Dr Chua Soi Lek (Malaysian Minister of Health) Sex Tape

*updated* Warning: Contain explicit contents. Please type Alt-F4 if you’re under 18.

It's simply appalling when the scandal of your government’s high position politician was discovered having sex with a girl other than his wife, but the story was brought to a new level of gossips when the sex tape of this infidelity was spread all over Malaysia for the world to see.

Yes, that’s worse than the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal. It doesn’t help when you are living in a Muslim country.

Also it doesn’t help when you are in Malaysia - number ONE piracy country in the world.

dr chua partner change lingerie 2
That’s the “personal friend”, as mentioned by SOMEONE in the news, changing lingerie.

dr chua sex tape
And that’s the “long term friend” switching on porn on her laptop on the hotel bed.

Yes, being a proud Malaysian, I have my fair share of piracy content streaming around the net. But then unfortunately and fortunately, the media has managed to control the damage and covered most of the videos distributed. However, I believe that if there's a way, there's a will that if one wish to seek these videos on the net, it is not entirely impossible.

Yesterday, 60 year-old Dr Chua Soi Lek resigned from his post and apologized on national TV admitting he is indeed the man in the video.


You’ve probably heard and seen the news of Dr Chua’s interview all over the net and TV and youtube anyway. And since it’s illegal to distribute the DVD or video content of the whole sex scene, which is like a whole 30 minutes of it.

//photos removed

Somehow, I feel sorry for the man because his privacy is being exploited. BUT... I feel pretty annoyed when there are so many people out there who defended him by commenting that he is just a MAN or human and that he is very pitiful.

Now this is my point of view. MAN or not, human wise, he is WRONG and he deserves that he deserved to be cheating with a younger girl on his wife. What makes him right in the first place? Just because he's a public figure so it's ok to have a mistress or a sex partner behind his wife's back?

He's just a MAN? What the hell do you mean by that? So if you're a man means you can cheat?!! That is sexist and if that is not enough to receive cristism, the fact that some of the people out there are defending him just because they think there are more out there who are criticizing him disgusts me.

The thought of it is sickening enough. Any man, politician or not, should be castrated for cheating on his wife. What makes you think that he is not using his power and position to get what he want? Doesn't that conclude power abusing?

I'm not trying to be discriminating or judgemental, but let's say in general if you are a 60 year old man with NO money, NO property, NO power, I DOUBT anyone girl, especially one as young and hot will want to sleep with you!

So... yea... Happy Face anyone?


58 kissed Nicole

  1. Oo.. Hey Nicole,

    With all the hoo ha that's going on.. you might not wanna post those pictures.. or mention more about it :P

    Better to be safe lo.

  2. Don't think is a good idea to post those pictures

  3. Hi! Love... no video, potong stim... larr

  4. LOL. Good one.

  5. Hei Nicole!! how can u get the DVD!! the picture top have a format type!! it really look like a dvd type!!! anyway...hope u can share the video...if don mind...pls send me the video ok??gary2348@gmail.com.....hope will get the video clips ....if Full DVD r more good lo!! thank !

  6. I can't help but to think what he said about how some people have that "holier than thou" attitude, and funny that suddenly many bloggers/commentors have turn into saints, at the surface that is, condemning the most convenient way.

    He was wrong, in many different angles. But his courage to come out and admit it, and resign - that's something not anyone of us can do. Just how many of us here are able to hold his post in the first place?

    You have always done better.

  7. the smiley face reminded me of timothy... as if he is inside the video :P

  8. Courage to admit his wrong? What else could he do? His face was already all over the video. Maybe the only way for people who defend this cheater to understand is to get a taste of being cheated.

  9. Hi Nicole,

    I also support some of the ppl here to remove those picture. It just a precaution to avoid into getting trouble.However its still your blog and your call.

    But i do agree 1 thing is that a MAN/WOMAN has NO rights to cheat on his/her family/wife/gf/bf etc. with or without power/fame/money etc.

