Transformers RAWKS my boat!!

Penang trip, move aside; Ipod road trip, step back.

Make way for the movie review of TRANSFORMERS!!


Visit the site, the design is awesome!!

The trailor you saw?! IT IS NOWHERE NEAR appetizers for the movie. It is too good. Too perfect! My heart is still racing and the movie just finished 2 hours ago!


F . U . C . K !!!!!!

There hasn’t been such a good production since … I can’t really remember…

Police story? Love actually?


In fact, the movie was so good I cum in my seat in the cinema. Orgasmic I tell you!!!

My heart was pumping, I was breathing deeply one sec, holding my breath the next; then shivered and shook while relaxed the other; tell me that is the not the best sexual activity in a cinema! I HAVE FALLEN HEAD OVER HEELS for OPTIMUS PRIME!!! If I were a bot, I would shag him! Unconditional love this is!!!

Optimus Prime, I love you!!!

The cartoon “Transformers” has been my childhood. It still is! I bet many agree too. The marketing was amazing. Just imagine, all 10 halls were showing the same movie at the same time. And can you believe it? This is the first time I have to submit my phone to cinema before entering one! Everyone was queuing up for item check ups and by the end of the movie, people were queuing up to retrieve their phones.

People were clapping hands in the movie. I was screaming and cheering! At the end of the movie, I was so moved and impressed, I clapped my hands and whistled, many followed. Not only the movie itself was well scripted, cast and produced; it’s a journey back to my younger days. The cars will make guys and girls fall in love, nicely humoured and the actors? OMG so CUTE can DIE!! The ladies so HAWT!! The guys? I’ll turn gay for them if I’m a guy!


There are four types of movie I classify. The first one is utterly rubbish, half an hour in the movie I would usually stand up and leave the cinema half way through, and honestly, I have yet to leave the cinema unless it really puts me off; once I even sat through an entire Irish movie (which I rated –2 out of 10) that only “Fook you, fook me” can be heard throughout the screening. And that is impressive. Pay me 10 pounds to watch it again and I would pay you back double not to watch it.

The second type would be a movie that is watchable, not enjoyable; totally forgettable and not worth buying a ticket if I knew the storyline at first.


Then comes the third type where the movie is enjoyable, laughable, good humour but rather forgettable, this would usually be movies that give me neutral feeling at the end of the show like Happy Feet, Surf’s Up, Fantastic Four…etc.

And then the final type of movie; a movie that rawks so much, the first reaction when the credits started showing at the end is you want to watch it again!!! I mean, that is the ultimate movie. How many movies can prompt you to pay RM11 again just to sit through another 2 hours of your life in a dark area watching something you already knew what is happening?

I can tell you. Not many.

Transformers? definitely the fourth type! Who tell me it's not I'll go kill them. My rate: 10 out of 10! You can leave out 0.2 if you're being so critical, b#$%#.

Decepticons and its leader - They call it 'NBE 1'

And if a movie production is able to do that, they are earning big bucks man! Mega bucks! People are paying twice the amount to watch the movie, getting original DVD after watching the movie and even buy their merchandises!

I mean.. one plastic Optimus Prime helmet is costing RM80 and people are buying them? A lot of them!

My colleague for one~

Go Amir Go!


44 kissed Nicole

  1. not fair.. u get to watch it first.. i have great expectations for the movie.. hope it doesn't disappoint..

  2. I just check your blog saja, then you give me this shocking news...

    My mouth is already full of saliva when i watch their trailer, still can't believe my old toy of this red and yellow car becoming so cold..
    and now u say it is not up to what is inside??


  3. reading your review... had definitely stirred up an incredible urge to watch: TRANSFORMER. A Burning desire to fill-in the memoirs of my childhood.

  4. In all honesty...i still very much prefer the earlier Transformer design lor...especially optimus prime.

    I'd watched the trailer many times, but before i read your review, i always had to remind myself, do not put too much hope in this movie, do many times have you had a long anticipated movie only disappoint you after watching it?
    After reading your review, i've decided to go watch the movie well prepared....snacks...enthusiasm..and to remember to wear a condom, lest i get as aroused as nicole did watching it....hmm....
    Thats it..Queensbay mall this weekend it is.....

    (do they still make that distinctive "transforming" sound when they..err...transform?)

  5. I am searching hi and low for the optimus prime morphing robot. Everywhere, it seems to be sold out! The movie looks promising, even from the trailer itself. I am expecting a very very good movie and you just double confirmed that. Cheers! ;)

  6. alvin: a crazy fren of mine (he is a model freak...has almost every single Gundam Model) has quite a few Transformers pieces. Optimus Prime alone he has (i think) 3 or 4 of different generation. In fact, he just bought the Nike-transformer. If you wanna buy one, i can help ask him where to buy.

  7. Juz wanna say Transformers rock...
    Optimus Prime is my childhood hero...
    Can you still remember the cartoon tune "transformers.....".
    Nice blog you have. Care to link?

  8. fookiat: Never, it will NEVER disappoint! I'm so in love!!!

    sumilo: muahahahahahaha~~~~~

    domhon: go go, so good... it's so very the good~

    clement: it's not interesting. it's great!!

    sheon: oh trust me, you will love this one!!

    alvin: my colleague bought it, RM200++, i was playing with it earlier, so cool!!

    jam: how much is ur friend selling?

  9. nice! i am watching it tomorrow. i hope its as good as u say it is.

    autobots, transform!

  10. Wow, you rate it 10 out of 10? that must be amazing movie. Will be watching after an hour in Summit, hope that it amazed me. Tell you what is my rating on this movie by this day. hohoho.....

