I am Going to Die at Young Age

No joke, this is serious. I will and I am so going to… Woe is me…

Thank you mom for bringing me to this world, thank you dad for bringing me up despite my rebellious way, thank you god for acknowledging my good deeds and let me live till so long and heal my father when he’s in need and gave me the most wonderful family I ever had, not that I have a lot of families, but if I did then this is the best family ever, I think.

Okay, how I came upon this treacherous conclusion and fret in utter dismay?

I’ll explain.

A week ago, I was at the hospital, attending to my then still hospitalized father when the nurses came in, as usual, for dad’s hourly check up. Seeing the instrument placed on the cart she pushed in, I intelligently deduced it was used to measure blood pressure.

Daddy, at his old age, has a bit (just a bit) of high blood pressure, which is common, but just for routine sake, the measurement was taken place, which of course interrupted my discussion with dad, of what I can’t recall.

Then being the smarty ass I am, I asked the nurse cheekily if I can give the instrument a try? Having unable to resist my charming charisma, she obliged (but of course). Well, this is not my first time having a go at blood pressure measurement. In the past, I have never been able to escape the dreadful world of HYPOTENSION.

Don’t know what that means? Go here.

I’ll make this easier for you, quoted from our friendly wikipedia,

Normal ranges for blood pressure in adult humans are:
Systolic: less than 120 mmHg (2.32 psi or 15 kPa)
Diastolic: less than 80 mmHg (1.55 psi or 10 kPa)

There you go, any much higher than that, you’ll be diagnosed as Hypertension aka Hgh Blood Pressure. Blood pressures between 120/80 and 140/90, can be considered as pre-hypertension or just hypertension. (Face the reality dude, you got High Blood Pressure, don’t console yourself that it’s just a Pre-H).

So coherently, anything lower than 120/80 is low right? And with all the chronic diseases that come with hypertension, one can only wish their blood pressure to be as low as possible right? And quoting from this site,

People who have lower blood pressures have a lower risk of strokes, kidney disease, and heart diseases.

Seriously, what can be so bad with a bit of low blood? I mean, everyone is thriving for low man! It’s the new trend! Low is the new black yo~


There are soooo many spiteful symptoms of hypotension THAT you will do ANYTHING to not be in my shoe! I’ll drink blood to not be in my shoe! *growl… Dracula*

I read through wiki and found some of the cardinal symptoms:

- Fever higher than 101 °F (38.3 °C)
- Headache
- Dizziness, or light-headedness, particularly when suddenly standing up from sitting down
- Seizures
- Loss of consciousness
- Profound fatigue

*Yawn*…. been there, done that.

I even have Orthostatic Hypotension according to wiki. It means when I stand up from a sitting or lying down position, I’ll feel darn dizzy that everything in front of me will go blur, like a blinding white light that literally blind my eyes temporary and all of a sudden I will feel weak-legged and probably collapse. Though this effect also occur to me when I move from a dark room to a bright one. *Beware when walking out from Cinema people, the last thing you want is a damsel in distress falling into your arms, literally*

Enough with Biology, so the outcome from the instrument was: 109/70

DAMN YOU!! Still HYPO??!!

What else can I do?!! I’m stuffing myself with mountains and mountains of imported animal fat content chocolates and highly-salted expensive tit-bits as fast as my little mouth can chomp.

The worse is yet to come, today when I went for my medical check up (needed for first day of job), the doctor took my blood pressure and went “Ohh.. awak ni pressure rendah la” (translation: your pressure is low) and gave me a 70/50 result.

WTF OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m gaining kilos and practically wiped out all the chocolates in my house and this is the thanks I get?!!

No no, impossible, simply unacceptable. I excused myself out of the clinic, went back home, took a long nap, persuading myself it’s only because I haven’t got enough sleep these days. Went back in the evening and did a re-check.



I am so going to die young.


35 kissed Nicole

  1. Well my dear blogger as i told u before,the more u worry the more it will be....jus do wat u need to do n enjoy ur life.....all the best in KL

    by fong

  2. LOl... u just made my shit-arsed-of-a-day a wee bit better.

  3. Welcome to the wonderfull world of "getting older"..

  4. you can't die early.. you still have blogs to write.. haha

  5. You're young and beautiful. Just forget about it. Practice some Qigong (气功)and you'll live 'till you're old and gray!
    [ ]

  6. Hahaha.....don't be silly lar Nicole.
    It's hypotension, according to www.medicinenet.com, "low pressure alone, without symptoms or signs, is usually not unhealthy."

    See...there's nothing to be worried about...

