleep on the couch etc etc and sometimes the biggest mistake i think i made is trusting her too much.

    She went out clubbing and met another guy and hence we broke up..

    After so many years i think all the small things mentioned on previous post will be taken for granted both on the male and female side. You tend to get so used to each other that you stop seeing all the finer pts in the relationship

    Personally i stopped believing. No point putting your heart in any relationship cause you would never know what will happen years down the track. Might as well just enjoy

  75. Hmmm..#5 is a little hard for me.. my GF is heavier than me! :p

  76. For a man,

    (1) he has to be a caring person, always show his concern to ladies when they are in need;

    (2) he should not be indecisive;

    (3) he should have his own opinion, do not always follow others' instruction;

  77. Plucked this out from my blog cause i think it will not be nice to ask u to read it from my blog instead haha. Not as attractive as urs and kenny's but well, truthfully mine.

    The moment a guy finds a girl most gorgeous.

    This blog is with compliments of kennysia's latest blog on "Things we like about women". With such a good offers and quite a boring schedule i have out here, i guess i might as well put down a piece of my mind on paper and try my luck since i m quite a perv sentimental guy like kenny himself. Let's see, what have we here.

    1. Morning baby

    Early in the morning when she wakes up and WHEN she haven totally come to her senses yet. So basically, we can say that her body is awake but her mind is still ZZZzzz-ing. Thats the best time for you to come up with all sorts of funny questions and u will either get a "huh......" or an "emm....." in the sleepy and sexy tone with her eyes half opened. And thats the only time she dont argues if u said something wrong.

    2. TV time

    Some people might wonder why i will say that. Well, it happens like this, two watching tv on a sofa with her beside me eating chipster and coffee for me. We were talking and watching a drama when something caught my attention after a while, I found out that I was the only one talking and i looked to my side, MA-- toot toot toot "&@(&*#*" feeling all the four letter words filling my mouth. damn, she fell asleep. Wtf, felt so defeated to be able to talk a girl to sleep. But, she looks very cute and sweet lying in my arms.

    3. Winnie the pooh

    Actually this is quite annoying and i was thinking not to write this but actually, its a fact. Yeap, whenever she saws a cute winnie the pooh everything. This is roughly the facial expression she will give. First, eyes wide open, then the face like "kek sai"(hokkien) if you understand that, and finally burst out. "AWWWW~ soo cute~~" oh dear, you've seen a thousand million types of pooh being a pooh fan and yet you can still produce that effect. Salutes~!

    4. Dinner

    Dinner means cooking in the kitchen. I will be in the living room on my PSP and receiving constant yellings from the kitchen.

    "BABY! You helping or not??!!" OK ba, help help help~ Being not a bad chef she often gets a lot of oil and sweat all over hear. A successful housewife needs to be able to keep her husband's appetite.

    You look yummy, erm... I meant the food... I don't eat asian pig. p/s: JUST JOKING~ haha. Dinner's serve, idatakimatsu. Now its my turn to look like I "kek sai". (I skipped the lunch part because she is too lazy to cook during lunch so we often end up in kopitiam)

    5. Good night

    I wouldn't agree more with all the guys out there. Indeed, looks sweet when they are asleep. I will stroke all of these out since a lot of people all agreed that and add something of my own.

    5. Surprise

    Working offshore all of the time, one thing is quite miserable and problematic is when it comes to the date of going home. I often keep the date of my return to myself because i know well that they would even change it at the last minute. So, it will be sad for our families to be expecting you and then crush it.

    Gave her a few shocks that almost ended up in the emergency room, I could clearly remember the face she gave me when she saw me at the doorstep.

