Hobart, Tasmania: Shot Tower

I flew down to Tasmania shortly after my graduation and visit to McLaren Vale.

malaysia - melbourne - adelaide - tasmania

I was welcomed in a white sporty Skyline the moment I came out from Hobart Airport.

Jerine, a fellow Malaysian blogger-reader-now-friend, came to pick me up from the airport with her friend Marcus (who drove us).

jerine with big chupa chups
sorry Jerine, but this was like, the only proper frontal photo of you I have in my first list of photos (too lazy to look for others *whistle*)

Tasmania was cold. And it kinda reminded me of Holland.

Very much different from the rest of Australia.
They did say Tassies (Tasmanians) have always claimed themselves to be a total different country from their mainland counterpart (Australia).

town of hobart

There were a lot of hills and plenty of houses scattered around the hill sides. It's really serene, almost like a cross culture between Ireland (lots of green hills) and the city Amsterdam (lots of cramped up houses on hills).

Which on my later journey to the further south New Zealand that I would find out Tasmania resembled a hell lot like NZ.

Tasmania hence became (to me) a great introduction when crossing Australia to New Zealand.

Everything became colder, greener, more secluded, and slower. Not to mention perfectly serene.

Knowing that I haven't had breakfast (or sleep), Jerine and Markus took me to the Shot Tower (famous in Hobart) for brunch.

sign in front of shot tower

shot tower

The shot tower was a tower built to produce "bullets" for firearms (rifles?) by dropping molten lead from a considerable height into a water basin at the bottom of the tower, by which the momentum and speed of the drop inside the confined cool aired tower will miraculously (physical law) shaped the lead into balls.


The size of the lead balls produced is directly proportionate to the height of the tower. Since it'll take a farther distant of free falling to cool a larger lead balls.

blueprint of shot tower

side view of shot tower

Entering the shot tower, you'll be greeted with a charming little tea house

entrance to shot tower

jerine in tea house

where you'll be served the best afternoon tea in Tasmania.



What I liked about this tea house was that there's a little garden right outside the shot tower where you can sit and mingle with your friends on a cool spring / autumn afternoon.

garden outside tea house

Scones and tea and laughter. What a way to enjoy life.

me sitting in shot tower garden

But it was too cold. So screw the outdoor and in with the indoor.

And having a fireplace indoor encouraged.


A good cuppa shot tower hot cocoa helped too.

hot cocoa

I have to add, that was the most delicious scones I had in a LONG time! YUMMIEST!

Each of us were given two scones (came in a set) and I was so full after my first scone, I doggy bag the second scone because I didn't want to taste. It was so good!

After the delightful tea, Jerine and I decided to take a walk up the tower, paid what was like nine ridiculous oz dollars (was it 9? Jerine please clarify this), to see the view of Hobart town.

origin of shot tower

interior of shot tower from bottom

It's a looooong way up.

jerine climbing the shot tower

Jerine climbing really fast.

On the way up there were a lot of small narrow windows that looked like this.

window from shot tower

Probably to allow air to flow but yet small enough to protect the still air condition within.

Here's a video of us going up the Shot Tower and view from atop.

While up there, I managed to snap a few nice photos and compiled a wallpaper to another addition of your Wallpapers Around the World - Shot Tower, Tasmania.

shot tower view wallpaper_1600x1200

Click here for 1600x1200 size.

Click here for 1280x800 size.

And a wide screen wallpaper.

shot tower view wallpaper_wide

Click here for 2560x1600 size.

A view from the top of the shot tower from inside.

interior of shot tower from top

We returned to Jerine's very cool one bedroom apartment and I was to remained there for the rest of the evening sleeping. It had been a heck of a sleeping traveling evening before.

The next morning we went out to explore Hobart town.

hobart town

There's something about the Australian sky. It's always so blue, so cloudless, so pretty.

sun in hobart

I think it has something to do with the humidity here, or there lack of.

Or it could be because there's a hole in the ozone layer.

on greenery

Jerine was determined to bring me to this famous local cafe for a nice breakfast.

On the way there we passed by some pretty houses,

pretty house at the roadside

house in a garden
house in a secret garden

We spotted an apple tree in the front yard of a very delectable little cottage-like house.

house with apple tree

I love the tree arch concept.

apple tree

Nothing beats a fresh organic apple on your way out in the morning.


Hobart is a port town, so it's not surprising to have a street, or park, next to the seaside.

pouty lips

Actually it's more like a very big ass river that leads to the sea.

As shown here on the print screen Google Earth.

hobart town map

bags on bench

My bag hanging out with Jerine's bag on a bench while she went back to get her coat.


Weather was, is, very undetermined in Tasmania. Almost like Melbourne (if not more), more so than Adelaide.

One minute (literally), it could be hot, bright and sunny. The next, still bright and sunny but damn hell windy and COLD.

me and jacket

So always remember to bring your jacket along even when it looks hot and warm on a winter/spring/autumn morning.

sponsorship sign

mmm.. Nice bench.

I took a few nice wallpapers here of the port with all the yachts parked nicely around.

hobart wallpaper_1600x1200

Click here for 1600x1200 size.

Click here for 1280x800 size.

Two wide angles of the similar shots.

hobart harbour_wide

Click here for 2560x1600 size.

A different angle.

hobart harbour 2_wide

Click here for 2560x1600 size.

What about some greenery to play contrast.

hobart harbour greenery wallpaper_1600x1200

Click here for 1600x1200 size.

Click here for 1280x800 size.

And for the wide angle wallpaper.

hobart harbour greenery wallpaper_wide

Click here for 2560x1600 size.

me at harbor

Tralala, some shots at the harbor.

me and hobart harbor

We walked along the street and came to Jackman & McRoss. (will blog about it today in my food blog, check back half day later to see a link here)

Jackman & McRoss

If you're a Tassie, you should know how popular this cafe is in the morning.

me sitting in pensive mode


smiling face

tongue action
dorky face

We ordered some breakfast.

egg benedict
Egg Benedict for me

While Jerine experimented on a new drink, that's a cross between a float and a soda, and some fruit mixture.

jerine and her drink
pouring soda into the mixture

It's actually really nice despite the looks of it.

jerine and her soda drink

Reminded me of one of those American old-school cafes that serves ice cream with soda.
Anyway, it's getting lengthy, will talk about further into Hobart Town and a particular fairy shop we visited in the next entry. ;)

But, before I end this post. I just want to say...

eating scone



10 kissed Nicole

  1. Great photos!!!

    Will visit Tasmania next time.. Thanks for sharing.. more story coming right?? Can't wait ^_^

  2. @Casey, you're so mean.

    Aiye... I look so ugly. No more Skyline. We met into accident this afternoon. Anyway, the shot tower ticket was AUD 7.

  3. aaahh, nice greeneries everywhere. your photos always brings out the best in scenaries

  4. Nice~ Weather in hobart had gone crazy recently and it is really unpredictable. hahaha..

    Would definitely find sometime to try out those darn scones.

    Malaysia student studying in Tassie.

  5. Nice~ Weather in hobart had gone crazy recently and it is really unpredictable. hahaha..

    Would definitely find sometime to try out those darn scones.

    Malaysia student studying in Tassie.

  6. Jerine u looked so ... so .... erm ... nvm i still lap u dip dip kakakaka!!!

  7. is it marcus or markus? >.<

  8. Tasmania is such a beautiful place. Regret not going there to study last time.

  9. i love hobart as well~
    i just bk from there..but so many places i dun hv time to visit...
    nicole, did u try pork n apple sausage roll @ jackman n mcross? it was awesome!!