Dining with NuffNang’s Bitch

Said so according to Suanie’s record of one such conversation.

Founder of Nuffnang, Timothy Tiah, and his infamous mole arrived 15 minutes late at Marche restaurant at The Curve two nights ago (due to heavy traffic jam according to him). I just finished writing the introductory write-up on my exclusive interview with Daniel Lee when the handsomely attired CEO sat down opposite me.


Apologizing frantically for his delay, he immediately offered to foot the bill for the night before dinner even started. Which came to my immediate first conclusion. Timothy, you are such a liar.

You once told me boldly that you were no gentleman and yet there I was, witnessing a true gentleman who calls up 10 minutes before the actual dinner appointment to inform that he’ll be late for a short 10 minutes, showed up apologizing sincerely and offers to buy dinner politely.

(Tim, I’m expecting some London imported super expensive super nice chocolates from you for this, *wink*)

I love Marche, the ambience, the food, the design and the people; simply adore it. It’s a great place to hang out with friends, a great place to go Dutch without the hassle of a calculator, a great place to choose food buffet style but pay only those that you eat (great if you’re a small eater).

salmon cheese salad
my dinner, look like swiss rolls

If your guy wants some meat and you want salads? Go Marche.
If you just want desserts and your friends want three-course meals? Go Marche.
Fancy some western but your mom prefers Chinese? Go Marche.
Want to eat alone? Go Marche.
Want to throw a party? Go Marche.
Want to meet Nicole? Go Marche!

Made my point yet?

beef steak
Bitch’s dinner :p

A hungry Timothy

Anyway, that night I also realized that Timothy Tiah turned out to be an extremely humble person (in a very good way), and I have yet met such a humble person. So part of this entry is to highlight a certain conversation I had that night.

(Chatting aimlessly about work, people and life…. Till we reach the part about cars)

Tim: I don’t know about other people, but I like small cars
Me: Yea, I don’t see the big deal with people wanting to own big expensive cars. It’s just transportation. I think small car is cute, and sufficient. I love small cars.
Tim: True, I drive a small car. I think it’s cool.
Tim: Unless I’m going the distance, then I will drive a slightly better car.
Me: Oh, what car are you driving.
Tim: Honda City
Me: *sweat* (small car = Honda City ???)
Me: You know what is my dream car?
Tim: You mean small cars? Ermm, Mini Cooper? Myvi? ….etc
Me: I’m driving a Myvi, I can’t love what I’m already driving. I lurveee smart car!!
Tim: O, Smart car yea? I see I see. Well, I love a beetle.
Me: Beetle?!! Are you serious? It’s so ugly. If it weren’t for the movie Herbie and super good marketing skill, Volks Wagon would probably still be cheap and unwanted.
Tim: (agreeing vaguely to some of my statements) But the new beetle is so cool.

(And the chat went on….)

Dinner finished, and after a movie at Cineleisure (we watched 200 pounds beauty, made me want to go for plastic surgery too), we headed for the car park.

Tim: Where’s your car?
Me: (point to the car in front) Here…
Tim: Oh, lucky you…
Me: Where’s yours?
Tim: oh, just over there (pointing at presumably a car that’s behind a wall)
Me: Come, hop on, I’ll drive you to your car.
Tim: Oh, it’s ok. Not necessarily. (In the end, he hopped on)

(1 minute later)

Me: So where is your car?
Tim: Oh, just in front. Yea. This one. (Pointing to a row where three cars rested)
Having not spotted a Honda City, I assumed he was driving the slightly-better-car he mentioned earlier.
Me: (drive slowly forward, ignoring the first car passed)
Tim: Stop stop, you passed it.
Me: Oh.. I thought it was this one (pointing at the really swanky sport car next to me, pretending to be cheeky)
Tim: Yea, I wish that was mine too. (Opened the door and walked out)

I looked at the rear mirror and saw him walking towards the first car. And you know…..

Slightly Better Car = BMW 3.25




31 kissed Nicole

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  2. what are those 'swiss rolls'?? Beaf ah? and, hmm... food looks so nice to me, i swear someday i will go there too!!

    Isn't Tim a little bit 'too humble' is him? Small car = BMW wei... then the big car would be ... a tank? whoops.... haha... no offense ah.