    "OMG! When did you came back?" A firm hug. For us, it's the most comforting and lovely thing we want when we arrive home after work. Cheers to all the lovely wives and wives to be out there~

    Thanks for your lovely birthday present you sent all the way from home. I m very very happy to have received this. I put some effort in this and i promise if i got the perfume from kennysia.com i will give it to another girl. AIKS, nonono, I mean I will give it to you. Take care. Specially for you. (Wish to add some photos but where on earth can I find the photos of those moments? So, i gave up instead)

    From http://zeltkueh.blogs.friendster.com/my_blog/2007/10/the_moment_a_gu.html

  78. 1) Who is that knight in shining armor?
    Sweat flying while hitting balls on tennis court, chasing ball on a soccer field with bulging quads, etc. I like guys breaking a sweat while playing sports. Oh yeah, baby, I can cheer for you whole day. That’s why there are so many sports stars. Have you ever heard of a couch potato star?

    2) Baby, you saved my day.
    Check out Ah Hero and Ah Beng.
    Ah Hero(in fast food restaurant): "Excuse me, these french fries are soggy. Please replace them with fresh ones."
    Ah Hero (in movie theater): "The movie screen is not in focus. Let me go ask them to fix it."

    Girl (Smile shy shy… wah…. my hero….melt…)
    Ah Beng (in fast food restaurant): "It’s okay lah. Soggy meh? Can eat lah."
    Ah Beng (the movie theater): "Movie screen is unclear? What? Why you complain so much? Just watch the movie. It’s ok lah."

    Girl (Thinking: everything ok lah, chinchai one, am I also just another oklah to him??)

    I love a guy who is demanding, not afraid to get what he wants and not settle for anything less. Of course! Look at his girlfriend =).

    3) "At your service, my sweetheart."
    Scene: On a cruise ship, a band is playing a romantic song. No one is on the dance floor. But I so want to get up and move to the music. My guy senses it and shows me his hand, and starts to slow dance with me. Wah… how smooth. Please pick me up from the floor, I am melting fast here. I don’t care what song is playing, he is my song now.

    I adore a guy who is daring and not afraid of making a fool out of himself. Unfortunately, my boyfriend is like this:
    Me (gave up after giving too many hints): "Honey, this is my favorite song woh. Let’s dance! C’mon."
    BF: "Shutup lah. Can’t you just enjoy the music?"

    Why are you guys so afraid of? Even if you don’t know how to dance, we’ll still love you for making an effort. We promise!

    4) "I am serious about my work."
    I can’t help watching my guy while he is focusing on his work. He is so focused and quite. He works hard. He is responsible. He is capable… and I am drooling watching him in a quiet corner… hehehe. Yes. You are da man.

    Note: Focus in playing video game or mahjong? You can’t be thinking that would count, right?

    5) Three words: FIRM, ROUND ASS
    My heart automatically beat faster when I see a firm, round ass. Oh yeah, you know what I am talking about – that ass hiding in the blue jeans, just can’t help fantasizing me squeezing the FIRM, ROUND ass. =) There, loud and clear. I sent my point across.

    Peace out.


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  81. hmm... a man's characteristic whom women couldn't resist... opposite of kenny sia?



  82. I find my man most gorgeous when he goes against all odds just to show that he CARES.Really.. as simple as that. By doing things like getting me my favourite flowers when I'm upset over stuff even small little stuff that to others, would probably mean nothing and probably ask you to shut up or stop whining! Holding my hands to assure me that everything is going to be more than fine. Comforting me when stress is mounting.

    SOME girls define gorgeous man as someone who is buffed, well toned, someone who looks incredibly hunky or handsome. Girls ! Please wake up! Go for the guy who makes you feel special and every time whenever you see your man,you have no qualms and doubtless why you've fallen for him. I have always love this thought,'why try to stand out when you are born to stand out'. It is so true. It's the heart that counts.. corny but it's the ULTIMATE truth.

    Just a simple act of CARE,HOPE and LOVE is all that is needed.It can even turn a nerd or geek to a prince.

  83. There is no one particular moment that I find my guy attractive, because ultimately, it is about the feelings that he evokes in me, each and every moment in time. It is when I open the door and see him standing there and realize that he actually does play the leading role in the play of my life. It is that indulgent look on his face when he hands me that soggy fry because I don’t like the crunchy ones. It is the warmth that envelops me when he holds me close for a hug. It is when he is not by my side and I realize that I really miss him and at that point in time, I get a text telling me that he misses me. It is when the difference in his tone of voice when he says “goodnight” to me makes me feel blissfully happy.

