Replacement for Krispy Kreme?

Note: Penang nuffnang gathering was a success, sadly there were people who didn’t know the meal limit was RM15 and therefore ‘forgot’ to pay when they go back, so Timothy was kind enough to foot the remaining bill. Bless his soul..

And I can’t believe there are bloggers who thought I work for nuffnang. o.O

No I am not going to blog about the gathering this time round. Because…. I’m too lazy to upload my photos to the pc~~ Haha

But here’s a preview anyway,

Photos courtesy of Blogwawasan

Poor Kenny being used as a card holder, lol

Cutting Kenny’s hair to auction off for charity

Group photo, See me with my pillow, Yay! :D

Just had lunch with Timothy, Samantha, Kenny and IcyQueenGoddess, and by god, Timothy’s mom can whip the BEST death-inducing curry noodle in the history of Penang!!! It’s the finest creation made by human since the invention of paper clips. GOD!! Why!!! Now I can never eat another curry noodle~~~ *drown in sorrow*

It is that nice. I am not exaggerating; they bought the best cha siew too to mix with the noodle. I wish I can ‘ta bao’ back to KL. And I can’t get my hands off the huge tub of Haagan Daaz green tea ice-cream (thinking of buying one myself, but realize my freezer is not big enough to store such a big tub *pout*).

Kenny is walking as though someone just stick a pole up his ass. Serve him right for blogging four hours before his marathon when he was suppose to be in bed!!

Back to my topic, after the confession on my profound love to the best doughnut in the world, I have received quite a number of feedbacks that somewhere in Malaysia, in our own very PJ, there lies treasures to be unfold. An outlet that is second best to none and almost as good as the king of doughnuts is hidden in the depths of none other than our very own The Curve shopping complex.


So I decided to hunt down this, so called queen of doughnuts, outlet by the name of Big Apple one day.

The expedition took place few weeks ago; I made a dinner appointment at The Curve with some friends just so I could get myself a bite of this delicious doughnut for my appetizers.

After obtaining my direction from the concierge, I doubtfully made my way to the back of T.G.I. Friday’s and saw a beautiful fountain but still no sign of the restaurant.

As I walked towards the fountain, I took a left look and Bingo! I spotted it!


Over-enthusiastically, I walked up the place and browse the selections of doughnuts they have to offer.



I was so excited I couldn’t decide which to choose. So I asked for their best selling doughnut.

Mmm… sounds yummy

So I bought that to eat in and another Orea flavour to take away. (just in case)


I sat down, while trying to hide my excitement, I took my first bite and….


No explosion.

In fact,

No heaven,

No angels singing… Nothing…

How shall I put it, the doughnut is nice, tasty, banana flavour compromises the dark chocolates… But…. Well…. It just isn’t what I had expected. Coming at a price of RM2 per doughnut, same price to Dunkin Donuts, I would say it is reasonable. I guess it is unfair to judge since I put in too much expectation out of it, but seriously, compare to Krispy Kreme, there is simply no competition.

It could be just my preference; I find the bun for Krispy is way better flavoured and filling than Big Apple, Big Apple’s bun texture is airy, soft and airy. It’s like you’re biting into nothing and it can hardly make you feel like you’ve eaten anything.

I ate the take-away doughnut cause I felt rather empty eating the first one

So yea, quite disappointed. But if you like doughnuts and you have never tried Krispy Kreme before. I’d say go for it, give it a try. You might love it more than I do. ;)


28 kissed Nicole

  1. cut his hair for a charity auction? OMG!!!??!!

  2. Deja vu! I just had a dozen of Big Apple's donuts a few minutes ago...

  3. gosh you make me hungry again
    gotta go look for something to bite now... grrrr

  4. krispy kreme is still the best !!!!!

  5. So that was what the leg-hair-cutting for...Nic, tell Kenny he should donate something else he's so famous for: one of his COCONUTS! Haha...

  6. Wow! Look like you've a great time in Penang..
    COol! ;D

  7. I really duno what the fuss is with krispy Kreme.

    When i do eat it when i go down to london, the only decent favour is the original glazed one.

    but ok lar... not bad.. but not that good either.

    mebbe i dun love donuts enough.

  8. the curry mee was free too... so it's true when they say the best things in life are free

  9. I totally agree, i thought i don't have to go all the way to Bali to get summore krispy kreme, but big apple donuts are just what they are, a crude imitation...

  10. The gathering looks like fun :(

    It's a shame I couldn't get a piece of it and make a run for it so that Tim can help me foot my bill...