  10. Thks for sharing, Nicole. Wish u hadnt blocked those parts with the happy face tho....sigh!

  11. hey Nicole, I don't think it is right to put up the video. This is not a smart move and you are just putting yourself in trouble.

  12. Blogger Stargazer said...
    Courage to admit his wrong? What else could he do?

    - Could you? It's cheap to talk

  13. Hmm you young people. Still have lots to learn.

  14. 1st of all, I (like many others) do suggest you take the photos down, just so you don't get into trouble. read the star today.

    however i do agree with what you wrote...i am so glad that there are ppl who agree with me! I am so annoyed and angry with how this thing is being reported!! can they stop with it already? who wants to focus on the DVD anyway?? not me!! 'oh please stop talking about the DVD, respect the guy's privacy' but yet they set up royal commisions to look into the matter! granted it is definitely creepy to be taped unaware, but it would be up to the hotels to make sure that invasion of privacy would not happen again.

    the case here is he is a public figure whom ppl put their trust in and a role model. however he did wrong and since he had the courage to admit that it was him, just admit that he was wrong and resign...don't hang around hoping for people's forgiveness and condemn the public when some are not willing to forgive you. yes, he is not the only man who cheat on their wives (and yes nicole, they should all be castrated) but he is unfortunately unlucky enough to be caught...and because he is a public figure, his adultery is made known to all. I'm sorry but he if he didn't want this to happen, he shouldn't have cheated. He asked for it.

    i guess my problem is that he cheated on his wife, which was then made known to the entire nation, and in hopes of retaining his position he anticipated forgiveness by admiting to the adultery (which worked for some ppl, who think he is so courageous and who are willing to forgive him just because of that) and then subsequently commented that some malaysians are 'holier than thou' when they are not so forgiving towards a man who put his own momentary happiness before his wife and his family. Men who cheat are disgusting...not just him...all of them.

  15. quixote: for a person in his position (minister, public figure) it was in his favour to do so - read 'anonymous'' (4/1/08 10:50 AM)' comment - last paragraph

  16. Unlike those who are against ur posting, fret not! I dont see anything wrong with your posting this incident! The ex-minister should know the consequence prior to this sinful act. he merely reap what he sow! serve him rite! just pity his wife who has to endure his mistakes!

  17. People,

    The only difference between him and us is that his sins were uncovered and ours kept in the dark.

    When the Light comes, it shall reveal every single thing in the dark.

    So, repent, people. When all is stripped down, no one can escape the sunlight. No one.

    Living in the last days ain't easy. Question is, where would you go after death? All is not lost, you know. So, do the right thing. Doing things right doesn't necessarily mean doing the right thing.

    Cheers. The verdict is still yours.

  18. For those of you who have accidentally watched the video, you'll notice the girl seemed more like having sex with the laptop instead of dr chua. She kept moving the laptop around. I thk she was making recording using the laptop that has a built-in camera!

    That old man had been set up! He was nailed right up to his nose. Wise man fallen to an old school trick.

    This is not the first case and it won't be the last either. We can discuss, learn and disagree. There is no need to scold others who are talking about it.

    Pity. He was one of the very very few ministers who can get the job done. Imagine the type of devils who have thrived and may be in the position to lead us. God have mercy on msia!

  19. Lets not look at his mistake cheating his wife.Like he said before,he was set up.I see him as a successful person,and he knows what his enemies wants...which is for him to step down from his post as health minister.Those crooks managed to make u people think that he is wrong for doing such act..he IS Wrong.but it's not like he had taken someone's life?.He did his job as a father and his wife forgive him and stand by his side.That's just my opinion =)

  20. Hmmm gee things are sure more interesting here than Cheesie's blog :P Haha

    Well this is indeed very interesting. Notice how it all begins. Dr Chua made a mistake. Nicole perhaps in some people's mind made a mistake for her posting. And those people did another mistake by doing the holier than thou attitude on Nicole like how she did on Dr Chua and how Dr Chua did to himself. Isn't evil great eh.....brings the worst out in us all. Beautiful.

    Nicole can make her own choices and judgement. As we all can make our own choices and judgement.

