Detector Dog

While waiting to retrieve my luggage at Tassie (short for Tasmania) airport, I found this little cute puppy doing his round of inspection with a local officer. SO CUTE!

detector dog

Here's a video.

I never knew dogs can be so obediently adorable!


4 kissed Nicole

  1. I never knew nicole can be so naif to see a detector dog!

  2. Our KLIA also got mah! So, wat d big deal?? Unless it's a cat or kangaroo and not a dog..........

  3. nicole, these dogs may look cute but once they put their paw to your bag, i bet you it will scare the shit out of you. It happened to me once at Brisbane airport. I had a thorough search....DAMM !!! Can't find anything but the officer came up with an excuse that I stuffed banana in my bag a day before !!! He said the dog made no error !! DAMM CUTE DOG !!!

  4. Just FYI, this is a beagle. If you ever come across a beagle pup, you'll find them super-cute with their sad-looking eyes. :)