First Day at Work

Short note: Nuffnang finally gave me an Ad!! Thanks Tim!!

If life isn't about having fun, then I don't know what life is?

Okay, my first day of work. How shall I describe it? Bizarre for one, I mean, why in the world~~~~ would TMNet (a big local broadband cum telco brand that is mostly governed by Malays and mostly occupied by employees of the same ethnicity, which I will refer to as XX from this line onwards just in case if T... er.. XX decides to take any legal actions against me on my blogging content - been researching on too many legal case on bloggers) want to hire a small green pea like me? Chinese green pea somemore? And as a Writer?? Queer~~

Before you start imagining I am writing for XX about how wonderful stream.. er.. XXmys is, don't! Technically, I am under XX, bureaucracy said so, even the office design inside is a typical bureaucratic cubic formation. Cool! I never work in a box before!

cubicle office
peek-a-boo, I see you~

Now I feel like those classy journalists like in the movie 'Hitch' where a sexy Eva Mendes sits in her own phone-cabled cubicle full with personal decorations such as photos of Will Smith or even Brad Pitt, elegantly typing away on her Pentium 4 super fast LAN connected PC while munching on Rocky chocolate sticks and waiting for prince charming to send a delivery boy that delivers diving suit so we can jet ski in Cyberjaya lake...

No wait, that is my dream. Nevermind...

So yea, officially, I am working in XX, under XX, for XX, BUT! I am not working on anything regarding to XX, hah! However, I am hired as a web-writer, or a blogger if you see writing on web about typical Malaysian lifestyle and doing occasional reviews as blogging (which it is actually). NOW isn't that the COOLEST job??!!!

I have moved from being a blogger to working as AND being a blogger at the same time!! Wo hoo~~!!

Don't ever think a blogger life is easy, we have to sit in front of the computer, think of something stupid since people nowadays will read anything. And when you run out of inspiration of producing something dim, go out, have fun, enjoy yourself, go on a holiday to a foreign land, come back and tell people how much fun you just had when everyone else is working or studying and probably reading your fun fun fun entry from their office or computer lab. The things I do for my readers. *wipe sweat*

I tell you, working life is tougher!

Working as a writer (web) is not as easy as you think. I mean really, it's my first day working and I am asked by my super friendly super nice editor, Miss Marina (I love her british accent, made me miss England), to catch a movie preview this Friday with my equally helpful and cute colleague, Lavonne (I seem to be surrounded by friendly colleagues in a friendly working environment, and 'friendly' & 'work' don't even belong in a same sentence!!) in order to write a review about it.

Yes you heard me, I am asked to watch a MOVIE during office hours! It is my job! My first task given!! Life isn't all about fun and games you know, you have to catch a movie once in a while too. The things I do for my company. *wipe more sweat*

a lot of sweat

PS// I wonder if I can bring my own mini cooler fridge to the office? :p


10 kissed Nicole

  1. aww~~ you made me wanting to be a writer too...

  2. Hey Nic, your jobs sounds like fun and with the colleagues you describe so far, sounds like you're gonna be having a blast working...something not many people can say they are doing ;) Enjoy...

  3. Where's your office? Lets do lunch!

  4. sounds fun and relaxing ;)...
    'think of something stupid since ppl nowadays read anything'....
    i rmb that u had once comment its intellectual rubbish...
    but anyway, not at all... la... its good stuff to see how blogger actually put thoughts into words.
    keep inspiring ;)

  5. Now stop complaining about how wonderful/good/fun your job is... *glaring at Nicole enviously*

    BTW, I like your chocolatey Nicolized, so you!!! Hahahhaa!!!

  6. fookiat: why don't you? it's awesome!

    the problem kid: it's too early to say though, since today is only my second day. Haha... :p

    VSdGrain: err....TMNET?

    Domhon: help me write my paper T_T

    clare: thanks! I like the design too, if only I can do something with the background. ermm..

  7. Hmm.....very apt indeed the choco thingy....

    Ahh....cubicles.....i love them, but i would hate working in one coz it makes me wanna sleep....

    Office politics is inevitable...tread the path cautiously.....

  8. well nicole,they need someone like u to add a little spice to our web content..since u travel a lot, i think they made a right choice..

  9. YES... i will help you on your paper once i'm done with mine =) *working on rcoc halfway* ... would realli hope tt we can grad together ;), i can't wait to join the workforce *grin*

  10. Hey Nicole, love that scene you posted from Office Space. Brilliant piece from Mike Judge. Enjoy your work there in tmnet, say Hi to Marina for me. Cheers