    Hate the sin and Love the sinner.

  21. really Nicole, it was very insensitive of you to publish such a degrading piece of writing about Dr C. the shame he and his family had to face was tremendous already. no need to rub salt to his wounds ey?

    honestly speaking, i think most of us (you included) would probably hide from public eye if this had happened to us, instead of coming all out like Dr. C and admit to his wrongdoings.

    plus, if you were in the medical profession, you'll probably be more aware of positive changes he implemented.

    just my two cents here. you are open to criticisms, arent you?

  22. well, i think, he as a public figure should be aware of his actions and consequences. Yes, he did help Malaysia improvise a lot in terms of the health industry. However, he must know that, being a politician means he's setting an example towards the public. What sort of example is he setting now?

    And of course, cheating is never right. how would you feel if you find out your partner is cheating on you and the act was caught and distributed to the whole nation?

    i'm not siding anyone here. but i just think some of u commenters think before you attack nicole. her point of the whole thing is, it's NOT right to cheat, whether you're a man or a woman.

  23. Nicole words is right, nut posting those photo is wrong.. however, , hope you will not getting into trouble for this..

  24. The police aren't joking when they say they will detain anyone who distribute or has a copy of the video / DVD. Read the article below from The Star:

    The Star Online

    Friday January 4, 2008
    MYT 4:03:32 PM

    Woman detained for allegedly distributing sex DVD


    JOHOR BARU: A 29-year-old woman has been detained for allegedly distributing the sex DVD involving former Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.

    Johor Police Chief Deputy Comm Datuk Hussin Ismail said the beauty salon owner was arrested near her shop in Taman Bukit Perdana, Batu Pahat, at 2.30pm on Thursday.

    He explained that police also seized one DVD and three VCDs of the banned material and a laptop during the arrest.

    "We believe this is not the woman in the video.

    "She will be remanded today," he told pressmen on Friday after launching the rank presentation ceremony to some 600 police personnel at the police headquarters here.

    DCP Hussin also confirmed that police had recorded Dr Chua's statement but decline to elaborate further.

    "We have not recorded statements from others.

    "The investigation is still ongoing," he said.

    DCP Hussin explained that a Bukit Aman Forensics Unit was assisting state police with investigations in Batu Pahat.

    He said the case was being investigated under Section 292 of the Penal Code for distributing and possessing material containing pornographic elements.

    When asked whether the hotel workers had a hand in the sex video, DCP Hussin said he did not want to speculate.

    "We will explore all angles in the investigations.

    "One angle is identifying who was involved in the DVD," he said, urging those who had obtained the DVDs to surrender the copies to the police or destroy them.

    "It is an offence to keep such a DVD including transferring the video to a computer," he said.

  25. aiya, the pictures no big deal, its all over the net, even in Youtube. Once it's in the net you cant remove it. Just search VTS_01_1.3gp on youtube and you get tons of links.

    Btw, who wan the video please send an email to iwantocdrchuapenis@gmail.com

  26. All the best to you nicole.. hope ther'll be no trouble coming up for u.

  27. my friend retrieved this:-

    Sunday December 2, 2007

    Practise safe sex, says Chua


    KUALA LUMPUR: Practise safe sex and be faithful to your partner.

    Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek gave this advice in view of the rising number of HIV infections in the country due to unsafe sexual practices.

    “Abstinence is still the best way. And be faithful to your partner,” he told reporters after opening the First National AIDS Conference and launching the national-level World AIDS Day here yesterday.

    Irony huh?

  28. Nicole...why did u removed the pic?

  29. If it were pictures chronicled some thieves stealing things, then it can/may be ~acceptable~ to be published out..


    The pictures YoU published were someone having SeX for god sakE!.. SEX..someone who was having an intimate private moment

    The difference is...obviously the latter is a more sensitive topic to be touched..in this context, TO BE SHOWN!..

    Can't you evaluate?

    - isshhh

  30. well, the video can be all over the net or youtube..(i dont know), but does that mean you can further publish it on your own?

    and you purposely show "VTS_01_1" just to let your readers know that you got the exclusive video?


