Kenny Sia visits TMNet

One evening when I was busying my ass out in the office, I got a surprise visit from Jakarta.

Phone rings…

Me: Hello?
Kenny: Hey, I’m downstairs at the lobby already…
Me: Ohh…ok ok… wait wait…
(Informed my colleague that I would be right back, grabbed my stuff and took the lift down)

Kenny: Wow, you look like a clerk… (or something like that along the lines as I walked towards him in my office attire)

Me: Oh shut up… -.-;; (Ptui! I hate office attire)

With all his luggage and back from Jakarta, did he lose weight?

Is it me? Or is he ALWAYS holding a camera?

Me: So… did you buy me any chocolate??!! *Eyes glowing accompany with teeth-showing-smile*
Kenny: Err… no……. (Immediately add on) But I got you something better!!
Me: *Heart sank~* No chocolates~? *pout*
Kenny: No really! This is better than chocolates!!
Me: *thinking* there are things better than chocolates??? *pout + frown*
Kenny: Nah…

What is this? Food? *longest pout ever*

*thinking* You went all the way to Jakarta to get me .... Doughnuts??

Me: … You… got me… doughnuts?? *smiling weakly*
Kenny: No, this is not just any normal doughnuts, it’s really nice! Try it!
Me: Well, I am hungry…. Ok, I’ll eat one, which one shall I pick? What flavor is this?
Kenny: That’s cheesecake flavor, I think.
Me: Woo, I like cheesecake~

*Grab a bite*

cheesecake doughnut

Suddenly the heaven parted and disks of light shot down,
~Hallelujah !!!~ (My head sang)



The most amazing part, I hate doughnuts! No, I HATED doughnuts! Not anymore! OH MY MOTHER OF GOD!

It is sooo good!

So full of flavor, I can feel the creamy cheese swirling in my mouth, yes! There’s soft sweet cheese filling inside the bun! The dough is so filling and moist too (most doughnuts have quite airy dough when you bite, you felt like eating sugary hollow bread), so fattening but sooo good~~~ I can taste the butter from the bun and the sugar glaze outside the bun, and the cheese combination? It’s like….. eating CHEESECAKE!

And then I had seconds, and I NEVER finished one whole doughnut before!

chocolates chip

chocolate filling
Look at this, this one even have chocolate filling! It’s flowing out as I sliced it half.

Why isn’t there Krispy Kreme in Malaysia!!!! Who’s going to Indonesia soon?!!

Ever since that day, I’ve been dreaming about doughnuts at night.

I hate you Kenny.


27 kissed Nicole

  1. I don't think its the doughnuts that is tasty... hehehe.. its the person who sent the doughnuts that made it tasty.. kekeke..

  2. YES those doughnuts are awesome =)

  3. it looks so good that i'm craving for some. =(

  4. I remember my first time discovering Krispy Kremes in London... I constantly bought two dozens of its original glaze flavour... until.. well.. now whenever I think of Krispy Kreme.. I feel like throwing up...

    Note to self: never overdo even the good things in life

  5. fookiat: that too! But the doughnuts are sooooooo delicious!

    domhon: I seriously did dream about them! A friend said once if a person dreams about food, he/she will tend to be fat in the future. OMGGG, I am going to be FFAAATTT.

    desiree: Let's go to Indonesia and get some. :D

    boss stewie: and you thought you have learned a lesson or two from that experience; cut down on your haagan daaz already! HAHA :p

  6. There's a lot in Melb and Sydney too...Too bad, I'm in Brisbane. I long to try one of those. So near yet so far...and i definitely dun have that someone that buys me stuff!

  7. Quoting dom: Hmmmm.... it tastes so American... (wait, he has never tasted the American version of that doughnut)... wahhahaahahaha...

  8. Fookiat, those doughnuts are seriously delicious!

    Hmmm, anyway, Nicole, the doughnuts are SUPER-YUMMYLICIOUS!!! And I hate doughnuts too!!! I'm so gonna ask my friend to get some from UK when she came back in 2 weeks' time!!!

