Malaysian Idol 2 Up Close and Personal

Note: I am (might be) going to interview Daniel Lee today. Can I ask question like: how’s the weather down there?

Note again: No Daniel was harmed or insulted in the process. So Daniel’s fans, chill~

Cute, isn’t he?

Daniel Lee, winner of Malaysia Idol 2, is finally releasing his second album 'unavoidable'. And I need to attend this press conference in another hour and a half. So going to screw up! For sure. My mind'll just go blank when I see him and I'll just fumble.

No, I am not nervous! But with all the media and fans surrounding him, big shot press with huge video cam recording and DSLRs flashing away, squeezing and pushing their ways so they could get a better spot and angle and probably… an exclusive interview with him. Me holding my teeny 5.2 mega-pix digital cam with a business-y sling-on bag will just appear soooooooooo….. inferior……….. T____T

……. better wear 5-inch heels before I go out.

Let’s assume I get the chance to interview him, say for 5 minutes. I should be thinking of a list of possible questions I should be asking him now shouldn’t I? Instead of blogging right here isn’t it? Erm…

Brainstorm questions:

  1. Daniel, how many girlfriends do you have?

  2. Daniel, can I call you Dan? Tell me then, how many exes did you have?

  3. Daniel, do you like chocolates? Because I lurrvee chocolates~~

  4. Can I have your msn account?

  5. Do you have a personal blog that no one knows?

  6. (Regardless of yes or no) Can I read that blog?

  7. How tall are you Daniel?

  8. Are you sure you are THAT tall?

  9. Hey Dan, psst, between you and me, do you like guys?

  10. HAHAHAHA (laugh hysterically to whatever response he gives followed by a serious face). No really, do you?

  11. Ok, last question. It’s okay you don’t wish to answer question 1 and 2. No worries, so Daniel… how many boyfriends do you have?

I’ll probably lose my job the following day.


17 kissed Nicole

  1. Just go straight to 9, 10 and 11. Muahahahaha!

  2. wicked....if you reeeally asked those question...i think the editors for some major tabloids will call you rite away!

    confession: i did vote for him, not knowing who he was at that time..but js to 'please' my boss who happens to be his (Daniel) mother's sister's uncle's brother's son...(or something like that).

  3. You'll interview him? Cool! I admire him a lot. Hope that you got the chance to ask some of those freaky questions. hehe....

  4. Gosh... are you going to ask those questions? Hahaha... that is cool if he answered all of them and you post it into your blog!! (except the question number 4 & 5).

  5. he's from Changloon, a place near my Uni but I don't see him much there also.. ask him why.. lolz

  6. haha... i think he's too cute to answer all those questions! lol...

  7. he actually has a blog:D

  8. Nicole, I was enjoying this piece of chocolate.... and almost chocked myself with it reading your questions.. *cough cough...

  9. Suggestion for question 12.

    12. Ok, nevermind how many bfs. So, are you the "poker" or the "pokee"?


  10. =jaecywong=, thx for the link....

  11. yes... he is cute.
    albeit... i am more certain than ever that he would be asking more questions 'bout u instead... if he is straight ;). com'on you are sooo BEAUTIFUL ^^

  12. gallivanter: I was really tempted to.. >_<

    sheon: ooo... ass kisser huh, good! You'll go far in life. lol

    curryegg: I did actually. :D

    kenny: that... wud be impossible, my editor wud probably kill me

    fookiat: where is changloon?

    eve: but he did obediently answer most of my questions without fail

    =jaecywong=: thanks! I'm lazy to look it up in his forum. Haha

    jc: *shy* *hand over cough medicine*

    69ner: ooo.. by then I'll be thrown out instead of walking out

    domhon: -___________-

  13.'re NUTS and I love it~~~

    Sure look forward to read those questions you will ask him...I guarantee you, your next job will be with an international company. Not TMNet. And certainly not in Malaysia...


  14. no need to kiss his ass....since he's already a close fren. basically we just traded votes lah....coz he repaid my sincere kindness by voting for my fren in ms chinese pageant.....

    hmmm....quite on the contrary, i despise ass-kissers.....but i hate backstabbers most...! unfortunately we have too many of them buggers running around.....

  15. hahah...

    see how he wriggles his butt - then you can tell if he is the poker OR the pokee. :P

  16. haha. very entertaining post Nicole :D