Chocolate is Serious Business

One late night…

Sneaking out from office

La La La…

Are you looking at me?

There are things that should be done in the middle of the night.

Sha La La La~

One last glance

Back in the office,


Remember the tagline?

“Chocolates should melt in your mouth, not in your hands.”

I abide by that rule seriously.


Very seriously…


24 kissed Nicole

  1. it looks like a mailbox. wouldn't it be awesome if there were chocolates delivered every day... c'mon send me some more godivas!

  2. Wow that were kind of desperate move u have there... hehe...

    Very good idea... i think i should b proposing it to my workplace also...

  3. at least u have 1 less fridge at hm now :)

  4. I know you're posing for pictures for you blog, but the guy who help you snapped those pics should carry the fridge for you...haha

  5. noooo slightly melted chocolate is soooo good!!

  6. oh my god.. u sneaked a mini bar into you office? I wished I can get one into my hostel room..

  7. 'chocolate is serious business' nice title... a teaser with a sleek finish... 'melts in your mouth not in your hands'. great touch ;)
    albeit it would be perfect to have m&n in the fridge instead... color matches though...hehe's DEFINATELY a chocolate heaven *grin*
    ps: kabaya is not my cup of tea... but its looks GREAT in you nonetheless. Do get more sleep too, take care :)

  8. you looks so natural in baju kurung
    is it in cyberjaya

  9. If I happen to see you at night
    Walking along the hallway of your office
    In your rainbow coloured baju kurung
    And your thick long hair flying softly as you moved
    I'll think that you're.........
    ...Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam.

  10. HMMM... can't live without chocolates huh? I bet ya, there will be more things to put in in this small little pity fridge eg. chocolates, ice creams, cookies, fruits, juices, chocolate drinks, mayonnaise, cheese… etc... like the fridge, 'snake fridge' in her house. haha....

  11. aww...i LOVE ur baju kurung..very nice lerrr...

    anyway, how much is the cutie pink color 1 or not..hehe

  12. Hell-O Babe,
    Im reading to watch our blogs...Not the writing, but for me its someting cool becoz u post a lost of pics...Keep on blogging babe... :-)

  13. So addicted ar?

  14. >_< so nice....arhhhh...

  15. OMG... Personal fridge in the office..
    u lucky... b

  16. shall i call u ms.chocolatte? i drove a myvi too but too bad it is still in the clinic :(

  17. You are officially the first person i know who has her/his own fridge in the office. Such choco-fan you are!! Now, i must conjure up a plan to "park" my favorite laksa stall in my office pantry liao.....

  18. ben: I wiSh!! GODIVAs!!

    james: oh you should, it's so cold, and keep you warm too when it gets too cold.

    jermy76: oh no, my house still got 3 fridges. haha

    innocent^^guy: he should shouldn't he, shame on him! :p

    pinkpau: yes!! o yes! *take chocolates out from fridge*

    fookiat: you can actually, it's quite offordable.

    domhon: Need to stock up on chocolates soon~~ !!!!

    chan: thanks and yes

    elsie: better beware... this
    pontianak will stalk you home, HAHA

    kenny: No~ NO~! DIET!!

    amelia: thanks it's bought in Kelantan. I forgot how much the fridge cost, around RM200 plus?

    gothnol: that's good coz i'm lazy to write.. haha

    ipohchai: you betcha, and keep that in mind, lol

    clement: so very the nice ho~~

    Wilson: *check fridge* OMG too! There's no more chocolates in my fridge today!!

    Michael song: yes you shall, doesn't Myvi just rawks! Screw beetle! Muahaha

    sheon: I'm honored to be the first choco-fan you know, lol. *remember to send me chocolates *wink*

  19. MMmmMmmmMm...chocolates...

  20. huish... you're really a fanatic. I gotta stand down and bow to you.

  21. Only one bag of chocolates? And who is your accomplice anyway?

  22. Chocolates...yum yum......

    so...i'll send chocolates to TM Puchong, and the receptionist will just put it on her desk, and let it melt away over 2days,... Hahahaha...

    Question: bitter/dark? or sweet dairy?

  23. very the nice....cant resist to give another comment....