  3. kenny: those are salmon with cheese salads.. love it! You should try. Oh but he is remarkably humble.

  4. Cheese... one my favorite foods. how was the taste? Nice ah? Should be lo if not you probably won't go back again tonight. XD

  5. jiejie nic

    misha also loves to go to Marche. I have been to Marche in Seoul too :)

  6. small car = Honda city
    slightly bigger car = BMW 3.25
    Big car = Hummer??

    Anyway, small car = Toyota MR2 for me.

  7. Lol....
    I wonder is he joking with the word "small car"

    I think small car should be use for = kancil...
    hAiz... what a poor girl like me..

  8. lol... that was a good small car...
    so it was tim that i couldn't recognize from the side...

  9. is it a trend nowadays to call your friend bitch??

    i must be very outdated.

  10. hmm...actually to me, he might be overdoing the humble part. Telling some1 that u drive a honda city when u actually own a BWM 3 series doesnt count as being humble to me la. But it's juz my personal opinion... :)

  11. Smart4-2 is going really cheap now i heard......sub-80K.

    BMW 325 is quite a perfect mix of sportiness+elegance+comfort+expensive.

    marche...i like it too, but not THAT suka lar....coz i think the food, arent exactly outta this world delicious...for the price i'm paying.

  12. kenny: mmm... this is actually my 5th or 6th time visiting Marche. :D

    misha: we shud dine together one day, my treat :D

    camlok: big car = ferarri...

    curryegg: that you have to ask him, haha. Poor? that makes both of us. /:)

    wilson: haha, I can't believe you couldn't recognise him either

    fookiat: yes he is

    anon: read the link on the first line, u'll know why

    jermy76: that would be my fault, i didn't exactly clarify with him what was the other car he had. Tim is a very down to earth guy.

    sheon: well, if i have 80k to buy a smart car, I'll probably get a honda instead.

  13. Timothy has not even read this...Man, the look on his face when we told him the trailer of this post...PRICELESS!!! LOL!!!

  14. it's all cool nicole. Btw nice gesture that u r replying every single comment now. At least it means alot to loyal readers like moi :)

  15. Waaaah!

    Small car for me = VW GTi.
    Big car for me = BMW 335i

    Cars get bigger here in US but I dun like to drive those. Feels like driving my flat & is hard to park.

    My first meal in SE Asia was at a Marche (Movenpick?). Would be fun to go again with someone who really likes it! =)


  16. tim... is down to earth and humble indeed ;) *respect*
    your 'swiss roll' certainly looks yummy *drooling* good take ;)

  17. jiejie nic

    misha will be back in KL today give me your number so that I can call you :)


  18. WOW misha.. u r just 7 years old and now maintaining a blog??
    if u r coming to singapore, it will be on my treat.. :)

  19. clare: horrible lar u guys.... -.- want me kena *T*I*U* by Tim isit...

    jermy76: and that meant a lot to me as a blogger for my effort :)

    abraxis: haha, is that a hint? i don't mind dining there again... :D

    domhon: too bad you weren't eating much

    misha: send a message to me at http://www.friendster.com/nicolekiss , I'll reply you there. Oh, and I'm going back to my hometown today.

  20. jiejie nic

    hehehe .. just joking lar ... anyway .. have a nice journey back home :)

  21. Kenny or tim is richer? i think tim cos even kenny is feeding nuffnang haha

  22. Ops...I really thought Tim driving a City until I finish reading this entry. Hhahaha.. This guy is really humble.

  23. drive carefully oh...

  24. humble or concealing truth?...hehehe

  25. wah,...tim so rich one ar....

  26. Next time I'm in KL, can eat then...

    I usually stay in Cyberjaya so I've gotten to know the KLIA ekspres very well...

  27. his mole is awful. yuck. (ok, i am a bit jealous). haha.

  28. err.. VW owns Audi, Lamborgini, Bentley etc... so i think without Herbie, VW can not only survive but expand too :)

  29. judging by his look... and his lack of confidence to look up to the camera... he was obviously nervous.

  30. BMW325 hmmmm..... slurpppp...

    slightly better then bmw325 makes a ferrari? ... kekekek