First Night in Bangkok

Shote Note: remember my shrieking on the string strap ride? This is my published article on my experience about the ride. Or watch me shouting my head off again here.

Note: I wrote this piece on my first night in Bangkok, photos were added on later

Air Asia once again delayed its flight and for the second time, I was actually relieved it did, because my travel buddy, Shawn, would have missed the flight if it was to depart on time. (The first time was during my Bali trip, the flight delay managed to provide me enough time to go on white water rafting, which is an awesome experience)

playing switching off my phone on the plane

Getting to my hotel was easy on my arrival at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

so many ppl at the custom

It was passed midnight when the plane landed and the last express bus from the airport to Sukhumvit has left, so I was left with no other option but the public taxi. Which turned out to be a good choice because then I didn't have to trouble myself in finding the location of the Youth Hostel if arriving by bus.

Hidden in an alleyway, I doubt anyone can see this if walking on foot

First cam whore in Bangkok

The Hi-Sukhumvit Hostel is the highest rated hostel on, the reviews given by backpackers who stayed here before were splendid. It was because of this,I booked my three days stay in Bangkok into the female dorm here.

Decorated in wooden furniture, the place provides a soothing and homely ambience to its visitors. The receptionist was beyond friendly and the hostel has a wide range of facilities that suits your every need, from wifi service to towels lending (for free); kitchen to public telephone; book exchange to free toasts breakfast served with tea and coffee.

Photo taken in the morning


It's the perfect paradise for travellers. Situated in the hearth of Bangkok, the hostel has easy access to any part of Bangkok as BTS (Skytrain) is just around the corner off Sukhumvit Road, next to 7-11.

nice environment to chill

travellers from all walks of the world

My first night in Bangkok was welcoming. Conveniently located at the corner near the hostel, there's a small pathway clamped with food stalls, tables and stools at night. Brightly lighted, it is impossible to miss, and also the first reason it caught my attention on the way here.


Locally known (according to some New Yorkers - the irony, who turned out to be a travel blogger coincidentally, I met there who had stayed in Bangkok for four years) to be a very famous local area serving the best delicacies and small eateries in Bangkok. Whenever they made a trip to Bangkok, this is the must-visit place.

Thai Coconut 25 baht


Phad Thai 40 baht

Have to try this, you just have to try this, it's so good I don't know where to begin

Thai Macaroni 40 baht

This is my personal favourite

Coconut milk Sticky Rice with Mango 70 baht
Durian 100 baht


I know sticky rice is a bit pricey compare to normal sticky rice found else where, but it is the best sticky rice in the whole of bangkok, so soft, so very soft; and the coconut milk, so frangrantly thick.

I'll definitely recommend the sticky rice, but skip the durian, it's a rip off and it's not ripe

This place is in Sukhumvit Road Soi 38. Whenever you're in Bangkok, look for this place, take the skytrain to Sukhumvit, the alleyway is just next to the BTS (skytrain) The local just call it Soi 38. Or just hop onto the meter taxi just say Soi 38.

It would be especially packed after 2am every morning because clubbers from around the area would head to this place after their intense partying.

It has only been the first night, and I can't wait for the rest of my Bangkok Trip.


13 kissed Nicole

  1. the food look nice.i think i should make a trip to bangkok

  2. Phad Thai looks exactly like char koey tiao hor? Wat is the white-ish thing they put on it? Well..certainly looks appetizing.
    Am planning a beach retreat in thai soon.....your entry(s) would definitely come in handy.Thanks!!

    Lucky for me Durians, rambutans, pandan coconuts..etc (all kampung fruits) are very cheap and abundant here up north!

  3. how is the tiger show ?

    that should be more interesting !

  4. wah .. damn yummy .....

  5. Mummy said that phad thai is like fried noodles (kway teow) with comes with kacang. the white thing MAYBE crab meat :)

    Mum loves phad thai .. and considered it as an economical but delicious food :)

    But Mish loves Pad Kah Poh (Basil with mixed meat) with hot rice. That would be fantastic!

  6. i hate thai durians... dunno y the hell they eat hard durians... thanks for the hostelsworld site... pretty useful

  7. thai durians are laden with residual pesticides...dun eat so much.

    thank you for the info misha. :)
    but basil?....i hate basil..... :P

  8. thanks for the next destination...

  9. Hey Babe,
    Nice place you have there...tink im planning to go to Bangkok tis sept...

  10. Timely review cuz I'm planning to stopover in BKK in a couple of weeks and was looking at the HI-BKK hostel too.

    Looks like a good place to crash at.

    BTW, planning to be in KL next next week; when do you want to go back to Marche? =)

  11. now i'm hungry :/ ... i wan Thai Macaroniiii.... *drooling again*

  12. One of the water temples there i kena ugut by the lady with a giant snake around her neck. Careful of these people, there are more of them psf in bangkok than in china.

  13. Thai food rocks!! My all time favourite Thai food is Pad kaphrao (A mince meat dish with sticky rice).The best i had was out of bangkok near the southern bus station.