Flying Extreme with AJ-Hackett

Note: I got a surprise parcel from a blog reader at my company's reception today. Thank you Sheon for sending me chocolates! That is so sweet!! You even sent me my fav, Meiji and Ghana Chocolates!

It’s official!! I’m the toughest, roughest, baddest, hard-hitting chick there is! Danger means nothing to me! In fact, I should be named NicoleDangerTan.

Working as a travel writer might be tough work, but it is definitely fun. Oh trust me on the tough work part; it’s not easy to juggle between your social life, study, holiday and work.

Most time you tend to jumble them up and by the end of the day, it’s hard to differentiate which is your real personal life and trip and which is work. If you are optimistic, you just treat work as fun and love what you do.

Which is why I love my job!

Not only I get to travel (even within KL itself), I get to capitalize on media benefits which give me more reasons to travel and try out things with and for a purpose.

Life is GUUUUDDD……… *GRIN*

To achieve this, first you need to embrace all sorts of predicament that work usually puts you in. Your role model? Me!

And not everyone is daring with a heart too big to be scared by something as whimsical as eating roaches. Like me.

Most importantly, you need to look good doing it! You guessed it! Yours truly!!!

Take for example if my job requires me to jump off a waterfall while having my glorious free-falling moments taken on camera; I have to grace the fall with the strongest will and bravery, all while smiling and acting happy in front of the camera to convince my viewers/readers that getting push off some rocky-water-gusting cliff is the most awesome-st thing in the world.

Let’s cut the chase and straight to a real life synopsis. Few weeks back, I made an appointment to meet up with AJ-Hackett Malaysia franchise owner Adam at KL Tower (who happens to be a kiwi/NZ citizen) to discuss covering a shoot on the rides they offer. One of which on the spot is ‘Flying Fox’.

This is the other flyer, just for show

Quote from the flyer (will put up actual flyer tomorrow):

“… our longest Fox is an extreme 150 metres long! Step off and fly from tree to tree, feel the excitement as the ground drops beneath you…”

Technically, a Flying Fox is a ride whereby a string hangs somewhat tenths of metres above ground (60 metres in this case) and have you swing (fly) from one higher end to a lower end.


And why rides like these are created? Together with other extreme sports such like bungee jumping and sky diving? My bet is in the ancient times, New Zealand has nothing but sheeps and grass, after getting bored of shagging sheeps, a Kiwi vowed that he would change history and decided to tie himself to a rope and throw himself off a cliff, but forgot to think of a way of climbing back up and allowed himself to die dangling there. The rest of the Kiwis who were so impressed by his insanity to keep himself sane, followed his footsteps and one by one started jumping off cliffs around New Zealand, hence the start of Extreme Sports.

flying fox

Sometimes I wonder if I was ever a Kiwi decedent, but that thought only crossed my mind for 2 seconds before concluding I probably stand a higher chance coming from an alien womb that has smarter genes in it. That might also explains why I’m fearless for most things.

So yea, after the brief meeting, Adam offered us free rides on their flying fox. I accepted without hesitation (after allowing my editor to go on the rides few times in advance, eh hem, and decided that the strings were safe enough).

Safety harness

I stepped onto the wooden plank, looked down, let out a ‘humph’ and roll my eyes. “This is too easy”. Even babies can do this! Are they seriously calling this an extreme sport?? They are joking right? I mean come on…

Thinking too much makes me tired. So off I jump!!

Click video to see my dashing take off

Piece of cake.


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  1. haha..was that u screaming away?'s sounds like some hgih pitched witch-like screech. It'll sure scare the hell outta me if i were to hear that in the middle of the night!

  2. jiejie nic

    is that you screaming ... you screamed SOOO scary!!!

  3. flying fox... with high heels... nicole ROCKS!

  4. wooo... yea that was a piece of cake... I can see that judging from your ear piercing, window shattering scream! AHHAHAAHAH.....!!

  5. Ha Ha. I'm laughing my ass off! I couldn't agree more on how you said you'll do it "gracefully". Well, you sure did :P

  6. Ha Ha. I'm laughing my ass off! I couldn't agree more on how you said you'll do it "gracefully". Well, you sure did :P

  7. lol.. the vid was funny!!!
    sounds fun.. might give it a try e next time i head up to kl.

  8. What a bunch of crap. If it's that easy, then you don't have to scream as if you were about to die. Jeez!

    That's some freakin' eerie sounding scream.

  9. That is a very sexy scream! Just watch your high heel though. You sure don't want to fatally injure the superman flying by. hehe

  10. Kiwis and sheeps...hmmm.....I wonder how many kiwis are your readers? Hahhahaha.......

    Cant 'enjoy' your video clip yet, lest my colleagues think there is a banshee haunting my office!

  11. ladies n gentlemen, its really easy! girls tend to scream lah(not a racist remark,just a fact)... I tried flying fox in my NS camp and I thought it was too slow and this one that she tried is even slower...

    its considered fun but for thrill seekers,its just so-so

  12. Well... It isn't that tall is it? 60 meters.... But i will scream also lo even it isn't scared me because... that is the only time to scream 'kau kau lat' without feeling embarrass, right? Haha...

  13. well.. you're NicoleScreamingTan alright.. err.. I mean.. DangerTan.. certainly NicoleDangerTan

  14. Hey Nicole, thank you for visiting my site. I'd say you're helluva interesting write. Not me though .. I love to shoot but writing is for accompaniment of the photos. May I add your site as a link to mine and vice-versa ?

  15. 0.0!!!

    I want to play also!!!

  16. I played in NS before and it was fun. I was 'flying' on top of a big pond. Lol... Fun!

    But you seem to be so scared?

  17. jermy76: la la la

    misha: *shy* there was this 4 year old girl that went on it, she was so cool throughout the ride

    domhon: i was working :p

    alvin: buy me a piece of cake

    innocent^^guy: ain't it graceful? :p agree or i'll shoot you

    bradon wong: thanks and u shud

    anon: take a joke and laugh with me babe

    whisperer: hey babie.... *screamm~~~*

    sheon: ants are invading your chocolates

    ji yuan: great to be a girl~ :D

    kenny: hoho, better let it out than keep it in i'd say~

    fookiat: *sweat*

    dutchladyman: *hand over some cotton bud*

    timothy: nice to meet u.. still waiting for ur email

    clare: come we go play~

    curryegg: oo.. someone went to NS before... *merajuk*

  18. KILL THEM LITTLE BUGGERS!!!!!!! CHA~~~~~~~~~RGE!!!!!!!!

  19. Oopss... dont merajuk la.. You did something like NS too! Even more fun than me le... *sob*...

    Your job is fun! Enjoy...

  20. Now.. .that's a lot of screaming for something described as "piece of cake"