I Finally Moved IN!!!!

Yes! Last night I stayed my very first night! OMGGGGG!! SO F$%^KING COOL!!!

So cool was rolling around on the NEW snoopy carpet estastic about the whole thing!

I bought so many things and now I'm super broke but so SUPER Happy!

Let me see,

I have a NEW 29inch WIDE SCREEN TV! Which I put in my living room and it looks so nice just sitting there. Now, if only I can get a TV rack to put it on.

A NEW Fridge! One door, the height of my shoulder. More than enough to store purely CHOCOLATES!! Ho ho ho! Wait, what am I talking about! More than Enough chocolates??? *slap myself left right centre*. (Jot down to remind getting a titanium two door fridge)

A NEW KITCHEN!! NEW STOVE! NEW KETTLE! NEW WOK! NEW PLATES! NEW CUPS! Woo Hoo! I can COOK! Eh hem.... *cough cough* I can finally learn to COOK!

A NEW BED!! And it's QUEEN size b#$@es! Ho ho ho.... from IKEA too b@#%es! With spanking NEW super nice super fluffy pillows. And it's not CHEAP! HOLY COW I'm so eating air for the rest of the year.

A NEW Washing Machine! Now I can wash my own clothes and not let my maid wash! Wait, is that suppose to be a good thing?? -.-;;

Well my swanky new condo, which is situated on the 20th floor so it has a KILLER VIEW at night!!, is still rather empty and has a lot to be installed. Like some curtains which I need to find time to allow the contractor to come and drill some holes into the wall. And I just cleaned the place squeaky clean!

Maybe not today, today I have a small house warming! :D Pardon guys for the bare windows. If you're too disturbed by the inevitable KILLER VIEW, I will kick you off the balcony.

As for the house warming tonight, nothing much really, just a normal ritual to gather as many people to your house to prevent future haunts. I'm not strictly superstitious but my previous condo in Kelana Jaya last year was deeply haunted and there have been issues that kept me paranoid till this very day.

Don't ask what, I'm not tellin Ya! Hah! Maybe only some friends since I promised to tell them.

So yea, don't be late tonight! My future happiness with my swanky condo depends on you!!


15 kissed Nicole

  1. Hey, there's a new donut shop at the Curve, I think it's next to Eden. U can go stock up for your house warming. Sure best seller.


  2. Wah...living posh already huh?.... happy house warming.....

  3. Thanks, Nicole. You gave me strength. I am positive now. Should be able to feed my future wife, whoever that might be, with just chocolates!. Btw, is chocolate cheap? LOL

    Happy house warming!

  4. Wow... everything new, 20th floor some more.... good la if tsunami came also won't kena ur house.

    What Killer View is that? Which part of KL you can see?

    By the way, hope u have fun in that so-called small-house-warming. I hope to join too... haha... butta exam tomorrow, too sad.

  5. Coolalguy: Oh that place? Yea i tried actually.

    sheon: oh yea... haha... posh indeed ;)

    whisperer: are you kidding? lol... Chocolates are hell expensive, unless you dun mind local made Cadburrys.

    kenny: haha, don't worry. there's always next time

  6. now i got mood to read your blog...err dun mind to tell me why your previous apartment haunted? because i loved ghost's and superstitious thingy...cool eh?

  7. congrats on moving into ur little bachelorette pad! Do post photos once u do up the place :)

  8. Wow! Looks like you've a small 'dream house'..

  9. So now you got a big fridge to go along with the small fridge of chocolates, Nicole? =)

  10. Fun fun moving into a new place and getting all sorts of new stuff.

    Looking forward to the photo tour.

    So, you're a chocky-a-holic. What kinda chocky?

  11. You new home is spendid... couldn't agree more with the SUPER scenic view.
    NEW home, new tv, new fridge, new bed... everything is new... ENVY

  12. jiejie nic ...

    you moved to your new place already?

    good good :)

  13. gothnol: ai yo, how can like that, got mood only read... you must read every single word i type out with blood and sweat u know, if not I will be very bery sad... :((

    jermy76: Haha, that would probably take a long time... I like my pad empty, :D

    curryegg: yea indeed, now i can walk around the condo naked, LOL

    eng seng: life is good, if only there's chocolates in it now.

    abraxis: all sorts of chockies.... you want to buy me some? ;D

    domhon: I more envy your home, lololol...

    misha: yes I have, and loving it. How have you been?

  14. congrats on ur new place. since we both malaccan, would willingly assist u to get electronics items @ good bargain, but since u got most of the things d, next time around ya.

    Oh ya in btw, i got to bump into this blog thanks to kennysia.com ;)

  15. ehhhh.....why no photo gerrr.....see see....