I'm on drugs

Short Note: Thanks everyone

Flu flu and flu.

Flu for the past 5 days. Nose like a water pipe.

Resorting to flu pills.

*digs back into bed*


20 kissed Nicole

  1. Aww..poor Nicole. Hope u get better soon.

  2. Thick creamy chicken soup, lots of sleep and lemon juice should do the trick... as for the drippy nose, lie down on your stomach and place your head at the end of the bed, put a bucket underneath your chin and repeat the process everytime the bucket is full.

  3. Super Gentleman1/10/07 2:07 PM

    owhh shucks... get well soon... hehe..

  4. Too much ice cream perhaps?
    Well, there's no better medicine than just snuggling in a cosy bed and sleeping the day off...
    Lepas tu bos marah sebab ponteng kerja...

  5. Go see a doctor. Docs give stronger drugs which will cause you to rest better, recover faster and in the process, dream about Silvia Saint. Well at least I did.

    Get well soon.

  6. Rest and rest and rest, and you'll recover faster. And take lotsa vitamin C :D

  7. Dear Nicole,

    You're so famie,
    And I'm nobody,
    Profi profi replied to Chubby,
    Chubby Chubby felt so happie,
    Saying saying thank u to the big honey,
    Silly silly will pledge to follow thee,
    Now Chubby is thinking of Kitty and the Vietnamie,
    Sincerely from a very silly Chubby... (^_^)"

    Yours the truely,
    Chubby the Chin...

  8. You neeed rest and lotsa fluids...thats what the Dr says to me each time I have flu....stop blogging for a while. You deserve a good rest dear......pray that you will have a speedy recovery....


  9. Stop Taking ECSTASY !!! :D
    Rest and Rest .. All you need to do

  10. nicole,try taking some fresh garlic.it works for me.

  11. Only 3 things left to do; rest, rest and rest :)

  12. get well... and being blogger it is always not an easy thingy to please everyone, i had my bad run too, to the extent it ruin my working life...

    rest well ya...

  13. Drink more water (warm one will help to 'turn off' the water pipe, temporary).

  14. better still, just pop some Panadol. tht will do the job. though from my professional point of view, i recommend more intake of vitamin B for immunity and vitamin C for speedy recovery. if not, just stick to Panadol

  15. get well soon!!! i always take Panadol C or Solubles for my flu.. find it very effective....

    get well soon !!!

  16. hope u will get well soon.. miss your blog.. =)

  17. Clarinase.. a miracle in a capsule.

  18. get well! a piece of advice, you cannot control what people think or say about you, so do what I do, ignore

  19. can i get some choccies for you?

  20. yup .... Clarinase!!! instant result