  7. die young?no u wont.excercise more and get more rest...ur immortal goddess..haha.


  8. We luv u too much to see you die early. Okay, how much blood u need, I am going 2 squeeze it out now.

    How about organs? Dun worry, be happy. Enjoy life, ya?

  9. hey, i also have low blood pressure.. less than half of normal blood pressure.. yea.. HALF.. but now getting better already.. i actually passed out 3 times :) .. just make sure u eat properly and exercise :D.. that;s the key to perfect health!

  10. brandon Wong: I always wonder why your brandon is small caps..

    yaducam: I thought your blood pressure suppose to get higher as you age? erm... new era?

    fookiat: yea, and I'm going to work as a blog writer too... wee...

    sheon: unfortunately, I DO have all those symptoms stated :(

    aldrin: sorry can't make it for yumcha.. :)

    gav: I have the most lovable blood, O Positive. :D

  11. eeee....my blood oso O Positive hehehehe.....we can receive all types of blood rite??? hohohoho... XD

  12. "If you hear hoof beats, think horse, not zebra"

    and besides..you look soo healthy and lead an active lifestyle!
    increase on your salt and iron intake lor, improve your blood 'quality'. The good thing about this is, you are only gonna get healthier!! ":)

  13. life is short but wtf just make it meaningful :)

    more info on low blood pressure (http://www.webmd.com/hypertension-high-blood-pressure/guide/understanding-low-blood-pressure-basics)

  14. you're not gonna die man.
    even if you do, just live your life to the fullest.

  15. Lol if your really serious about that post then get a personal trainer and start working out(PROPERLY), revamp your diet(PROPERLY) and stick to it for an entire year, not a season where u chuck out meat and everything else n only eat veggies then the next month u splurge urself with chocolate, gotta eat healthy all year round anyway you look far from sick haha :p so no worries

  16. Lene: Quite the contrary, you (O+) are a universal donor....all of us can receive your blood.

  17. as they say, a dick a day keeps the doctor away. sure to relieve hypertension...oh the things i would do to you

  18. nicole, no need to worry, enjoy life maa..just exercise a bit and eat right ..(yeah, right..tell it to myself..hehe)

    PS: welcome to tmnet..

  19. actually, i duno... i tot that mebbe i made a typo in my profile... but i checked... its ok leh.

  20. jz exercise more and you should b fine. with the food ppl are eating these days, high blood pressure is not reli a big thing.

    low blood? as long as u don faint in the middle of the road, i guess it's ok :P

  21. to increase your blood pressure what you need to do is to find a boyfriend... that way your heart beats faster.... and your pressure increase balik.....

  22. Hhahha...get ginseng and cordisep.. I dun believe if you pressure won't shoot up !

  23. I'm younger than you and I'm kinda aware that I have high blood preassure as well.
    Customers who keeps bargaining for medicine really pisses me of to some point that I nearly faints whenever I get mad.

    And yes, I know that I'm getting fat due to lack of exercise as well x.x

    You'll be fine, just exercise everyday Nic.

  24. You gotta start eating red and white meat regularly babe.

  25. this color looks better for you lar dear :)

  26. to rephrase willar, you should start eating more man-meat

  27. I do understand that you had a healthy habit of jogging... so i can only say... take much more regular meal and a balance diet :).
    Nice theme too!

  28. So... does that mean that your heart beats very very slowly???

  29. heyaaa ... don't scare yourself silly ...... anyway love your new layout ..... pass me those chocolates please!!!!!

  30. I love ur blog. =)
    Well, I think we all know the recipe to a good health(exercise, balanced diet, no smoking bla-bla). It takes discipline to actually do all that stuff. =)
    T'care Nicole, =DDD

  31. Kordell, who are you???? o.O

  32. that is not always true. 80/50 also can means that u have a bigger heart, so less work done is needed. (according to my prof lecturer is aussie because my fren have 60/40 and he is pretty healty too).cheers

  33. i think you've not got all the correct facts heh.

    120/80 is the average mean for Caucasian populations. for asians, and also for females (for smaller sized ppl lah), having lower blood pressures is quite normal.

  34. Take Iberet Folic once a day. go to a pharmacy and ask. trust me lar.. I also hypo usually 90/60, doctor prescribed Iberet FOlic which is a supplement to increase blood count. effective ! Now i'm a steady 110/80.

  35. Hey like your blog! i'm a 4th year med student.....dun need to worry bout ur pressure laaa! It's not that abnormal Maybe u weren't drinking enough water or having menses at that time laa but if u have prolonged or heavy menses or other related problems then u should inform ur doc. exercise more n you'll be just fine!