Mount Wellington

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So after visiting the oldest brewery in Australia, we went on our journey.

spotted mt wellington on the way

We arrived at the foot of the mountain in no time (with all the chats and stuff, one hardly felt time passed) and proceeded to drive up Mount Wellington.

map to mount wellington

Spotted an RV on the way up

Halfway up the mountain we stumbled across this spectacular view and decided to hop off the car to take a few good shots of Hobart from atop (well, semi).

Now Mount Wellington is the 23rd tallest peak on the Tasman Island (1271 meters above sea level), hardly a peak that's worth a mention.

But the reason it's famous because it's the closest mountain to Hobart, over-looking the city like a protective guardian, the mountain is close to the hearts of the locals.

greater hobart

And I heard that it can get pretty cold up there. At time you'll experience icy strong wind that can pierce your skin, so I brought extra jacket for precaution.

But thank god sun was on my side when we reached the top.

sun light on mount wellington

Here are some of the shots I took on the mountain.

television and radio transmitter
Transmitter tower

walkway on mount wellington
wooden bridge for walking

view of greater hobart from mount wellington

mount wellington & transmitter

There were ample parking space, probably because it wasn't the weekend.

parking spot

me and television and radio transmitter

swalloing tower on mount wellington
Uh.. I swallowed a tower. Yum

There were only two buildings on the summit of Mount Wellington. One being the transmitter tower which you have seen in the photo above, the other, was the lookout building.

lookout building on mount wellington tasmania

Here you can see the directions of different mountains on the Tasman Island(s) and a few stories of the mountain itself.

lying on directions

It's also a great place to hide from the cold wind and snow.


But I was lucky, as not only there was no snow (meant no coldness), there wasn't any strong wind. It was all sunny, chilly, serene and peaceful.

Over the platform I saw a patch of snow, probably the last remanoir of the winter.

last snow

Folks, I present to you... Greater Hobart.

mount wellington hobart view

greater hobart vertical shot

The view was so breathtaking up here I could just bring a mattress, a picnic basket, two flutes & a bottle of champagne and spend the rest of my day listening to my ipod up here.

me on mount wellington

me posing on mount wellington

me and dixon
Dixon, my guide and driver of the day.

Here's a video of the views from Mount Wellington. And me talking.

Beautiful isn't it?

In fact, I have saved the best for last. You haven't seen nothing yet.

I've compiled a list of wallpapers taken from atop and will publish them and share with you guys the beauty of Hobart and Mount Wellington in my next entry.

Come back to download your Tasman Wallpapers. :D


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  1. Nice view!!.. So good to hear reaching top of a mountain by driving... ^_^

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