I don't really know why I am blogging twice in a day.

It's a bad sign, it means I have a lot of things in mind. It means I can't find ways to get things out of my mind, it means I'll face a high probability to grow white strands of hair and they will start falling off and I will go bald very SOON~~


I don't know why am I feeling the way I feel today. So frustrated, horde of assignments that seem to go on for centuries that I'm starting to doubt if I ever can finish this Master. It all seems too long ago since I started this course.

Also, I am gaining weight profusely that I am terrified of meeting anyone. Why am I gaining weight I seriously do not know. Maybe I should really stop eating and starve. Seriously, I don't believe a person can get gastric and die of starvation that easily, especially when a person such as me who can gain 1kg even when I only eat 100gram of fat. I mean, who the hell in the world can gain 10 freakish pounds in 4 days?!!

It could be water retention, I started off believing strongly it is so. But now I'm begining to doubt, cause my weight it's not going down at all, in fact, it's still increasing. This is traumatizing me. I know I have to have enough sleep and proper food. But seriously, how do one sleep when she has so little time and has to finish off so many things; how can one eat when her weight issue to going up the wall, over the fence and into the sea, swam across the pacific ocean and never to return. It's simply a hopeless case and it's driving me nuts.

I am going to be really ill-tempered~~~ -.-


12 kissed Nicole

  1. Hang in there, seeing your weight increase on a scale is no big deal if your clothes still fit you, one belief i practice most of the time is that if something isnt working, then dont expect a different result if you repeat it again and again, try something new like maybe eating normal meals, because it maybe your own metabolism working against you; may have adapted to u taking in so little food that the body responses by decreasing anymore weightloss and shift into gaining weight, so relax and try eat normal meals for a week or two, you maybe surprised

  2. Nic dear, just take a deep breath. Slowly to work! Babe you can do it. If the stress dun apply, let it fly !! Take care and get enough rest:)

  3. seems like you're under a lot of stress eh? try to cheer up and your stress will slowly go away.. and those pounds will shed off itself.. good luck.. take care..

  4. is your Blood pressure going up together??

  5. We just met like less than 5 days ago...and you said you gained weight???!!! 0.o!!!

    If some people see this post, he is so gonna smack you, honey! You know who I am talking about, right? LOL!!!

  6. Jib: appreciate your thoughts and advice, but but but, it’s not helping. Bu hu hu

    Stan: yea… back to work.. I should throw all these stock up Rocky sticks to the dustbin, pui pui

    Fookiat: super stress, you have no idea… gosh..

    Asshole: unfortunately, no :(

    Clare: I know!! Isn’t it crazy! 10 pounds in 4 days!!! I’m not kidding nor joking!

  7. Don't let good food go to can always pass on those Rocky sticks to me ;)

  8. Might want to check your sugar intake. Sugar can come in the form of rice, bread, crackers, chips, mihun, noodles, or in general anything that contain carbs. The result of taking sugar is more disastrous than fats. Try cutting 1/4 portion of your lunch and dinner. At least it'll stabalize yr weight. And no, I'm NOT promoting Atkins diet :p

  9. I can...hahaha.....i already weigh in at 110kg. I remember once i was down with fever for 2-3 days, i lost 5kgs! i am looking forward to my next fever with much anticipation since... ahhaha....

    Hey nicole, dun forget you are not suppose to be starving yourself and depriving yourself from nutritious food since you were diagnosed with hypo, ok?

    eat well!

  10. Oh dear....

    lol.. u noe I have the opp problem... eat eat and eat... but still got legs slimmer than my gf...

  11. Sometimes when you blog twice a day, it means that there's a deeper longing within. Writing is therapeutic after all...

  12. don't worry as your blog is interesting..

    you should look around and see how others (who claimed that they are no. 1 blogger in this region) got so boring and trying hard to create controversies again and again when they run out of things to write about.
    seriously, when you write about normal stuff like your daily life and all, it is more interesting than this.