A New Journey

It's been such such such a hectic weekend and it's insane that I didn't even have the time to go online at all. Least to blog.

Anyway, now I'm back in Melaka. I'm preparing my week long trip to Sarawak tomorrow.

Starting with Kuching.


sarawak laksa here i come. ermmm

Sarawak readers contact me!! nicootan@gmail.com

I want to explore the Mulu caves, the largest cave (Deer Cave) in the world!

But not sure how to get there and I heard there's going to be a direct flight soon from Kuching to Mulu from Maswing.

Getting through Miri is quite the de-tour and if that's the case, then I rather spend two weeks exploring the whole of Sarawak land by going through each and every city on land. Maybe dropping by Brunei on the way to visit my best buddy.

There's so much to explore (I read about) in Mulu that I'm begining to ponder if I should extend my week long trip into a two weeks hike!

Hey, good work out eh? :p

On another note.

There's a new berry and it's coming to town.

blackberry curve 8520

BlackBerry Curve 8520 from Xpax (the first to launch BB service in Malaysia).

Now not sure if I blogged about it before, but since the beginning of Smartphones, I've always wanted a Blackberry phone, and another really intelligent phone which I don't want to talk about it. *cough*

I've read a review here and it looks quite promising. And I heard that the price in Malaysia won't be released till the 25th Sept. So let's wait and see.

If you want, you can pre-register the service at xpax.com.my to keep a look out.


14 kissed Nicole

  1. I want to go Kuching too. :p

  2. Sarawak is a great place. Taste all those good food there before coming back.

  3. Drop by sarikei / bintangor and i'll bring u to sample the mee tomyam udang galah and Bintangor's famous rojak :-p

    and sibu's just 45-minutes drive away and it is known for the food too..

  4. Not coming to Sibu? Sibu famous for its cheap and yet yummy food... haha

  5. Miri ah... my hometown nothing much to see except the oil, hence its name Miri, the Oil Town... Go to Canada Hill and see the first Oil found in Miri... if you're free, go hiking there.. it's NICEeeeee....

  6. Mulu Caves: Check this out.

    Brief itinerary:
    KCH - kilkenny can handle it

    KCH to Sarikei - check out modern longhouses, drive in to engkili and try the real hanging bridge

    Sarikei - kampua (hiek lik), sarikei pineapples!

    Sibu - Sibu Central Market is the largest in msia, check it out,
    Hoover Memorial at Masland Church, Night market (try the roasted pig's head and check out perpaduan there with malay stalls running side by side with chinese),
    off to bintulu fr. sibu by road, check out the largest temple in borneo, longhouses

    Take a ferry ride down rejang river to kapit (check out timber camps and real longhouses)kapit-longhouses, wild meat, fort emma, mega catholic cathedral

    Selangau (0.5 way bet sibu and bintulu) - famous place to savour wild meat

    Bintulu - 'Similajau', LNG complex, buy belacan and cincaluk, drive to bakun? =P

    Miri - Niah, Mulu, Loagan Bunut, check out the palaces of the tycoons of MIRI. p/s: miri siu mai is famous

    Brunei - jerudong park, water village, mosques

  7. cont:

    Fly from miri to bario - bario rice and bakelalan apples.

  8. Brunei' jerudong park dead already~ but hope u have fun going there ^^ heee. *mosques all around*

  9. Brunei' jerudong park dead already~ but hope u have fun going there ^^ heee. *mosques all around*

  10. Brunei' jerudong park dead already~ but hope u have fun going there ^^ heee. *mosques all around*

  11. Chris S.Y. Loo7/9/09 9:58 PM

    Drop by in Sri Aman [City of the Swiftlets Droppings]! Try Sri Aman Kolo Mee, Cha Kueh etc! If time permit drop by at the Award Wining Lubok Antu Hilton by the Batang Ai Hydro Dam! [Advance online booking required with Kuching Hilton I presume!]

  12. coming to Kuching ehh?? drop me an email if you got time to go for a drink or something ya...

  13. Advisable to go to Mulu via Miri. If you happen to be in Sibu, contact wlimjin@yahoo.com. I would be happy to bring you around. Sibu has nothing much to see but has the best and cheapest food in the whole of Malaysia, I dare to say!

  14. lol.. i just blogged bout Mulu few days back.. I'm not sure with the direct flight from Kch.. but I flew from Miri. :D