Krunching My Way to Best Travel Blog in Uniquely Singapore

Now I've seen everything.

An MTV-alike grand award for best blogs in Asia Pacific. (Ironic they categorize such a big region when the nominees and attendees consist of mainly Malaysians and Singaporeans)

nuffnang asia-pacific award

Nuffnang has done it again. This time they really throw me off the hooks by actually pulling this off!

I'm blogging about this I've been nominated and selected as the one of the top five finalists for Best Travel Blog Award Category in Asia-Pacific!!!!

OMG that sounds so grand.

That means I'll be attending First Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards Ceremony in Pan Pacific Singapore on the 23rd October.


I never actually knew any other travel blogger personally so it would be interesting to meet fellow nominees who share the same title as I do.

I don't expect to win anything. Afterall, I didn't expect to be nominated in the first place. It's already such a privilege to be nominated and invited on a 3D2N trip to Singapore to attend this event. :D

But since that I'm here....

Vote for me!! :D

You can cast your votes every two hours, and you have to select a blog for every category before your vote is counted.

So be sure to select NICOLEKISS on the Best Travel Blog Category. ^^

my blog on nuffnang award page

Oh and don't forget to Vote for Redmummy for Best Parenting category ;)

If you want to know how the event is like, you can join the contest and win a pair of invites to the 3D2N event in Singapore yourself.

Anyone want to go to the ceremony with me? I'm going there alone. :(


25 kissed Nicole

  1. congratulations! i sure want to go with u, but i'm taking my medical license on the 26th and 27th oct. :( hope u win though!

  2. Casey not going with ya?

  3. ok cut the humility, I'll vote for you. You won't be alone at a Nuffnang event :)

  4. i'll go! seeing that i will be slogging from now till next year in sg anyways T___T


  5. morning nicole,
    thanks for replying my comment. was shocked when i saw your name in my inbox. never thought you would reply in my blog.

    just watched episode 1, sadly you are not in it. lol. waiting for episode 2.

    and yesterday, i voted for you and coincidentally redmummy also. maybe i'll cast my vote again. don't worry, same vote. :D

    Good Luck!^^

  6. voted for u already.and redmummy plus kenny..other than that it was just random..
    like your pictures..
    blog on..

  7. Horray!!! I am supporting Nicolekiss!!! (and redmummy... ^_^)

  8. Congratulations! I've been voting for you!! =) I am under best hidden gem category. *pai seh*

  9. vote for me too la. hahah. WTF kenny is in my category.. i want to cry

  10. haha! voted D !

  11. being short listed is definetely an acheivement! congrats!

  12. vote for you! Hope you win!

  13. congratulations nicole!:D
    i voted for yours in the catergory the first time i saw it....i don't know the rest too anyway...opps.:P haha...hope you clinch a win! ;) go gogo!

  14. How is the competition?

    Keen? Anxiety pangs?

    Gula melaka in your stomach?

    I am rooting for you. You are my favorite! Go, go,go. Win,win ,win!

  15. Who else if I don't vote for you? ;)

    I have been your loyal reader like.. emm... 1 and a half year? Haha..
    All the best Nicole. Happy to see one of my favorite bloggers in the list.

  16. congrats! you must in cloud 9! all the best alright.

    From me to you, suejean =)

  17. voted and all the best , hope you will win !

  18. Sure will Nicole..! been following your blog for a year now and i like that you inject so much fun in it! rock on you sexy babe!!

  19. Needless to say, the name of the award is really misleading. What Asia-Pacific are they talking about? Even, if it's called South East Asian Blogger Award also can't hold any single drop of water!! Apparently, whoever came up with the idea got a swollen head filled with empty hot air meant for ballons only.

    Anyway, Nicole babe, you got my thumbs-up cos I'm your secret admirer............cooooooooooo

  20. OOOoooooooooOOO

    Very grand indeed.

  21. congrats..hope that you get the grand prize..i'm going to cheer for you..
    go girl!!

    btw, if you're interested, you can join travel club in Singapore..