Nicolekiss in Toon Town, Tokyo Disneyland

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I know that Japan is the ultimate traveling destination for many out there. Especially for those Manga and Anime fanatics, or people who have been heavily influenced by Japanisation. (I know I have)

Ever since my visit to Europe three years ago, Japan has topped my dream destination above anywhere else (it used to be England when I was 17). And I feel very blessed just to be able to visit this beautiful country. So much I’m actually quite content with traveling for this year, therefore giving me time to finish my last term of Master course.

Since I can’t bring you there, I am going to post many many many many photos here. :D

Following my arrival at Tokyo Disneyland, I proceeded to Toon Town, where Mickey Mouse stays.

jolly trolley

Here in Japan Disneyland, the Japanese are quite the anime characters themselves.

mini hat 1
Matching mother and son prisoner tops

Notice that two little hat-hair-clip on each of the girl’s head?

It’s everywhere. They’re selling it in every store in every land. Tomorrow Land, Cowboy Land, Porn and Sex Land (you wish!)…

It’s gender-less

mini hat 2

It doesn’t matter if you’re ill.

mini hat 3

Or wear it with the cutest Japanese school girl uniforms.

mini hat 4

I don’t know what’s come over me. But I seriously have this fetish over their school girl uniforms. They’re just so cute, they made the girls there look cute, the girls are cute.

If I’m born a guy, I would wish to have my girlfriend wear kinky school uniforms everyday.

I had a bit of problem going for the rides in Toon Town.

As the name suggested, it’s mainly for kids.

height measurement
Goofy Height Measurement

So what I can do is look.

goofy house
Goofy house

From outside.

goofy house 2

Next to it stood Miss Daisy’s boat.

miss daisy boat

I got on top of the boat with the other children.

daisy bath tub

I didn’t see daisy till when I got off the boat though.

lady daisy
How’s it hanging there lady?

I kinda feel out of place with all the children running around tagging their parent’s shirts and shouting in enthusiasm. But hey, I’m a kid at heart. :D

I always believe that you’re never too old for theme parks. NEVER!!! They don’t spend millions and millions to build rides that will bring school kids crying home, no.. Those are adult’s rides. In a way, theme parks are meant for grown ups like us. Despite most of my macho-act-grown-up-and-mature friends keep telling me otherwise. Hmph!

The star spot of this town, however, is this.

mickey house entrance
Yea, I only recognized the first two words.

Where you find Mickey’s hedge plant at his front yard.

Mickey bush
Mickey bush... don't get any wrong idea

And his pet, Pluto.

pluto bush

My suggestion is, unless you’re really a big big big big fan of Mickey AND you cannot NOT visit Mickey when you go to Disneyland, else you will die and the whole point of you visiting Disneyland at all is just to see a mouse…

I strongly suggest that you either come really really early to the park, or don’t visit this house at all.

The queue is manic. You might not see it from outside, when there’s hidden spiraling queues hidden inside. It will take an idiot just to stand for hours just to get to the front porch.

me posing at mickey house entrance
Yes, I’m that idiot.

And I bring to you, Mickey Mouse House.

fake parcel

mickey glove book holder

mickey telephone

Nicolekiss in da house
Nicolekiss in da house~

Everything in this house is so fakely big and colourful. What’s the word? Ermm… Very.. cartoonish…

trophy shelf

pluto's basket
Pluto’s basket

laundry area
Super antique washing machine

I wish I can live in a house like this.

me playing piano

Though I can do without the fake broom and mop.

broom and mop

Or a fake garden


Fake flowers pots stack up slantingly just seems unnecessary.

pots and flowers


Then I saw some really classic Mickey old old posters.

mickey old posters

And photo frames of the old Mickey and Minnie image.

mickey wardrobe

And finally, MICKEY!!!


With ME!!!!

Nicolekiss and Mickey Mouse
Two mice in da house! (wait, I’m a rat zodiac)

On my way out I manage to wait for my turn among the other kids of 3-6 years old to get a ride in Mickey red mini.

Mickey Car

Do you know all the photos with me inside are taken by anonymous visitors of the park?