    And, I find him gorgeous because he is the man who will bring out all my emotions from across the entire spectrum. It is his ability to make me laugh under the worst of conditions. It is his ability to bring out the best of my non-existent cooking abilities. It is his ability to keep my self-esteem box filled to the brim; in ways I never imagined possible. It is because he makes me secure in all my beliefs in my moments of doubt. It is because he is the man who’s showed me how to revel in the spontaneity of life and at the same time, learn how to accommodate, compromise and understand. It is also because he is the man who makes want to be selfish enough to chase dreams of the impossible and courageous enough to pursue those same dreams of loving and living.

    He is the man who has showed me what essentially are the 3L’s in life – living, loving and laughter and that, is what is gorgeous in a man.


  84. After reading all the comments, I will now leave my bf.

  85. i find a man most attractive from the way they give me a hug or show me they love me whenever i look in their eyes. the way they peck on my cheek when they wake up, the way they think that i am their everything and the way they surprise me even when they are busy.

  86. hmm...5 things i love about guys...

    1. when they try to cheer you up by doing even really silly thing that you demanded (unreasonably ;))

    2. when they care about you but got a bit 'shy' when it's too obvious

    3. when they search for you among the crowds of people

    4. when they couldn't help hiding their joy when you agree to go out with them

    5. when they play with babies and animals...(affectionately of course)...cute :)

  87. 1. When he looks at me like a baby
    2. When he clings to me like a baby
    3. When he talks to my dad like a man
    4. When he talks to my mom like a hero
    5. When he says he loves me

  88. The moment when a girl is most gorgeous;

    1. When we walk in the street and she lean on me and then get real fucking nasty and bitchy about every girl in the street *look at her, fucking bitch just stare at you! how dare she!* and then when she sees every guy in the street who walks past and says *he is so ugly compared to you* and like, really really really over do it and say how i am the best looking in the whole worl. (and even when we go past a magazine stand and the cover of the guy, she will say *you are way hotter than him* even if it's not true. And then when we go to the ice cream shop and the guy serving our ice cream at swensen give her twinkle tooth smile she gets very offensive and say very nastily and sweetly *I am taken, bustard!!!*

    2. When we go to expensive makeup shop and she applies makeup in SUPER SUPER SUPER extremely sexual way!!! hahahahahahahahahaha! Roll on the lipstick and then blowing fake kisses and saying mua and how damn hot does I look!

    3. When we are in the car and she is staring at the passenger window so she can get a reflection like its a mirror so she can see her self and make her self look real good *takes about 5 min* and then when she notice some dick guy or bitch girls staring from their car at her and she taps my shoulder for recognition and then we both do the super fingers to passer by traffics.

    4. When we go to have dimsum or eat thai food and all of the girls in the restaurant stare over at her with jealousy and start to clench their bf arms desperately and make them turn their heads away so they cant see her coz they are afraid that they will start giving her a look up, and even maybe desperate to sit near our table!!! and then when the old aunty moh at the cash register takes the money and glares out of jealousy coz she cant take her for her own son! biarccccch!!! serious.

    5. When we go to dinner and i get super spoilt coz she order every single thing that is my foking favoooooooorite on the menu!!! yeah!

    Tomyum, Som yai, Somtum, Prak Gah Pow, Yid noh, Kuak kuay, gai gra tuem.

    And then even order me super surprise desert! and I dont even know about it!
    (and is super hot when she look at the menu names pointing with her freshly stick on fake nails form dolah japan shop in queen street auckland.)


    THAT'S MY HOT 5...

    !!! ! ! ! !


  89. love a man who has strong bond with his family especially his mom.

    love a man whose personalities shine; confident yet humble.


