A Late Afternoon Alone

Lesson learned of the day: What do you get when you eat a shit load of green peas? You produce ogre shit. So greenish..

Slumping onto the grey sofa, I plug in my ipod nano to drown in a world of jazz.

I tilt my head back and rest my eyes. Thoughts float around randomly and then it stops at the sofa opposite me.


Minutes go by, I am still alone, with the newly bought Azuki Frappucino I’m too reluctant to drink, a magazine I randomly picked from the rack lay lazily on the coffee stand.

“Till The End” is playing and I sense an emptiness stirring up. An invisible tear steams down my cheek, and back into my heart. Scrolling aimlessly for few minutes around the circle touch pad, I return the ipod to the table and continue to let my mind drift.


A guy sitting outside is smiling in at me, aware of my lack of companionship. I return the gesture with a soft polite smile and look away. I wish to be alone, alone with my bare thoughts.

The cream on my frap sinks a bit. I sit up and swirl the cream around before taking a sip.


Moving my attention onto the drizzling road outside, cars zoomed by making splashing sound against the road and over bumpers. In 30 minutes time, I will be walking down that road to meet up with some friends for dinner.


“30 minutes…” I whisper to myself.

Again I look at the empty sofa opposite me. I imagine an invisible person sitting there, I imagine him smiling at me, I imagine us having a conversation, and I saw myself giggling shyly, blushing slightly.

Suddenly, my thought is interrupted by a man standing next to the empty sofa. I look up and a Caucasian smile down at me. I recognize as the man sitting outside earlier. He introduces himself and asks if the sofa is taken. I give a small nod to signal approval to his query.

A handsome looking guy who I assume to be in his mid twenties, where he is from I can’t recall despite his information. The conversation continues with my ipod still plugged to my right ear, smiling every now and then to his suggestive comments and attempts.

15 minutes have gone by, the pretty Caucasian bids his goodbye and walks back to his seat with his friend outside. And I’m back to the empty chair. The songs are getting dull in my nano’s list, so I switch to shuffle that comprises more funk tunes.


I pick up my almost untouched frap and start taking larger sips. The drink quickly reduces to half after several more gulps before I gather my things to prepare to leave. I stand up and sling my bag over my right shoulder before looking down at the empty sofa again.


“Mr. Starbucks, thank you for sharing the evening with me”. And I step out the place promptly.


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