  11. Haha...welcome to Penang Nicole. I guessed you did not find some donuts here to suit your taste bud. Anyway, you did a good job in entertaining us, the Penang bloggers as well as Kenny Sia with your humour, especially the remark you made when you were cutting his nose hair. It got me laughing all the way. All the best :)

  12. hahah... talking bout dejavu.
    I just got back from london, and i dragged a dozen Krispy Kremes's doughnuts home. It got squashed in the 13 hour flight. Blame Heathrow airport security for insisting that there can only be one carry-on hand luggage.

    But then again, too much of a good thing is a bad thing, isn't it? I'm now officially immune to the effects of Krispy Kremes.....

    Get someone to get for you the Chocolate Dreamcake version from Harrods. Those are heavenly!

  13. i saw this shop before but i never try it coz i know that it won't be as good as Krispy Kreme.. do u think i can ask my friend to send some Krispy Kreme from jakarta? DHL maybe? will it get crushed? i'm SO desperate *sigh*

  14. Hey u look big on the pics... N kenny seems slimmer.. ;p

  15. wey nicole....u like put on some weight or it's the pic? hmm....

    can see there's some possible spark between u and timothy hor? kekkekeke.....i know i know u like timothy and kenny like u...kakakakakakakak

    scooby doo

  16. fookiat: if everything goes well, kenny cud be a millionaire by selling leg hairs, lol

    clare: haha, enuff doughnuts 4 me..

    ipohchai: u shud visit penang~ the food rocks

    misha: oh yea, definitely~

    stan: Kenny got cold sweat from ur comment, lol

    curryegg: i did, it was an awesome weekend ;)

    brandon wong: lucky bastard u, i wish i can go london to eat KK ~

    boss stewie: indeed~ and one time off thing~ sigh~~~~~~

    anon: KK rocks still doesn't it?

    innocent^^guy: it was so fun. If u do that, U didn't learn it from me.

    criz lai: what remark did i make?? o.O

    megan neo: really? KLIA here i come!

    ::nicole::if u cud, dhl one for me too :D

    anon: he lost weight, and i gained, *sob*

    scooby doo: you're going to get me killed by blardy hell lots of girls with tat comment of urs!!!!!!!!

  17. ello there

    talking but the Big Apple Donuts

    ITS NO WHERE NEAR KRIPY KREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    like NOT EVEN NEAR!!!!!! no frigging way!

    sowwy bout the big reaction

    many people been telling me about how nice Big Apple donuts are so i gave the donuts a try. they look pretty on the outside but the texture...UGHHHH

    i took one bite and gave the donut away


    i always bring at least a few dozens back to malaysia from melbourne whenever i come home for holidays =]

  18.       And I can’t believe there are bloggers who thought I work for nuffnang. o.O

    Its because u r mixing with organizers and kenny almost all the time.. ^_^'
    anyway nice to met u in person..

  19. you're implying that you are one of those who didn't pay huh!

  20. hi nicole, i saw u during the gathering in penang.
    thou i am not able to meet you in person, meeting online will still be a decent way to make new friends..

    have a nice day..

  21. LOL @innocent^^guy, i pay in front of cedric (the one who organize this event)..

    anyway, nice try dude.. ;p

  22. I agree that Doughnuts from Krispy Kreme are heavenly, esp when they are fresh. The few times I tried them are in London, and once in the states, though it tasted not as good, probably becos I bought from some stupid shop instead of outlet...
    Anyway, original glaze is the best to start to know them...

  23. nic, i know Kenny bought u some fr Jakarta, saw her.. opps... his posting...

    let's plan a trip to Indon, never been there, then can grab the doughnut... tag timmy & kenny along... it would b fun...

    in btw, kenny leg not smelly meh?

  24. ai ming: well said well said... but i have to be neutral to judge the food ;)

    sumilo: nice meeting u too~

    innocent^^guy: I ate ngam ngam RM15.. two cakes~ :p

    raychin: yea i agree.. doesn't matter where..

    anon: u're making me hungry again

    michael song: oo.. that sounds fun! i'll consider. ;)

  25. nic, my ex-schoolmate is in UK.. she's getting me some krispy kreme.. want a box?? heheh.. but u gotta wait as she's only flying here in sept :)

  26. nice dress :). traditional yet stylish

  27. holy smoke... the donuts are really good indeed

  28. Hmm.. thoose big apple nuts look delish... cant wait 2 get home to try them.... Krispy Kreame is overblown, original glazed aside, the rest of their creations are a waste of money..