  31. Are you actually aware that most of the comments were NOT refering to your condem toward Dr Chua, BUT comments that are refering to your act of publishing the photosssss?!

  32. Get real ppl. Photos are everywhere. So are the videos. Don't make it as it's others fault to feel strongly and talk about it.

    We are talking about a public figure here. If everything cannot talk how the hell people are going to learn? And we going to blame others for repeating the same mistakes in the future?!!

  33. Who's next?

  34. I totally agree with you!! It's sexist to say or hear so many men say "just becoz we are men, we are allowed"........It's sickening.....

  35. This site has been Reported to the Police.

  36. One day, pay day. I must admit that one of my close family did similar mistake, and it would be awful if someone distribute the DVD??!! He admit it, and we forgave him. But the saying is true, one day would be the pay day, even when your sin will always find you out, so is the consequences.

  37. yo, nicole.. ur story, wow.. embarassed me alot.. hope u're happy commenting otha people's life.. go on.. keep up da 'good' job.. keep doin wat u're doin.. remember.. no one judge others, except GOD.. gib HIM sum respect while u still can.. juz rememba dat.. GOD blez u.. adios, chicky chick.. ;P

  38. Next time you come Penang, I 'chia' you papadum and teh tarik, ok? The thing here is people cannot separate the person from the act. Yeah, all of them want to carry balls and just because he is a VIP, he sardenly become saint. But the act remains wrong. Imagine he is not who he is, every farking chaps will be condemning him. So damn hypocrite, right?

    And folks, Chua Soi Lek is not asking for our sympathy, he is still damn proud and heroic so why are you all talking like he is dead or something. Chill lah, that man got his own balls to handle this, he doesn't need all the anon's imaginative balls of yours lah. What he did was downright wrong and it is an issues that concerns everyone. Nicole is talking about the issue, not the man. Bleh!

  39. Oh please,that woman is also doing the wrong thing what. why you ladies keep saying he cheat on his wife blah blah blah but never mention that cheap woman is at fault for sleeping with a married man?

    Who knows that woman might have a part in this?

    Dear readers, who hasn't done anything wrong in his/her life? learn to forgive and forget. That man has taken his punishment. Why rub salt into another's wound Nicole?

    Please have a thought about this. Is it right for us to condemn someone just because we found out what he did wrong? What about the things we did wrong ourselves?

    Anyway, I'm a reader from Singapore. Sorry if i offended anyone here. I was merely linked here by my friend's blog.

  40. I was thinking that he was good - at least he fulfilled his duty while he was the health minister - until he said that his only fault is that BEING IN A SAME ROOM IN A SAME HOTEL. And he claimed that this is his ONLY fault... wtf..

  41. Go to this site:


  42. all this debate about the photos and the man having sex, should we not be more concerned about the fact that he was filmed in a hotel room unawared?

    Have you ever been to a hotel and made love or stripped to take a shower? What would you do if someone else actually film this and put on the internet?

    Malaysians, so shallow, they are more concerned about someone's dick than actually correct the bigger wrong....

  43. What if the girl is nicole, wont it be nicer to see? hahaha

  44. POLIS can detain u under cyberlaw, having the DVD, edited it, publish it and commenting on it.The only blog so far dare to publish without Dato CHua consent. Kenny smarter, he used NTV... Your photo library contains variety and your skill enables you to conver from dvd to clips. But like many, I suggest and strong advise u to delete it and remove it all from yr library and the order from the Federal Govt. to polis to act, so you should remove it. After all the oldman already finished off and the chapter of this scandal should be closed.

  45. i am sick of this taping in hotels unawared business...all the reports about pinhole cameras on the news were more than i can take! PLEASE who would want to take videos of random people having sex in hotels? it's because he's a prominent figure and he creates the opportunity for such people to film him and use the video against him ok? he did wrong, he was found out, so step down and disappear!! enough of this 'my only fault is going to the same hotel, my only fault is i worked too hard'...i am so repelled that he still wanted to justify himself and turn the biggest issue into 'filming ppl unawared in hotels', which clearly convinced some people out there. if a man was secretly taped with his wife, sure enough the biggest issue is the invasion of privacy and investigations should be carried out to find who would do that to humiliate a person. if a man was secretly taped with a woman other than his wife, OBVIOUSLY it was a TRAP to expose him so it is his own fault for being an ass.

