Penang Gathering

Note: Alam won So You Think You Can Dance!!! Woo Hoo!! He is so cute no?

Finally, the Penang trip last weekend.

I know this comes a bit late, as it’s already been a week long since the event was held.

Better late than never I’d say.

So I shall bring you my wonderful weekend stay over at Penang!

My first ever gathering with other bloggers was held that particular Saturday morning just before the Nuffnang gathering at Food Loft started.

X ray? Shabby clinic? Err….

Mrs Lilian brought us out for a nice Nasi Kandar Breakfast somewhere in Penang street (they all looked the same to me), along with Earl Ku and other Penang bloggers I have never met before.


We didn’t exactly click, maybe I’m just not ‘Penang’ enough I guess, or maybe they have never heard of little old me before. No matter… Life goes on. Nasi Kandar was great though…

In the afternoon, I followed Tim’s car to Food Loft for preparation. While waiting for them to set up the booth, I walked around taking shots of the empty restaurant that was meant to be reserved for all Nuffnangers.


All while browsing some paintings they displayed outside.

I especially like this painting entitled “falling in love”.


Does everyone who fall in love felt that they are swimming in a pool of flowers? I get butterflies when I fall in love, or that could be just my hungry stomach.

I like my Nuffnang badge~ So cute~

I went to the middle to reserve some centre seats for Tim & co and Kenny & co. Soon enough, the marathon runner arrived just in time for me to pass him his sticker.


I prefer to stick mine somewhere else.


After much mingling, it was time for food. Food loft has a great ambience to provide you a fantastic dining experience. You get to see the food before placing your order, which then you use your order card and let them scan some deadly price into your card before serving your food.

My lunch~ Yum

Took my chance to cam whore with the Famous mommy blogger

Kenny got bored of eating and decided to flex his muscle by attempting to stretch my poor little outfit apart.

Pink just doesn’t work for you, Kenny.

Argh… So I decided to take revenge


By cutting his chest hair…


And paste it on a paper to auction off for charity.

Which is so kindly bought by my accommodator (without him I’ll be homeless in Penang).


For RM20.


If you asked me, I’d say it is blardy expensive for a strand of hair!!

That night we went clubbing at momo before sending Kenny off to the Marathon.

Cam-whore in the car

I would say, it’s a hell of a weekend. I never had so much fun in a long time, suddenly I’m in love with Penang all over again. :D


29 kissed Nicole

  1. lolz.. you should have come to Ipoh, when's the Ipoh Blogger Gathering? I so badly want to go..

  2. What's with that weird jeans belt around your waist? Not really having a good day eh?

  3. I totally agree with you anon! I don't like the weird jean corset thing either. Some fashion police should fine Nic for her BAD fashion statement.

  4. give nicole some credit to have the guts to wear that denim corset thingy guys. But saying that...i also think it looks a tad weird. Hmm..maybe that's an upcoming fad?

  5. Wow.. you guys sure had a great time! Wish I was there! =) Can eat nasi kandar too!

    Have a nice weekend! Take care!

  6. ... Kenny looks a bit... psycho (may i use this word?) in the picture? Oh man... PSM really.

  7. Wish,I was there too,:D

  8. well... fashion thingy is kinda subjective... so i believe in many eyes it may look weird, but not many people got that kind of figure to put up the corset ya... i supposed to join the gathering... damnittt!!!!

  9. watchu guys talking about? I thought she looked real sexy with that denim corset. It enhances her figure dun u think?

  10. I just remember that I have some nice pics of you which my hubby took, close up of your leng lui's face. Will remember to mail you soon. The file is huge so I need to resize. Nice meeting you. And nice corset. Nyek to the two sour grapes anons.

  11. Good for you..
    penang is nice, but when u r leaving here for 4 years u wont say the same thing anymore
    its just too small ;p

  12. aiyah ! you stacked up with tim ah.. in penang.
    kenny sia now jealous his favourite girl slept over with tim...
    gone liow lah... kenny

  13. no lah.. that clorset looks ok on nicole...but i noticed though that kenny had an erythematous pimple on his right eye lid!! hahaha...

  14. nope nope, negative negative ...

    those who went for the nasi kandar was all KL bloggers ...

    not sure why we never manage to "click" ...

    maybe you too famous kua ... we small small potato bloggers only ... i mean me la ... me ...


  15. haha, small potato blogger like me, sure u never heard before.

    I m from KL, and "all other penang bloggers" u mean were from KL.

  16. Sorry for being a noob, isn't nuffnang a blogsite? Blogspot people can join their gathering also meh?

  17. fuyoh, there's a controversial issue on nic's clorset

  18. Yea lor darling. Why you go sleep over at Tim's place? I'm heart broken already. :(

  19. nicole, got any other nuffnang merchandise? how to get the badge? i wan the badge!!!!

  20. Can't believe that I missed the Nuffnang gathering. Feel so sad now.

  21. Can't believe that I missed the Nuffnang gathering. Feel so sad now.

  22. heart broken ken., what to do ? you had gone running like a madman on a bridge and instead of being on the love boat with nicole.
    nicole must had good time in pg IN tim's mansion... n being driven by him everywhere...

  23. I think the corset is unconventional, but nice.

    Does kennysia's man-fur comes with a money-back-guarantee?

  24. glad to know that you had a good time in penang. just watch the intake of food as almost everthing is nice and most will come back heavier.

    just wondering on your last comment 'suddenly I’m in love with Penang all over again. :D'

    is it the island, the food, the people or the host ;D

  25. fookiat: oh but i did go to ipoh day after that :)

    anon: always have a great day.. even if the sky drops on me

    anon: so bad ke? lol

    jermy76: I'm weird huh? LOLOL

    -princess shin-: so many princesses running around these days

    kenny: Kennysia? he is always psychotic ok? LOL

    aawilliam: don't miss the next gathering then ;)

    willar: purr ur head, so long never visit my blog!

    michael song: i guess it is. I though it looked kinda funky.. haha

    kennysia: phewit, I should let you try my corset :p thank you Lilian!! I would love to see those photos.. :D

    sumilo: I guess, but then you have never been to Melaka. haha

    anon: oi.. again. dun let me get killed by tim and kenny's fans can or not.

    kelv: I have taken a close up photo on his pimple too! :D

    earl-ku: you where got small potato! what am i? small pea? haha

    cely: I wanted to tag you too but I can't locate your blog. :(

    greenbeast: err no... i guess everyone who is a nuffnanger is welcomed.

    kennysia again: heart-broken your pimple!

    innocent^^guy: ask tim to send to you, or attend the next gathering. It's so cute no?!

    kclau: shame on you. don't miss the next one k. ;)

    anon: Hahahahahaha. Mad man~ Hahahaha

    sheon: I don't think so, you can try to sell it to someone else i think. LOL

    anon: ooo.. trying to con me into saying the host huh.... i wud say everything, Penangnites are so cool. :)

  26. ooops, sorry yeap you are rite, not small potato ... blardy huge potato ...

    ok i am gonna go watch some slug have sex on youtube ...

  27. hi Nicole...still remember me...boh...go to my blog have a view to our picture...

  28. Oh, you have my blog now :p