My Pageantry Macau Trip

Note: My dad was admitted to the hospital two days ago due to leg failure just when I was checking in to the Macau airport flying back with the rest of the girls. So now I am back home taking care of my dad. Will be absent from the pageant week.

Who could ask for a better first Macau visit staying in one of the finest hotels in the area, eat the best food and get to gamble in one of the best casino in the world. Such experience turned from perfect to dream state when your trip is accompanied by 15 god sent beautiful girls and guarded by incredibly mouth-watering hunks(suited guys turn me on, don't ask why, they just do).

me on plane
on the plane to macau

Grand Waldo Hotel
Grand Waldo Hotel outer view

LCD screen
LCD in the hotel room, can I take it back?

pretty and delicious

nice ham


portugese eggtart
the famous Macau portugese eggtart, these are delicious!


my dinner
what I ate

We went on a city tour,

Macau Tower
View of Macau Tower from the bridge

Macau Old Town
Macau Old Town

there are some camera men,


then there are more,


and some more,


then they are everywhere!

Cut it out already!

Of course, there are the girls... (I haven't forgot about them ;) )

me and grace
my roomie Grace and I

some girls
Nadine, Christina and Me

Grace, Me, Janice and Jacqualine

Deborah, Stephanie, Jacqualine, Evana, Jezzamine, Grace, Janice and Nadine *Phew*

..... Why do I even bother! go here look for their names

And there's me!!!!

behind Warner's Macau Tower Building

Two days passed fairly fast, a quick fashion show, a city tour, two karaoke sessions, a formal dinner, two buffet meals, and tons of make ups later, we found ourselves back at the airport ready to return to the Palace for the start of the pageant week. :(

Since all the bodyguards were so serious all the time, I thought it would be cool to take group photo with all of them at the terminal (only seven of them acquainted us to the airport). Like I'm surrounded by MIBs. Woohoo...

bodyguards and me

Mmm... Something's missing. I can't tell what.. Oh I know (*Walked to the first guy and moved his posture...etc)

Some 2 minutes later...

Ta da!!!

V pose

I think I just sabotaged their first bodyguard's image. *Evil Laugh*


16 kissed Nicole

  1. I like the last pic.. They all so not cool anymore but CUTE with the peace sign.. LoL..

    and Nicole, may Uncle recover soon :)

  2. sory to hear tat no wonder u so down.....

  3. I haven't had my dinner yet and the food makes me hungry!

    Hope your dad recover soon!

  4. hordes of paparazzi following u around?!?! alot of girls out there would crave to be in ur shoes!

    Wah u manage to charm the guards the Msian way into in acting cute!

  5. sweet nic you take good care of yourself and your dad...btw, are you going to miss the contest then?

  6. omg! the makeup for the gals really sucks! i think u guys would look better without it o_O

  7. yeah, hope ur dad would get well soon
    and yeah, the make up... (shaking my head)

  8. i'm sure your dad will get well real soon =)

  9. First off, I wish ur dad good health and hopefully he recovers soon...

    Second of all, the make up artist for the pageant contest sucks! You girls look better without make up. Honest!

    Nicole, all that being said, can we switch bodies just for a day? Man, I love your life. Hotel with LCD? dSLRs shooting at me? Man...... stupid Nicole.... stupid stupid Nicole... (Scolding loudly so that Nicole can hear... la la la...) hahaha... sounds familiar? :P C'mon, switch for a day, aye? ;)

  10. Hope your dad recovers soon. I'll remember him in my prayers. You take care ya!

    *drools* at the food...(need to say more?)

    Yeah, they should sack the make up artist lah.

  11. Hope yr dad gets better and best of luck to u!

  12. the purposely put all the nice food there de...see which gurl cannot resist the temptation, eat eat eat then bcome fat.... u didn't eat rite?

  13. Take gd care of yr dad & pray for his speedy recovery.

  14. Sincerely hope ur dad will get better in the hospital. We will pray for u.

  15. Nick..u'r pretty, hope u dad okay...cayooo


  16. Great post!
    Macau is such a wonderful place. Like they say in Portuguese, “não há outra mais leal” (there is no other more loyal).
    Helder Fraguas