My favourite dog has always been collie.

Maybe because I used to watch Lassie (the collie dog show) when I was growing up.

Quiet, feminine, quiet, obedient.

I saw just ONE in Salamanca during one of my walks in Hobart.

me and collie dog

It was dark and the dog kept moving abouts in the store so it was difficult to take a proper photo of it.

Don't know about you, but the fur was so soft despite the length of it and it's just so elegant!


And seriously, even I, a cat person, who love and adore cats since the day I turn 9 (had a dog till I was 7?), had to admit that Collie was, is, the cutest dog in the whole wide world!

cute collie

Like come on, how can you not LOVE a face like that?!


7 kissed Nicole

  1. omg! So Adorable!! >.<

  2. smartest dog of all!

  3. wait till it eats you alive!

  4. Garfield comic today:

  5. I am sorry but... *giggles...*

  6. it's actually a breed call the shetland sheepdog, i used to have one until he decided to leave us.

    also, we named him collie too.

  7. They are cute - but not as cute as Border Collies!