Twitter Curve Updates

If you have been following my twitter, which you should >p, you will know that I will be getting my very own Curve 8520 Blackberry phone very soon. :D

Xpax is offering a prepaid plan for the phone. Price of the newly launched phone will be revealed on the 25th September. The day I fly to Bangkok. Ho Ho Ho.

Check out the video here on the new Curve.


Anyway I've been so busy traveling up and down in Kuching. there's so much to do and so much to eat. I think my waistline is threatening to burst my pants and jeans. Opps.

I've been here two times before so this is my third time. So I've tried almost everything here before and have probably tried most of the food here already. I looked back my food tour in Kuching two years ago and realized that I was thinner and prettier back then.

Sigh... How time takes the toll on our youth.

First few days I was staying over at Shawn's place, whose mother was just an amazing incredible woman I've come to adore and admire. OMG Shawn I'm BONDING WITH YOUR MOTHER!

But she's great. I forgot to take any photo of the place but it was a really cozy place. Then I wanted to move a bit close to town but then I met Grace Balan, editor of Borneo Talk and sister of ex-FHM editor Joe Balan (another funny, reserved yet crazy guy :D) and she offered to host me for a couple of nights before I travel ruggedly east to Mulu (think 15 hours of bus ride T_T to Miri then plane to Mulu).

MAS airline has launched a direct flight from Kuching to Mulu starting tomorrow, but it doesn't coincide with my travel plan so as much as I was tempted (believe me I was) to hop on the easy route and fly directly to Mulu and back from Kuching, I was forced to resort to land and alternate air transport.


Oh well.

Where was I, oh yea, so Grace Balan offered me to stay in her spare room. when I reached her place, I was like OMFG.

Her "house" was so nice!

house of gracebalan

To say a house is an understatement. She's literally staying in a hotel!

Like 5-star Merdeka Palace Hotel two-bedroom serviced apartment/hotel suite.

Not to mention the most amazing view to Kuching. Not that Kuching has any amazing view to start with. :p

kuching view

In case you don't know, staying in a hotel on a long term basis has always been my dream!

Imagine going down to the gym, swimming pool with all the hotel facilities when you feel like. Get breakfast, lunch and dinner sent to you whenever you want, your laundry taken care of by the room service and also installing your very own Astro in living room!

My room even has my own bathroom! SO NICE!

Sigh, Grace. I want your life.

Meet the lovely sweet natured Grace



3 kissed Nicole

  1. Hey Nicole, glad you're having a great time in Sarawak. Well, if you're headed off to Mulu, it's gonna be full of walking.

    Take a look at my Sarawak postings in my blog as I've been to Mulu 4 times in the last 3 years. I've got great tips for you there.

    Hope you're staying at the Royal Mulu Resort! The Best place there.

    Malaysia Asia

  2. Too bad I didn't get to catch you longer when you were in Miri/Kuching. But at least got to see you at Starbucks eh. The only place we seem to meet all the time. See you soon and keep on travelling!