Spiderwoman I am

It has become disturbingly alarming when you realized you have reached a status that you must take on the responsibility of your own actions and WORDS!

Yes, I am talking about blogging and what I blog has the power to affect others, usually in a bad way; or worse, how it will affect me!

This is especially true when ALL your work colleagues and your Editor cum Manager and Managers from other departments who will also and might have a direct effect on you in what you do at WORK…. ARE READING YOUR BLOG! OMFG!! This is what happens when you put your blog link in your resume to show them you do actually write some mean shit stuff apart from rotting at home. Seriously, my blog is full of crap.

(Note: my blog is not crap, it is full of crap, there is a difference. It is a great blog that contain a good collection of crap, thus not a crap blog, just a blog full of crap.)

It also means that I can’t bitch about my work, my colleagues, MY MANAGER (just kidding. No actually I’m serious. Nah, really, I’m just kidding…. No really, I am~~), my company or anything in relation to that. Things like how shitty my pc is because I can’t even access my MSN and have to resort to Yahoo messenger alone and there’s always this error pop up that never fails to prick on my annoyance nerve.

Now come on guys! You know I’m just fooling around, you know I love my work and all of you right? Right??? RIGHT???????

It has also become alarmingly disturbing (the power of –ly, put it in any adjective and it’ll make you words bombastic even when you have limited vocab) when a stranger-turned-friend approached you and asked: “Hey aren’t you Nicole? That Melakan blogger? I read your blog you know. My Managerial friend at TMNet passed me your blog link and that’s how I got to know your blog.”


I might as well hang a cardboard around my neck that reads “Nicolekiss the dim-witted Blogger” and walk around the company the whole day... -.-


No I didn't walk around topless, pardon the photoshop

I know I can't photoshop, shut up.

(Yes that stranger-turned-friend is you Michelle, and I want my Jogoya~~ T_T)

I know, I know, with great power comes great responsibility. Eww, can’t believe I said that, disgustingly cliché. I guess I have no choice, I have to take this burden upon my shoulder and teach them (you heard me, I’m gonna teach, not show, TEACH, how raw of me) my wisdom of life and work. If I continue to write about arseful content all the time, these poor people reading my blog are soon going to be as imprudent as I am. And there can only be ONE obtuse Nicole.

I’m not kidding, I’m serious. HAHAHAHA…

No really I am.


14 kissed Nicole

  1. i'm confused reading this entry. A mixture of emo.
    your blog is never FOC; it's rather entertaining... really =)
    be positive oki ;)

  2. *wipes sweat*

    Just continue crapping and nicolize everyone then!

  3. You remind of Ben Stiller's character in DodgeBall. Hahaha......

  4. beware cause sometime there will be some stalkers out reading it & watching you? hehe..cause being expose too much bout your life... anyway all the best, ur blog is fun to read but sometime don't even know what U r writing.

  5. that just means that your blog is important and it reflects you and your personality which I think is quite important to get along with your colleagues.. have fun

  6. u sound down.

    r u ok?

  7. what ken is true .. never "exposed" too much since your colleagues knew about this blog :)

    anyway.. up to you lar :)

  8. dom: help, i'm drowning in my assignments~~

    clare: come stay with me in puchong

    sheon: WHY AM I BEN STILLER?!!

    ken: thanks i will :) hey enjoy ur trip to singapore

    fookiat: my blog is very important to me yes! without it I'll die of loneliness

    eric: I'm stressed too, can you tell? haha

    anon: will do thanks

  9. U have the potential to influence people through your blog!

  10. Yes I concur with Mademoiselle Clare, I urge you to NICOLIZE THE MALAYSIAN BLOGOSPHERE! Show Kenny "I'm getting old" Sia what's up, he's going to get beat by a girl!

    Inject some Cocoality into P-town! (the tolls suck sometimes, don't it? Move up north! :) )

    Vigorize and Feminify! Kissify and Cocoalize!

    Nicole, Nicole, this is why she's hot
    Anyone who doesn't think so, should be shot

    She's so flyyyyyy
    Makes guys wanna crrrryyyy

    Eyes like limpid pools
    Careful, don't step on the drools!


  11. Where is my comment? I thinkz I losted it :(

  12. hilo hilo....
    how are you?
    saw in nuffnang, you are lucky gal. got to win the PSP!

  13. :) =) ?) ;) >)

  14. nicocoa, 'help, i'm drowning in my assignments'
    never fear... i will be your 'float' ;)... we will get our 2nd piece of 'paper' very soon. lets' keep going ^^