Tasmania Taxis

Now I've sat a number of taxis in my travels, from the most expensive Tokyo's to the dirt cheap Bangkok's.

But I realized that Tasmania's taxis are comparable to that of Tokyo's. THEY ARE F*$#KING EXPENSIVE.

I secretly recorded a video while sitting in a taxi in Hobart, it was to be a 5 mins ride from pub back home at night (too cold to walk). Just watch it and judge for yourself, then let me know if you think I wasn't hallucinating when the meter was increasing every passing 2.5 seconds!!

And the taxi wasn't even speeding!

A ride to the airport from Hobart (where I stay, god knows if I remember the place) took 15-20 mins and it cost more than 50 OZ Dollars!!


Next time I'm walking even if it meant breaking all my limbs carrying my luggage.


10 kissed Nicole

  1. I'll give a note to my mum when she planned to Tas in Aussie... What a nightmare~ T.T

  2. Wow really expensive seh...Thx 4 d tips..i mean advice. Going thr to study next year.

  3. Hi Nicole, i suppose u r staying in sandy bay based on ur last few seconds of video above. In fact, that is the taxis rate here. It usually costs around 50AUD to ride from airport to sandy bay. Even from sandy bay to the University cost me like 6 - 7 AUD (5 minutes ride as well).

    So just get used to it :)

  4. I don't know bout taxis, BUT
    from anywhere in Hobart to the airport, you should have called and taken the airport shuttle bus. It'll cost bout 13 - 15 AUD (usually not crowded)
    Who ask you to be so high class lol

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  6. Yo Nicole, I'm real happy for you and all and Imma let you finish, but Bruce Lee is the best limps breaker os ALL TIME!

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  8. "...it meant breaking all my limps carrying my..."

    breaking my "limps" heh heh

    bimbo at work

  9. You wanna walk in your get-up instead of taking the cab at night? That I gotta see!