  90. when you wake up in the dark realising you've fallen sleep in the bed, not knowing it's still daytime because the curtain's closed. And him working on his desk only with his table lamp and turns around to you with a content smile.


  91. Hi Nicole!

    Hmm….. What attracts me the most about a man, u ask..? Oh, well I would say most certainly it’s their eyes! Really intense kind of eyes. ---Eyes that has that tendency to pierce into my own eyes. Sexy, twinkling, mysterious, eyes. I fall in love immediately with any guys with eyes like that. Gosh…. *drools*
    You know how people say things like “I fell in love with him the minute I saw him. It’s like love at 1st sight.” I believe that when two eyes meet or in other words, make eye contact with the person of their opposite sex, it’s the thing that causes ‘love at first sight’.

    Great sense of humour. That’s also a thing that I find truly attractive in any man. A man that can make me laugh at any time of the day.. No matter how sad or tired I am..

    A man who plays the piano!! Not only that I get to listen to lovely music played by him, I get to watch him play too. It has got to be something about the way a guy plays the piano that makes him look so gorgeous. Their eyes filled with concentration as he plays the piano, and feel the music he plays as it engulfs around me… *sigh*

    A man who wears spectacles. There’s this friend I have in class, he just started using specs and wow, he look more attractive with specs. Imagine how just a pair of specs can change a person. Lol. Now, who ever said specs look nerdy on a gu?! To tell you the truth, I used to think like that too but I’m glad I realized it isn’t nerdy at all. ;)

    Romantic and caring. Just throw me a romantic guy and that’s practically enough to make me fall in love with him. Other than drop-dead gorgeous eyes, there’s nothing more attractive than a romantic, sweet guy that makes me feel whole. *.* Now, as for a caring guy, I don’t only mean that he cares about me but others as well. I’m a sucker for guys who lend a helping hand at animal shelters, old folks home… anything that has to do with charity.

    Like you Nicole, I LOVE guys in tux! SO handsome! Whoever created the tux is a total genius. I especially love the way the tux brings out the broad shoulder of a man… you know how those broad shoulders come in handy.. ;) Most importantly, It gives a man a macho look. Hehehe….


  92. 5 things that i love in my baby ;)

    1.the all-mixed-up-feeling look i got on his face when i have him a very unexpected birthday present.

    2.the frog face that he always does to make me happy ;) synchronizes with the sentence "ang gu gu jiak".

    3.he bites me cause he says i am yummy ;P

    4.the way he wriggles when i poke his waist/armpit.

    5.he looked the cutest when he is scolding me. it always ends up with giggles.

  93. haha.. the funniest comment here is the one by anon which said: "After reading all the comments, I will now leave my bf."


  94. Here are 5 things that attracts me about a man; -

    Poetry- I like guys who are sensitive and express themselves romantically in a form of poetry. What I like most about it if he recites it in front of me and gave me tingles all over.

    The other women in his life- I like guys who treats his mom, sisters, cousins and grandmother lovingly and respectfully. That way, it makes him a better husband in the future.

    Spirituality- You can call him "Holy Joe" all you want. But I like guys who are not of the world but of God. I like him to have strong faith in what he believes and one who is willing to build his own family based on the principles of God.

    Diligence- I like guys who are focus and give in 101% in their scope of work. His hard work in labour will be worth it when he supports his own family in the future.

    Sense of humour - Who doesn't want a guy that could keep you, entertained most of the time? Sense of humour is very essential to me because it can decrease my stress level during a hectic week and put a smile on my face.

    Basically, a guy’s personality appeals more to me than anything else.