    Heheheh!!! I wanna quote Dom "This taste so American"

  9. one of my friend did tell me about the Krispy Kreme.. i've always wanted to try it.. u're so lucky that kenny got it for u.. i thought Krispy Kreme is only available in UK.. now i can go to Indonesia for it!! :) heheh..

  10. Lol.. I saw the post about doughnuts too in kennysia blogs. Looks like those doughnuts are yummy. yum yum..

  11. jiejie nic

    do not need to go to indonesia... come to HK and i will belanja you :)

  12. hmmm i tried the sugar glazed few times but dont think they are that good. maybe I had too high expectation after listening to all other comments =p

  13. my gosh.. kripy kreme is such a common donut brand in melbourne and sydney, though it originates from states .. guess it is also very common in uk.. why u never try b4 one huh ?? alamak.... i thought u found a new mainland..... chei

  14. Oh I am on my way to Jakarta too somewhere around next month. I'll look out for the krispy kreme.. woo hoo..

  15. Krispy Kreme was extremely popular in North America.. however the Krispy Kreme here in canada went bankrupt soon after it became popular.
    Why? it violated the Occupational Health and Safety other words, they were very unhealthy.. each doughnut containing hugh amounts of trans fat.

  16. @lvin & Clare: *sweating* >.<

  17. nicocoa: dreamt of donuts... isn't it lovely =) ... nope... fat AIN'T a term to be used here... not even close ;) ... u are just PERFECT.

  18. Ah, doughnut.. I love 'em

  19. innocent^^guy: You have to try the cheese one if you have the chance. And you HAVE to get one for me! :D

    ^@lvin^ + clare: double *sweat*

    ::nicole:: : it's just so worth the flight to indonesia for it!!

    curryegg: you have no idea~~ *hungry*

    misha: OMGG!! I have a 7 year old girl reading my blog?!!! You are officially my youngest reader to date. Very nice to meet you :)

    lasilasi: try the cheesecake flavor, seriously it's the best!

    anon: Well, I did say I hated doughnuts. Haha... *shy*

    danielctw: PLSSS get me one box!!!!

    anon: I know!! And it taste soooo GOOD!!!

    domhon: fat fat fat fat fat....

    ipohchai: *high 5!*

  20. jiejie nic :)

  21. I'm not exactly a fan of doughnuts, and i dun really enjoy biting into dunkin dougnuts either (too sweet...and it beats the whole concept of a doughnut being a doughnut). For me...a doughnut has to have a hole in the centre! Otherwise, it fails the only criterion i impose on a bun to call itself a dougnut. However, Krispy's doughnuts are real doughnuts.....and i have a feeling that after i've tasted it, it wont disappoint me.

  22. I gotta say ... the donuts is nice... n on the way u describe it to us this late... i want supper now... hehe..

    indeed u are a great idol for misha... welcome misha to bloggerized world... :)

  23. we have 3 branches here in Philippines :)

  24. It's all over the place here in Chicago. But they suck. Big time.

  25. It was that popular until I lined in front of the shop when if first opened in Melbourne for 4 hours just to get a dozen! Imagine.. i drove 1 hour to get there.. then 4 hours to buy.. then 1 hour to come back.. CRAZY 6 hours!

    But then the frenzy died down. There is alot of Krispy Kreme here in Melbourne. Bet Sydney too... Original glaze still nice.. at times.. not too often of course! Thinking of getting a box after work now..

  26. when u live next to a krispy kreme its ez to pack 40 lbs in a joke.

  27. hi nicole, u should try JCO donuts. i think it's better than Krispy Kreme. this comes from an indo girl who loooves JCO donuts :p

    u could get JCO in singapore too.. though some say that the ones in indo is much better than sing (havent tried sing JCO, though :p)
    come over and let's try the singapore JCO together, i'll belanja you :)