Giant Microbes

I saw these in a toy shop in Tasmania.

Thought they were utterly adorable so decided to dedicate a whole post to them.

Meet the Giant Microbes!

giant microbes

First you have your giant Pimple.


I like this one. Mad Cow. LOL

mad cow

What about Athlete's Foot?

Athlete's Foot

Or a more common Flea.


This is funny. Look at those eyes.


Meet Pneumonia.

This is a no brainer.

red blood cell

Red Blood Cell. *Yawn*

Then you have your usual STD the CLAP

the clap

Which you'll need your trusty Penicillin to cure.


And I never knew Malaria looks like this. And that it's green.


Hi I finally meet you, roommate - the Dust Mite.

dust mite

At first I was dumbstruck by this yellow no obvious thing.

book worm

And I thought BookWorm was just a metaphor.

What about an obvious and totally (un)creative one?

chicken pox

Manage to guess what this is?





13 kissed Nicole

  1. hahaha... I love to get that chicken pox!

  2. Those toys are super duper cute!

  3. Sorry but looks a little scary expecially the Flea and Pneumonia...eekk

  4. hey nicole ! i love ur posts.. they're vry fun to read :) i like writing myself but mainly i like to write poems.. if u hv a minute, wuld u read my poems and tell me hw i cn improve myself ? u hv loadss of experience in writing, n i wuld rly love 2 hear ur opinion.. i'll appreciate it.. thanx ! :) :)

  5. I love those adorable toys. are they soft and squeezy? or are there beans inside? haha.

    Lol. i thought the chicken pox was suppose to be ultraman. wrong guess. =)

  6. Haha...who knew microbes could look so cute up large? :P

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  8. i saw that in mail b4...haha..

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