  95. i love my man :
    1. How he let me sleep on his arm and use another to wrap me (cos the room air con is very the cold)
    2. How he kisses me every night before we sleep.
    3.How he managed to make kissing me the 1st thing he do everyday when he wakes up.
    4. How he love and respect my family.
    5. How he love my unreasonable character.
    6. How he sweats when he fixes stuff (eg: my car, my high heels) for me.
    7. How he keep complaining about my hair being too long, too much when he dyes my hair.
    8. How he hold my fingers when he does my nail art (while i sleep).
    9. How he fell asleep while waiting for me to finish makeup and wakeup saying i am the prettiest woman in the world.
    10. How he help me to flat iron my hair and scalded my ear and his fingers.
    11. How he managed to make me fall in love with him over and over again every single day.
    He is my man. My pride and joy :D
    Best of all, i am married to this wonderful man!!

  96. i don qualify as i live in Singapore. but here goes my small comments for the post~

    1. when the girl never had to bring a jacket into a cold movie..

    2. when the girl can close her eyes and cross the road..


  97. Hello Nicole, first of all I'd like to say I like reading your blog. It's so interesting. :D

    And here are my top 5 what I like about in a man, and in this case, I'd like to refer to my boyfriend :)

    1) When he cares for me not only when I fall sick but always. I still remember the last time I was sick, he came over to my place to surprise me (with hot fish porridge + a box of Strepsils). He's just so sweet!

    2) When he teases me in a fun and joking manner. Sometimes this would make me act "manja" and I gotta say it's so cute, hehe...

    3) When he never fail to brighten up my days and not forgetting his constant encouragement and inspiration.

    4) When I always feel protected each time he's around / we're together.

    4) And the most important of all, he understands, loves and accepts me for who and what I am.


  98. When a guy who loves you who you are without comparing.
    1.Courted you for years.
    2.He makes you laugh and without any reasons being silly together.
    3.Both of you can read each other like a book without talking much.


  99. what I love about him?
    1-he is always there whenever i need him.every time i feel sad,lonely etc...i just have to grab my handphone n call him n he ll cheer my day up....
    2-love him because he is he...
    he is a man who doesnt afraid to show his softer side-which melt my heart everytime i saw his tears roll down hiw cheeck(my fault)-
    2-i love his singing voice n how he smell after shower...
    3-i love when he is caring about me...asking me how I am everyday..n nag me if i told him id skipped my lunches or dinners....
    4-i like when he try his best for my sake...
    5-i love it when he drew my potrait without telling me...
    6-he built my confident by telling me im cute,lawa etc...
    7-he melt my heart when he pat my head unreasonly...and also when he protectively wrap his arms around me...also when he lent his shoulder for me if im too sleepy...
    8-he is too sweet..before we start courting..he had done simple yet sweet gesture towards me-that time,im his best buddy a.k.a kakak angkat- like lending me his blazer when im cold...willingly to stop when i complaint my leg hurt...etc
    10-because he love me much.-and i love him very much too- (^^)/~

  100. forgotten my email


  101. what attract me the most:
    1) when he smile sweetly every time we meet.

    2) when he was always there whenever i need someone to be with me.

    3)when we do silly things together watching movie all day long at cinema.

    4) when he hug me tightly and say how much he miss me.

    5)when he kiss my forehead every time we say good bye.

    6) when he turn my rainny days to sunny days.

    7) and most of all, he love me from the way i was, who i am and not cos of my outward beauty. ^^


  102. My heart beats as he strummed his guitar, singing "Hey there Delilah". He was the one that made me tripped, and don't mind falling a few more times just for him. The first time he came in with his un-gel look, staring sleepily at me, I could feel the heat up my face. The way he fools around, no matter how lame it was, has that little magic to make me laugh. And with his own caring way of reminding me to drive home safely, all these little things are more than enough to sweeten me up. Now if only I could express this feeling to my crush...

  103. oh, email.

  104. 1. when he always fall asleep INSTANTLY after lying down. and he starts to breathe deeply and snore. he sleeps so deeply like a baby that my clumsy sounds never awake him.

    2. his macho scent. its the strongest around the sideburn. sometimes when he waited a long time in the car for me, his scent totally fills the car! its like coming out of ambi purr...

    3. the way he modifies his car, installing a turbo engine with a very low pitched sound. and having all these extra meters inside...makes me feel like sitting in a bat mobil. he takes care of all my telecommunication and electronic needs too!

