The Emerald Krabi – Rock Climbing

Krabi is situated in Krabi Province of the Southern Thailand, covering an area of 4,708 square kilometers facing the Andaman Sea in the west, has a beautiful term as the Emerald on the Andaman Sea.


Home to many natural marine lives, stretches of virgin coral reefs and numerous islands and caves, Krabi is most famous for their remarkable limestone cliffs and rock formations

And hence one of the main activities in Krabi is – Rock Climbing. Believe it, many extreme adventure seeker come to this place, solely to look for a high challenge on the steep wall of nature.

krabi coastal cliff

It was the second day of my trip in Krabi, the waves were not as choppy that morning. So we went out to sea on a speed boat to see the beautiful coastal cliffs and island landscapes of the Andaman Sea’s jewel.

posing on boat
I like my AirAsia cap

The ride was really really bumpy despite the calm waves. Imagine this, I was standing on the front deck of the boat, and when the boat hit a coming wave, I would be bounced 2 feet into the sky, it was like a trampoline at sea.

island in krabi

I wanted to stay on the boat forever, but we arrived at our destination some 30 minutes later. How time flies when you’re having fun~

The boatman climbed in front to anchor the yacht.


It’s amazing how these people can steady themselves so well on the edge of the boat. I mean, what if he falls huh? And stepped on a sea urchin or something, don’t think I’m kidding, two guys stepped on few while snorkeling that day.

Well, at least you know you’re pretty close to nature this way, lol. And bet sea urchins do come cheap here.

Apart from meeting many other foreign rock climbers here, the amazing structure of the cliff facing the sea makes climbing on vertical walls seems a lot more fun, and romantic.


Better than climbing fake stones pin on flat walls in shopping complexes or indoor theme parks anyway.

rock climbing stone

Fake stone with holes! Ridiculous!!

indoor rock climbing


Krabi has the real thing man!

Just look at how high this baby (the wall I mean) can go.

extreme rock climbing 1


extreme rock climbing 2

And higher

extreme rock climbing 3
Oh look mommy, no hands.

You don’t find shopping complexes built that high do you?

That mini guy on the cliff you see there is the lead climber. It means he’s the first to climb the cliff, without any safety rope. Basically a lead climber climbs up cliff at any height to hook ropes to safety pins that was already fixed into the cliff so climbers can climb safely.

I was sweating just looking at him hanging with his fingers some 30 feet above ground, rope-less....

My challenge…however, is this. The little baby next to the big manly cliff.

junior rock climbing

prepare for rock climbing
Me putting on my safety harness

Honestly I never though I could do it. But rock climbing, as I learned, it not all about using pure arm and finger strength (neither which I have); the most important part is to hook your hands onto the rocks, and push yourself up with your legs.

nicole on rock

The trick however, is focus. Focus really hard on the rocks, find your next curve or point where you can grab onto with your fingers. And before I knew it, I have reached the top with ease (after much screaming and wailing). No sweat.

Once you’re up there, hang around, the view is great!

rock climbing krabi

While I was attempting the small and easy climb, this dude was doing a jump-and-climb stunt.

rock climber

Reminds me of the shell crab on the sand crawling next to me.

krab in krabi

If climbing is not your cuppa tea, just chill and look at the other climbers do their thing. It’s not as boring as it sounds, really. (click video)

“La, la, la” (pretending to look at my fingers)

Quoted from wikitravel:

Krabi is “the preeminent location for rock climbing in Asia and possibly the world”.


World class rock climbing!! Accessible in our neighboring country! And you can get there from just RM59.90 through AirAsia now!

To think how lucky we are, those Europeans and Americans have to fly through half the globe just to come here. Sure you can rock climb in Europe and US too, but this is ultimate tropical getaway! The sun, the sea, fun and (most importantly) CHEAP!!

(Don’t ask me how cheap, everything in Thailand is cheap)

At the end of the day, the guy from the boat gave us a delightful surprise by serving us lunch from the sea.

waiter on water
Water waiter


Good food, friendly service, nice ‘views’, etc. Me like~


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  17. You shouldn't say climbing a fake rock with holes is ridiculous or boring because not everyone can afford to fly over for the real thing every weekend.

    I understand you're just sharing a great trip you had, but it's not fair to say it as though those who wall climb a fake rock with holes don't enjoy themselves thoroughly as well.

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