Singapore, here I come!

Reaching Singapore was a bliss when my friend bought me the most expensive bus ride I have ever taken. If a 25 seater bus is considered as VVIP seatings, then what I have taken must have been VVVVVIP seatings.

Having reached the station at 8.00 sharp in the morning on the 28th Oct, I was immediately directed to the lounge to wait for the bus to depart. What?! Lounge?? I entered and saw already a bunch of people having tea and coffee on sofas chit-chatting or watching TV's.

I felt bizzared as I led myself into the space and sat on the nearest sofa to the exit. 5 minutes into waiting, a guy in uniform stopped beside and asked for my bus ticket while at the same time enquiring if I wanted tea or coffee. Huh? Am I boarding a bus or in a coffee shop? Holy cow, there's waiters to our acquaintances?? I shyly declined of course, kampung girl ma~.

After getting on the bus, I was fascinated by my surroundings as I situated myself comfortably in my sofa size seat. What I saw in front of my was this!!

Mini TV screen behind every seat

Holy mother of god~!

The rest of the bus looked like this!

Uncle, you looked damn relaxed right~

5 minutes later, an announcement came up: "Good morning ladies and gentlemen, you are boarding NICE++ 8:30am bus ride to Singapore, we will depart shortly. Your driver today is Mr. XX and I am your stewardess for today XXX. Please ask for me if you need any help. Thank you."

Wtf?? MAS Airline ka?

30 minutes after departure, as I just settled down to relax after playing with the TV, receive pillow and ask for duvet cover from the stewardess, this was placed in front of me.

Breakfast is served!! - sandwich and chocolate bar

Wa lao, if not for the scenery outside reminding me I was on road, I am convinced that I have just accidentally boarded a plane.

I watched half a movie before dozing off. The journey lasted for 5 hours departing from KL, but I barely feel any time has passed since I got on the bus.

Fit for the kings, indeed.


2 kissed Nicole

  1. NICE would be glad... to see this entry... haha.. u should collect a fee from them ... for product placement...keke

  2. gee which bus service did you took??!!!! it look so cool inside... tell me tell me. the preparation for the "day" seems like fun... but some of the custume looks kind of scary especially the last one where she i mean he dressed up like chun li. Never the less... i would have bed the girl that you would if you were a guy... hai hai... next year then... :P hihi...