    4. he knows exaltly how to comfort me when i tell him im fat or have lots of pimples... or when i tell him some girl over there look so pretty, he always manage to criticize her looks and comparing it to animals.

    5. when he laughs out loud at my silly acts. it makes me couldnt stop smiling coz i made him happy!

    6. when i can see a bulging tru his blanket in the morning. makes me start thinking of what to do with it

    7. when his beard grows a bit longer. he looks like zorro and i just wanna strip myself naked and let him run his beard over me.

    8. when he always think for me.firmly refusing to see me during exam period. counseling me and sometimes lecturing me tru the phone.

    9. the way he eat his food until nothing is left. not even the gravvy. and the chicken bones are licked til shiny!

    10. finally, he never let go of me... tho he is strong, he treats me gentle and never raises his voice. most of the time, he lowers his ego and apologize.

  105. what i like abt men ;) its not actual things abt them, but rather how they react in diff scenarios.

    5. They attempt to live up to the standard that Mr Darcy set.

    You go out on a date, bill comes, bill is 500 bucks, you offer to split the bill, man refuses, man pays. Man become broke for the next week but refuses to admit it.

    oh the wonders of the male ego.


    4. They layan you when you're all manja.

    girl: i miss you!
    man: i miss miss you!
    girl: i miss miss miss you!
    man i miss miss miss miss missx10000000000 you!!!!


    3. They find ways to worm their way out of trouble..............thats enjoyable to both parties :)

    girl: Why didnt you do the dishes? you jolly well know its your turn
    man: *kisses girl*
    girl: this is not funny! im serious! you've got....
    man: *plants another kiss on girls mouth*
    girl: *melts into puddle*


    2. they make you feel better abt yourself.

    girl: omg look at those shoes Jennifer is wearing!!!! soooooooooooooooooo damn gorgeous *jealous*
    man: yea, awesome shoes.
    girl: she's sooooooooooooo lucky
    man: you're luckier, she's got the great shoes, you've got looks,figure and charisma to pull it off
    girl: *melts*
    guy: *secretly buys the shoes for her birthday present*


    and the number one thing :)

    1. They give in to you with a little persuasion. ;)

    girl: come teman me!
    man: now manchester united vs liverpool!!! cannot come!!!
    girl *walks in front of man* its getting hot in hereeeee *starts unbuttoning shirt then walks off*
    man: *offs the tv* BABY IM COMING WAIT FOR MEEE!!!!!!!!!!

    ok thats all haha =)

  106. Any guy can portray his most gorgeous side to a girl;

    And any guy can be gorgeous in his own different way.

    But a guy is most gorgeous and special to a girl simply when...

    A girl loves a guy for who he is. ;)


  107. I feel like a princess when he gets down from his side of the seat and walks over to open the car door for me (very very seldom we see this :-)).

    I feel protected and oh-so secure when he holds my waist close to his while holding the umbrella during a rainy day, just to make sure I'm not wet.

    I feel so proud and contented when he displays his wit with such elegance but at the same time, being funny effortless. The way he thinks simply takes my breath away ~~

    I feel so loved when he gets along so well with my guy & girl friends and accepts them the way I do.

  108. 1. When he wispering a klise word " I love you " in my ear to cheers me if i sad.

    2. When he say he trust me deeply whatever i do.

    3. When he always smile if he met me whatever he feel sad.

    4. If he cooking just for me in our special date, forget about the taste.

    5. When he dance with me on the dance floor with jazzy song, without anybody in my house.

  109. The best trait in a man:
    A man who doesn't complain about your spending, of his money or otherwise. When you buy the bag/shoes/clothes/trinkets they will not ask how much, why did you buy another one or why do you need it. A man that you can honestly show your day's purchases without guilt and know that he would appreciate your love of new things. When you whine about wanting a new bag, he would promise you the Chloe Paddington that you so truly desire. And he doesn't conviniently forget it the next time you mention it.