  11. hey nicole,
    didnt know ur big transfan! join transfans malaysia then n meet up with like minded fans! we were at the premiere too same time as u.

    till all are one! haha

  12. Really that good?
    "In fact, the movie was so good I cum in my seat in the cinema. Orgasmic I tell you!!!"
    Because of this, I want to watch also, hope no 'orgasm' in cinema, don't know what to do then! Hehehe :P

  13. Orgasmic? Nicole, are you sure you were watching Transformers and not a porn movie? =)

  14. Optimus Prime helmets ROCK! they make you sound like DArth Vader! :D


  16. Wow, u never sounded so xcited b4. Super.
    I'm watching the show tonite with my gang-Megatron,Ratchet,Bonecrusher,Decepticon Frenzy...... 1st day showing in Kch. Bought tickets last Sat & almos sold out then.
    Hop, it is as great as u said & hop i cum too....haha.

  17. i heart that movie =D

  18. No, no one is selling here.
    I am not going to buy a model.
    I want the real one!

  19. I will rate... 8 out of 10, the story line ain't that good. But, overall, the graphic and the action rock. Kinda great movie i can say.

  20. I just watched this movie and it has intrigued me! Wow.. i never watche such a nice movie in these few years.. Hope that they will get some awards.. hehe.. ;D

  21. Yeah, actually u were watching them with us that nite, Hall 4 & 2 is loaded with hardcore members... glad u love the show! so are u planning to collect one?

  22. hey nicole, u mean u play with that stupidly unbelieveable expensive mask before?
    can u take a picture with it?

    If i found out that the movie is good (watch it tml even when i'm soo buzy) and blog about it, i'll put ur pic inside..

    i'll hell make sure u look good with it.. LOL..

  23. i heard lots of good reviews on this movie but im still not convinced. Have see the show first huh. but sounds like you had fun huh...

  24. Emmm, 10 out of 10 aa?..

    actually i am a big trans fan too but after watching that movie somehow i felt 'frustrated' .. not up to my expectation, i guess..those 'sector 7' guys,wtf?..

    I like the autobots though, they are mean!..

  25. when we were small, we would sing to the tune, transformers more than meets the eye... jeng jeng jeng... nicole, watch a second time mayb, wif me?

  26. aiya! havent got any time to watch it yet!! :(
    Depressed depressed!!
    nice blog.. keep it up.


  27. how come you got to watch it so early? being released here only next week.

  28. the movie was great with the GC & stuff. the only flaw was that I can hardly hear the sound they transform or was there any at the first place? O.o" And.. Optimus Prime suppose to be strong & beat the crap out of the evil Megatron.. but he got beaten instead.. TWICE D:

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  30. orgasmic? i cummed in my pants multiple times when Optimus Prime finished off Bonecrusher ... so ruthless.... Prime at his best... he oughta do that more often .... i think i'll run out of cum if that happens ....

    the last 3rd of the movie was worth the ticket price alone ....
    in fact everything about the movie rocks .. from the opening scene in Qatar tight up to the end when the Autobots looked up into the Stars ... in fact even the soundtrack rocked!!!! oh mi god ... can't wait for the sequel ....

  31. I would never have suspected that Transformer was an orgasmic movie..

    I will defnatly need to have a look (and maybe buy some tissu)..

  32. Hi Nicole, just wanted to point out that the you wrongly listed Barricade as Megatron. It's that picture after the one of Megatron's head.

    Barricade was the badass police car.

    But yeah, agree with you on the fact that I would so watch this movie again. XD

  33. An adrenalin pumping,super action-packed movie. Loves all the battle scenes fr Scorponoks attack at Qatar til the end and Megan Fox an ultimate (cumming) MEGACHIC. Superb!
    Minor complaints,Sector 7 guys (esp the leader) are a bit off & expect more fr Optimus Prime . Anyway,gonna watch it again & again & get myself original DVD for collection. Sequel next year??

  34. The movie RAWKS!!!
    Watched it twice in one day.. same row, same movie hall, less than 12 hour intervals...
    And I cummed hard twice...^^

  35. Wow, your description is really steamy. Now tell me how can I not go watch this one?

    tho my friends dad booked the wrong seats, furst row in front then from the back.
    the storyline was soo long yet actionfilled. and im typing to you as i just watch it 2 hours ago!!! so bloody damn good man.

  37. errrrrr... that wallpaper of a picture... where u tagged 'The decepticons, and its leader NBE1'
    well.. sadly i think the dude who made that wallpaper was mistaken, ironhide isnt the decepticon's leader, hell he's an autobot!
    as for that girl.. Megan Fox? was her name?? well.....
    RAWR!!! shes insanely hot.. insane..

  38. wilzc ... you've also gotten it wrong!

    jhjc was right when he pointed out that the picture wrongly tagged as NBE-1 is actually Barricade (i.e. the badass Decepticon police car).

    It's not Megatron (Decepticon - Starship) nor is it even Ironhide (Autobot - Civic)!

  39. Where do you get a helmet like that? It's so cool.

  40. how can u compare ur pathetic SEX life wit TRANSFORMERS. and also compare wit Love Actually n Police Story... GOD.

    speechless .....

  41. Great movie... nonetheless I think nothing else excite me more but Transformers & MEGAN FOX!!!

  42. shiz.. my bad, here have a cookie!
    mebbe i'll have 2 watch the movie again :S
    iMax here we come!!!
    but.. expensivelar.. after conversion to RM, its around 50bucks...

  43. sure u cum at ur seat ahh?? i look every effort to buy back the seat if i can...btw..where had you seated nicloe?? XD

    have watch this for in love with it..may go for second time again...for..FREE..

    oh ya..die hard tonight..for..FREE as well...