  46. sim,
    If you don't know how to discuss properly and accept different opinions, you better go back to read your doraemon.

  47. To: whisperingshout,

    It is not some of us that couldnt "discuss properly and accept different opinions", because some of our comments were deleted EVEN WITHOUT BELOW SHOWN HERE:

    Comment deleted
    This post has been removed by the author.

    So actually you all thought that well, she only delete one or two comments, but in fact it can be more

    Back to the main point, as mentioned, our comments were deleted. Hence, WHO do you think that could NOT discuss, in this context accept DiffeRent OpInions>?

    Who dare to write such post? with open comments and public view, but yet StiLL delete our comments and not reply..In this case, who do you think couldnt accept opinions?

    Did I make myself clear?

    Am I right?

    Dont suggest others to read Doraemon when you yourself couldnt properly evaluate the subject matter. You must've read too much Doraemon that's why..


  48. crabby,
    Verbal abuses and calling of names are not different opinions. Deleting such comments is the most polite thing a blog administrator can do. Pls re-evaluate your own comments again.

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. whow, your comment box is spammed with arguments. Well, its true that they say not to write so much bout it. Just better be safe than sorry.

    and may God bless your mummy.

    take care girl

  51. To: whisperingshout,

    If the first comment had not been deleted, do you think Sim will use name calling in his/her 2nd comment?

    So, who is unpolite?

    Just a matter of thought, if its open to public to comment, then where's freedom of expression? It's just like protesters from Bersih/Hindraf, no rights..

    BUT, if you InsIst that..yea yea, the blog belongs to the author..and yea yea, she has every right to do/delete/keep whichever comments she likes to see, then I have nothing to say


    Btw, I thought I remember there was a comment from Sim, before yours about the Doraemon? Hilang already^^

    Aihh, let's not debate anymore..sienn

    Cheers Whisperingshout

  52. privacy or not, i'm damn glad that the video is taken and shown to the whole. and i hope all men will chicken out in the future when they thought of cheating their wives while being captured. i m so sicked of married men asking young gals for sex.

  53. Dunno what's coming next...Heard that all new Condom Packs will be bearing this new inscription:-

    Warning !!!
    From The Ministry of Health - For Safe Sex - Use a Condom. For Safer Sex - Wear a Mask !!!

  54. he's an idiot, well 61year OLD man, i don think any of the gal willing to zzz with him instand just for cash.. he's sux! a shame for family member.. whole sex pregress while his eye nv get away from the porn, and he's old.. but yet damn horny, be horny if u able to do it! Capital L for MR.Chuar.. =)

  55. Hi Nicole,
    Kinda disagree with your statement on Mr. Chua Soi Lek. Human are fallible and make mistakes. Unfortunately, his mistakes have gone public and he paid a price for it. Well, he has apologised and his family should be the judge in deciding whether his apologies are sincere.

    Well, nonetheless...this is an unforgiving world....
    My blog

  56. Hey Nicole,

    You are invading his Dr. Chua's privacy.

    You have no rights whatsoever to talk about his personal life.

    Find something else to talk..like what chocolate coverings you like, what bra color you like to wear. I am more interested in you blogging about your personal life. It will be more exciting to find out what lingerie you prefer, ie. the laces kind, the see thru ones....Oh, do you like g-strings??

  57. Hi Nicole,

    Who gave you the right to judge him as wrong? Many of us feel that his private life is his private life. None of us are perfect. If I do a detail look into your life, I am sure that you too are not perfect. At least he accept responsibility for his wrong. He did not try to bluff his way out of it. Anyway, that is my view.

  58. haha , nice 1 , since i'm from malaysia too ... nice to meet u ^^