  110. hirohayes@hotmail.com28/10/07 4:00 PM

    When he tells you he prefers night over day because he imagines that's when the wizards, elves, and other magical creatures come out dancing under the stars


  111. This comment has been removed by the author.

  112. i think a guy is really georgeous when

    1. i catch him looking at me.
    2. he is really concentrating on getting something right.
    3. he is listening to what i'm saying.
    4. he's bopping to am imaginary tune and not bothered about people staring.
    5. he smiles at me from across the room.

  113. What a girl look for in a man.

    Looks and built - good looks and built like Arnold S. With good built and a handsome face, plus the right clothing, wow, you have a guy here that every girl will kill for.

    Hygiene - plenty of cologne and a clean pair of socks daily will make a guy welcoming. Even better if he cares to shave his armpits and trim his nostrils hair. Who wants to be next to a rubbish bin?

    Empathy and caring attitude - If he can puts himself in her shoes when she goes through the monthly blues and make sure she has plenty of supply of 'whisper' and PMS supplements, he is definitely in her good book.

    Gentleman enough - to open doors, all sorts of doors from car doors to toilet doors. Accompany her to see her dentist and she will say that you are a real gentleman.

    Honesty, truthful and sincere- She hates lies and cheater. So if you are sincere in your words, honest to own up and always speak the truth, she will value you more than gold or diamonds for that matter.

  114. When you are able to handle an angry girl

    I always found that I love ‘him’ more when he makes an escape to one of my ridiculous fight. There are basically two ways for men to calm down an angry girl. One is the ‘make me laugh’ way and one is the ‘shut me up’ way.

    I prefer the ‘shut me up’ way. I know that girls are said to be ridiculous. Not that I am saying this as a girl, I am saying this because I understand why girls are acting like this. You can say that they want to get attention. However, sometimes, they just want to see how well their men can handle them.

    Sometimes when both parties are getting hot in an argument, what we need is less talking and less hurting each other. How nice if a guy can just kiss me and shut me up instantly. As he kissed, his eyes just tell you that he loves you. His kisses say that he tolerates the angry you. His touch says that he does not want to lose you no matter what. And how romantic is that.

    If a guy can handle an angry girlfriend, nothing can go that wrong in relationship.


  115. I find men attractive when they

    1)are in uniforms and suits ( yes i totally agree with you). It turns me on!

    2) are wearing steel watches... like how Brad Pitt having Tag Heuer watch on his wrist. Sexy!

    3)smell good. I like men who are clean-looking too.

    4) mysterious & shy.. I find them really attractive.

    5) having their spectacles on... I mean those men who do wear spectacles. They do really look smart-looking to me. =)


  116. oh crap oh crap oh crap, my email is yingling@gmail.com

    am i too lateee? :(

  117. Nothing beats when my boyfriend:

    - Never fail to send me a sweet good night msg every night before i sleep to ensure that he's the one i think of at the end of the night and to make sure that i sleep wit a wide smile on my face

    - Send little sms-es eventhough he's so bz wit his work jus to remind me that he hasn't forget about me..

    - Stayed up late at night to talk to me even though he is nodding off wit sleepiness

    - Talks about our future, how he wants our house to be decorated etc.. (No, it doesn't freak me out)

    - Act silly jus to make me laugh when i'm really stressed out although he has his own things to worry about at the same time..

    It's not how much money that u spend on a girl, its the time and effort that shows that u truly and sincerely are in love.. This is why i'm so deeply in love wit my bf!!

  118. Ying Ling,

    Just visited your blog. Your writing is amazing for a girl your age. Its funny, witty and full of contemporary humor. Really enjoyed it; good luck for your coming exams, and do keep me posted on how ur prom dress shopping goes. You have fantastic taste in shoes as well.

  119. 3 words.

    Sheer. Assed. Confidence.

    If I may refer you to.
    Antonio Bandaras, in Take the lead. Al Pacino, scent of a woman.

    When a man stands up and decides to BE a man.