First Trip of 2018 (After Shanghai)

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It's three hours till I have to wake up to get ready to head to the airport, yet I can't sleep. I can't help but feel that I'm running away, it's three days till your birthday after all. You would have been seventy by then. I had planned to celebrate elaborately for you this year, especially when I was too financially strapped to celebrate your sixtieth. You couldn't wait, and left all but too soon.

Circumstance like this harshly reminds me that time waits for no one. I wished I celebrated your living on earth like it was your sixtieth everyday. I always thought I had at least till the next year, or maybe I just refused to believe you could go. But you could, and you did.

We always said we would visit brother on one of his work trips, and you said a few months ago you wished you had gone while you had the chance. 

So I'm going.

And maybe, on the day of your birthday, we will finally get a buy you a cake and celebrate in South Korea together.


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