Including this one standing in front of Minnie’s house.

me in front of minnie house
taken by the staff there

The rest of Toon Town is pretty much filled with brilliant outstanding rainbow colours and exaggerated furnitures.

chip and dale treehouse
Chip and dale treehouse

city hall

Even the birds seem to get confused with the oddly beautiful place.


I highly recommend people to save up enough money to make that dream to Japan come true next year. Because you know what, year 2008 is the year where Tokyo Disneyland celebrates its 25th anniversary and the grand opening is going to be massive.

So finally, I present to you. Toon Town of Tokyo Disneyland!!


Notice the grandpa pushing a wheel-chaired grandma in the pic?

He helped me took this photo in front of the Roger Rabbit fountain.

rabbit fountain

Not a bad shot ei?


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  1. I sure will drag my bf to bring me to Tokyo!! Disneyland is such a cool place :D

  2. Tokyo Disneyland looks great! Nice pics you took!

  3. And also those 'they' took!

  4. nicole,

    i saw u at pasta fasta in the curve that u?! kekeke

  5. Hiya Nicole jiejie! Sayu here~ (lazy to log in.)

    I love Tokyo DisneyLand/DisneySEA~~~ Did you go to DisneySEA by the way? It is way fun at both parks. Well actually they are apparently built for adults, so don't worry. I hope you had lots of fun there! =)

  6. Nicole is an Idiot.

  7. Theme parks are meant for adults! Kids are juz the that adults can play without blemishing the macho image :P

  8. you've successfully convinced me to put tokyo on the top of my list of places to visit.

    p/s: Mickey Mouse = my childhood hero! =D

  9. tokyo's disneyland's so nice!!! so different from orlando's. :D

  10. I like their uniforms..very those in Manga..wish we have them here.. =)

  11. I like their uniforms..very those in Manga..wish we have them here.. =)

  12. www.alistairlihai.com22/10/07 12:41 AM

    Nice post!!I notice the people there are extremely fashionable.

  13. OMG NICOLE WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? that top? and sneakers? why why why why WHY


  14. It's nice to see Tokyo Disneyland from your perspective. I was there on Christmas Day 06 and this is my perpective of the place -

  15. melissa lky22/10/07 8:24 AM

    lol.. see!.. i told u that she's just sucking up on kenny's popularity!.. it just proved that she needs to have somthg hooked up with kenny to get herself more 'famous' bleh.. wat a loser!

    i sincerely pity sam.. no one knows more, thn someone who has been through the same shit of having a 3rd party in a r'ship. god bless u~

  16. melissa, hehehe...ur sucking is interesting...erh...i mean sucking-theory. So, kenny's 'sucking' of black-aye-pee in bangkok now is ok according to your theory? Let them blog what they want lah. Don't you prefer to read interesting postings?

    What has sam's predicament got to do with kenny or nicole? Who is kenny's gf now and who is nicole's bf now? Do you know enough to hit around the bush? You're a very sophisticated (or confused?) rumuour-monger leh.

  17. ooO must be nice, last i went there I opted to go to DisneySea instead.

  18. I'm going to Japan next month and I'm so excited, more so with your pictures that makes my heart beats in drum-like sounds! Can't wait!!! *wheeeeeeeeeee

  19. lol nice place...actually cute. Never been to disney land...sigh

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    So for guys who are always only *THINKING* of making the first move but NEVER seem to get there, maybe its time to actually PUT your balls in your pants and USE THEM for once.

  21. oh that uncle has magic hands!

  22. I have been to Disney Land before but then to me, the place isn't that fun.. itz quite big but boring.. n i couldn't agree more with you bout the crowd.. itz insane, moreover i went there few days before Christmas last year..

  23. omgosh thanx for the pictures and all i relli wanted to know what the hole toontown bit would look like coz im OBSSESED WITH TOONTOWN im 14 lol and my freiend david is also obseessed with me =p anyway we are going to Japan next yr with the school and we get to go to DISNEYLAND omgosh me and david are so like going to take pictures of everything in toontown lol anyway...just thought i should let u know of my excitement lol

    P.S I LOVE TOOON TOWN!!!!!!!!!

  24. those mini hat is cute. U can get handmade one here also. ;-)