Project Alpha in Sunway Resort

Remember I talked about the shoot of Project Alpha?

Well, after the first day of my shoot, the second day I woke up in the Arabian suite of Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa.

arabian suite sunway resort

Being a hippie, of course I stay in posh luxury hotel that cost 1.5 grand a night.

With Adidas products equipped in your toilet and Rimmel London's make up artists come to you in the morning to do your make up DURING your club lounge breakfast.

applying eye make up

It's a war I tell you, hard work indeed.

rimmel make up artist brushes

And then I would dress up prettily and have my pretty hair done, put on my pretty smile,


and sat my delicate ass on the pretty sofa and work on your laptop,

looking at laptop

yep, my once or twice writing jobs a month financed all my travels and posh hotels and personal grooming assistants.

In fact, I have to work really hard to write down what I have to say that day.

doing homework

*snap out of dream*

shocked look

Not all you see on TV are real. In fact, 99% are not.


Yea right! As if a homeless hippie like me can afford all this shit.

Behind the scene and camera of the glamorous lifestyle, you get shit from your director for saying the wrong thing or word.

sorry michael
Kiddng la, Michael the director was very nice and sweet. Photo posted for dramatic effect.

You have the camera man pissing off cause you can't act at all.

tony the camera man
Kidding again la. Tony the camera man was damn patient with me and very very friendly.

And you have over-exhausted crew sleeping on your bed instead of you, while you work your ass off on screen.

sleeping jayson
ok, the sleeping part was real. But it's not really hardwork for me at all la. Oi Jayson! Get out of my bed!!

Most of my shoot was just me and Jojo talking most of the time really.

me and jojo struys on sofa
Beautiful Jojo, always looking so young and hot. And me being a geek beside her.

I did wonder how Michael and the team were going to make my recording or episodes interesting.

And when Timothy and Michael told me again and again, Jojo too, that my videos turned out great and was amazing, till now, honestly, I was still skeptical.

But I have to admit, I'm begining to feel a bit excited and really want to watch how the show turn out online. (To be aired on on the 18th September 2009)

me and jojo struys in arabian suite

But seriously, it was just all chit-chatter?!

Then we moved downstairs to Avanti (Italian restaurant) to have lunch.

me sitting at lunch
OMG I love this hair. Can I look this glamorous every day?

wavy curly hair
Waiting for food to arrive. Which didn't arrive in the end but it's ok cause I wasn't hungry.

My appetizers came in a rather grand presentation.

platter of appertizers

Love this platter.

Portions were small but bite size but all were delicious. Yum. It made me full so even when my main course didn't arrive, it didn't bother me.


duck appertizer
Duck with figs

cod fillet
Mini cod fillet

We moved on to the second scene which I have no photos of because my "camera man" disappeared during this shoot.

Anyway~ enough of the shoot.

Why not watched the trailer?!

Michael the great has compiled the most amazing trailer and it's now already aired on Nuffnang and

Check it out.

All hail to Michael and Jojo.

Did you catch my part?
Nice? :D
I want your comments.

I would love to show you a proper photo of Michael the great but this director has a tendency to run away from all my camera shoots.

michael and nose

"Michael, what's with you and your nose pose?"


11 kissed Nicole

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