A new form of twitter is in town

Short Note: Stupid stupid TMNET. Streamyx's been down whole day and I can't even upload or update my new entry on Tokyo Disneyland. I'm posting this from a friend's house. I'm on a roll with advertorials. :D

Hope tomorrow will be better, or I'll set TMNET on fire.

It has a cute name.

Remember Pacman - the cute little ghost eating yellow head, the game we used to play when we were young?

It’s called PacMee.

pacmee logo
Ermm, the pacmans or pacmen look like they are kissing

I think it’s cheap. Only RM0.05 per pac + standard SMS fee when you update from your mobile phone, anywhere. FOC if you update through the website. And the design is so much cuter, it even got a little me on it.

What’s more, it’s only exclusively for Maxis and Hotlink users in Malaysia. (now you only have to guess what are the other 7 digits of my mobile number are to call me, ke ke ke, OR, you could follow me on PacMee)

There’s a lot of other functions too, like blocking people (can come in handy), and sending direct message through PacMee (please don’t spam me). Yes! Now you can send me direct SMS without knowing my phone number. I wonder if that is such a good thing, again, please don’t spam me. Go spam Kenny instead.


Now no matter where I am, or which country I am in (except Japan since they don’t use GSM there therefore my phone is practically useless in that country), I can update my notifications to PacMee so readers can know what kind of mischief I am up to, in Vietnam, Thailand, USA…etc.

I have a very cool account here. Go check it out. You can follow me for only RM0.25 per month. Cheap huh!! Easy to sign up, just sms to 22700; the rest… figure it out yourself, la la la.

From now on, I’m eating noodles. Get it? PacMee, pack mee. No?

Okay shut up.

PS// When I was in Vietnam, both Kenny's and my mobile phones somehow couldn't call or text one another. So the only method we were communicating was via the direct messages service from Pacmee. How cool is that.

Espcially when Kenny went missing in the middle of the night on his bicycle (he got lost). Bahaha...


6 kissed Nicole

  1. Super Gentleman20/10/07 2:12 AM

    Kenny got lost?!?! On a bicycle?!?! hahahhaz... did he cry?? lol...

  2. sounds great but i'm using digi :)

  3. Nicole very 'chiu hu meen'. One look can tell that she is from Malaysia

  4. ya...kick tmnet! ;)

  5. Im still looking for nice hotlink number.. hmm..

  6. ya... pacmee rockz!!! i got mine too... and also followers... wukakakaka....