Nicolekiss in Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland was almost a miss during my visit to Japan.

My friend fell sick on the last morning of my stay in Tokyo before I take the ShinKansen (Bullet Train) back to Osaka.

I was getting rather disappointed as Tokyo Disneyland was one of my main highlights to visiting Japan (the only other Disneyland I ever been was in L.A., USA when I was 12). Unknown to most, Tokyo Disneyland is the first ever Disneyland to be built outside of the United States. It’s even older than me, opened on 15th April 1983.

But then I was online chatting to Timothy that morning, and he encouraged me to go ahead with it anyway even if it meant going alone.

So I did.

After 25 minutes of changing tubes and walking in between terminals, I finally arrived at the first entrance of Disneyland.

Tokyo Disneyland Entrance

Here you will find the biggest Disney Merchandize store in Asia, it’s humongous; from shirts, to cups, to key chains of Jack Sparrow to an entire bathroom. And I thought Puroland’s Hello Kitty store was big.

As you walk further you will see the second entrance linking to Disneyland.

Tokyo Disneyland Second Entrance

Infrastructure of Disney Entrance
Looks like an 19th century American train station

I passed by a Disney Bus on the way.

Disney Bus

So far I have not seen Disneyland yet.

Then I reached the ticketing counter.

Entrance Fees
Click for larger image

An adult ticket will cost 5800 yen, which is around RM167 or USD 50 for a one day pass. One day pass junior ticket (age 12 - 17) costs 5000 yen (RM144 or USD 43) and children’s ticket (age 4 – 11) will be 3,900 yen (RM112 or USD33).

There are also other prices for two- up to four-day passes.

I was getting restless at this point. When can I reach Disneyland!

Once over the ticketing machines, I could hear Pocahontas “Colors of the wind” playing in the distance. Finally!

Entrance 3
3rd Entrance

And guess who I first bumped into?


daisy duck

Then it was Pluto. *updated*


Mickey wasn’t difficult to spot at all.

mickey mouse

Provided that was a freakishly long queue easily visible next to him so visitors can get his signature and photo taken.

Beyond the third entrance is the World Bazaar.

Shops in Tokyo Disneyland
Inside a glass canopy

Where you find all the themed shops and restaurants clustered.

The building then lead onto a street calls the Main Street, themed after Walt Disney's hometown of Marceline, Missouri and the film “Lady and the Tramp”, you will find yourself set into an American town back in the early 1900s.

On the other end of the Main Street lies the legendary Cinderella Castle. One of the wonders of Disneyland around the world.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

*updated* note: Sleeping Beauty Castles were built in LA, Hong Kong and Paris Disneyland; whereas Cinderella Castles were built in Disneyworld (Florida) and Tokyo Disneyland.

Minutes after I arrived, an open air stage performance was carried out.

Wet Performance at Tokyo Disneyland
See the tiny Minnie with few dancers below the castle?

Nearby I saw two Kimono girls hiding from an invisible rain that I must have missed.

Kimono girls

It was only seconds later that I realized where the rain was coming from.

The stage.

Wet Performance 2

The water shoots all the way from the castle to where I am standing. Holy Shite!

There’s no where to run. Everyone was wet by the end of the show.

But nothing thrills me more than meeting him. Walt Disney himself!

Walt Disney statue
“Mickey, one day you will become a star!”

This is me stealing the limelight of Walt Disney and Mickey.

Me posing in front of Walt Disney

Next, Toon Town! Oh… I love cartoons!

Toon Town

Getting to Tokyo Disneyland:

By train: from Tokyo (東京) station, take the JR Keiyo Line to Maihama (舞浜), Tokyo Disneyland is just opposite the station.


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  1. that's pluto! not goofy.hehehe..

  2. oo tokyo disneyland!! and haha yea that's pluto not goofy.

    no offence nicol but what the hell are you wearing.


  3. Cool Nicole, first was kitty land and now disney land...

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  6. Its Cinderella's Castle!

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    Is Daisy wearing Crocs?

    Nice blouse, btw.

  9. Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida is much better than Disneyland! I would much recommend Animal Kingdom, Epcot and MGM (skip magical kingdom)

  10. i went to disneyworld when i was 12.. it was really grrreat!! i totally love epcot.. and that lilo and stitch game.. *sigh*

  11. More pictures please? I've been to all of them except Tokyo Disneyland. Magical kingdom has the best fireworks!

  12. lol din know got 2 types of castles thought it was the same one for all disneylands
    nice pics bring back good disney memories

  13. Tokyo Disneyland looks nice yeah :D I went to Paris Disneyland once. Not quite as nice. Got the urge to post abt it now though :D Soon will do so! :))

  14. nice post leh...

    so throurought too

  15. Oh i'm so jelous with you.
    I never go to Disneyland.
    I want to go that place, i wish i can go, but i don't think so

  16. Nicole, you definately have a very bad fashion sense. What are you wearing? The top and your sneakers are totally opposite of each other LOLS...

    BTW< your pics are nice.

  17. okay, I am coming back to japan next month. You are so cute and young, let's start exchanging pictures and messages and get to know each other. I love your blog.

  18. okay, I am coming back to japan next month. You are so cute and young, let's start exchanging pictures and messages and get to know each other. I love your blog.

  19. Cool! that was amazing,right?

  20. that's cool..
    tokyo disneyland is awesome.. n nice photos..

    Disneyland Trips

  21. Hi Nicole!I'm your biggest follower. Thanks for posting the coolest pics and entries!Just in case you have the time to read other blogs, I'd like to share with you my Japan sojourn at You'll be pleased to know that you inspired me to start blogging.Love your tie-die shirt by the way. More power!