I love weekends!

I know it sounds lame, duh, doesn't everybody?

It has been such a long time since I last felt how weekends were like for the average working adults, I’ve completely forgotten how great it was to have the weekends around.

When I was still home-based studying, everyday felt like a Saturday. Tomorrow would still be a non-working day and yesterday, well, just felt like any other day.

Dull life it was.

Working life came in, and whoosh! Weeks feel like days and it seemed only yesterday that I started my first day of work.

It’s a scary experience I tell you. Before you realize it, you’ll be another year old faster than you boss can say “you’re promoted”.

Wait, make that few years older.


So right now I’m back sitting at the usual pc in my Melaka house and room where I first started this blog. With this keyboard I’m typing and this ever familiar monitor screen I’m looking, drinking apple juice and thinking... “What have I covered this week?”

Well, I finally went and watched the media screening for “Surf’s Up” at Mid Valley this morning with my colleague (yea~ I’m a media, hah!). Too bad none of my WORKING friends are available on a WEEKDAY morning, if not; I could just bring them in for free. My colleague brought three! Me? Well, I went alone. Sorry guys~ kekeke

They don’t sing, they don’t dance; they surf~~

It’s a really funny movie, will be doing my review soon on the movie in the coming week, and hopefully a personal review here in my blog (I’ll try not to spoil the movie for you, I’ll TRY~~).

Apart from that! Well~~~ I also got the chance to meet few local celebrities, not that I care a lot about meeting famous and beautiful people where I can get up close to talk to them and ask them any professional questions (Professional because I don’t think I can ask if they got a bf/gf :() or get free access to 5-star high tea or a scrumptious buffet whenever I’m at one of these press conference.

Garnier New Range Launch

Fasha Sandha, you’d probably seen her in the Malay drama series Natasya or movie Cicak-Man

Serena C & Fasha
Oh look! Isn’t that Serena C on the left?

DC Super Heroes Ambassador

Faizal, cute pretty boy – first-runner up in One in a Million reality TV show

Nope, it’s not all about that at all. It’s the passion in my job! *snort*

For once, press conference to me is not about standing there with a team of beautiful pageants and gets shot dead by blinding camera flashes. For once, I get to blind people with camera flashes!! Yay! Honestly, I prefer to be a media, we get all the treatments! Like freebies, privileges and priorities to talk to the famous, free food and free movies! On a working day!

Sorry, I can’t stop mentioning that. :p


11 kissed Nicole

  1. I'm sure u had a productive week... living life to the fullest.
    yup... enjoy your weekend ;)

  2. hi nicole, did you notice that your chatbox has gone haywire?
    too bad, i would love to go for the movie.. free tickets to watch movie.

  3. Now you can continue to mention that...we have already turned green with envy...stop complaining about how stressful your job hoh, can get free this and that...Muahahahhahahaha!!!

    Oh, and that dress on Fasha is a total fashion mismatch lah! Suck! Brrr!

  4. I m so happy for you Nicole :)
    Take care

  5. i wanna watch the movie too.. oh... your job looks very interesting.. I thought you were suppose to be stuck in the office everyday.. haha

  6. Glad you're enjoying your job cause you sound like it...with all the freebies, brushing shoulders with celebrities,trying out new products and the list can go on and on...Best part I would like is the free movies ;)

  7. Wow, Sunday you gotta rush back huh? Then the following Monday will be your blue Monday, haha... oh ya, looking forward to your review on this SURF'S UP. Finally, all the best and good luck. Ciao....

  8. domhon: enjoying, wish u are here, haha

    wilson: well, i don't mind to bring u along, if you're not working :); and i might remove the chat box soon, it's taking up too much space

    clare: I thought she looked gorgeous in that outfit...!! We shud meet up soon

    anon: thanks!

    fookiat: I'll rather die than to be stuck in the office T_T

    the problem kid: yes! I totally agree! Haha

    kenny: monday? i love monday! I miss my colleagues already. can't wait to get back to work. :D

  9. Like your job so much. why i study this stupid course last time. So hate my job la...doing something out of my interest....Gonna quit soon enough...tomorrow submit letter....

  10. nicocoa,'enjoying, wish u are here, haha'... *touched* to hear that =).... i would LOVED to drive u home and spend my weekend with U... :D
    enjoy your weekdays nevertheless ;)

  11. is transformers going to be part of your review? take me.. take me..