Bordering Luggage Weight Limit

You know that you travel too much when you are getting really good at hand-measuring your luggage weight.

Some budget domestic airlines in Australia, like Jetstar, have a weight limit of 20kg per person.

So I packed and measured my luggage bag briefly in Jerine's apartment before we left for Tasmania Airport.

Thinking" It shouldn't weigh more than 20kg."

Arriving at the airport, I hulled my bag onto the weighing machine at the check-in counter,

the meter showed...

luggage weight

Man I'm GOOD!

I think my weighing machine at home has just lost it's remaining purpose.


9 kissed Nicole

  1. woww damn accurate! hahah maybe cus you are a well experience traveller thats y... =)

  2. Ya, you are damn good!

  3. lol so damn lucky!!

  4. Awesome!!!! Lol. The one you have at your mate's place not accurate lahhh =)